Review: Devil’s Reign #2

Devils' Reign #2

The Kingpin’s plans are coming together as he has the heroes on the run while he attempts to manipulate the electorate to get reelected. Devil’s Reign #2 is a solid mix of action and moments to ponder in an event that has lived up to the expectations. Instead of over-the-top world threatening action, Devil’s Reign has kept things grounded in its two issues giving us an updated take on the Superhuman Registration Act mixed with the political zeitgeist.

It’s hard to not read Devil’s Reign #2 and think of all that has recently gone on in politics in the United States in recent years. The story revolves around a politician, Kingpin, who is using a new law to distract from the machinations he has going on while also attempting to manipulate people to steal an election. While the event might feature superheroes and villains, it clearly has something to say about the current times in its own twisted way.

Chip Zdarsky‘s writing is top-notch delivering exciting action and also some moments to ponder. It bounces around various characters including Iron Fist, Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man, Reed and Sue Richards, and the Avengers on the run. Each delivers a key moment that really pushes the story along and opens up interesting possibilities for their corner of the world.

But, it’s those final moments of the comic that is most intriguing. In the debut issue Tony Stark decided he’d stand up against Wilson Fisk by running against him for Mayor. Stark as Mayor would be interesting but this issue delivers the debate we should have. Is it really the best idea to take on a rich white guy with another rich white guy. The debate within the heroes feels like the debate that currently rages on the left about who should be the party’s nominees for major positions and in reality, it’s usually the entrenched elite that wins out. Zdarsky leaves us not knowing if he’s going to deliver that cold dose of reality or allow fantasy to play out.

The art by Marco Checchetto continues to impress. With color by Marcio Menyz and lettering by Clayton Cowles, the series has a beaten style to it but never feels dark and depressing. The heroes are getting dragged down by the law and in many cases being beaten physically. They’re on the run and hiding not know when they’re be attacked by the deputized Thunderbolts. But it never feels down visually. It’d be easy to deliver a darker ominous tone and just that by the art team gives us a style that mixes that dark cloud that hangs over the story with a bit of hope as well. It never feels completely gloomy, just a little worn.

Devil’s Reign #2 is a solid second issue for the event. It keeps up the quality of the debut and then some. There’s an element about it that allows you to just enjoy the action but also dive deeper and ponder what it has to say. If it’s able to keep this up, this event might be one of Marvel’s best in a long time.

Story: Chip Zdarsky Art: Marco Checchetto
Color: Marcio Menyz Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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