Review: Inferno #3

Inferno #3

With just one more issue to go, Inferno #3 is tasked with packing in a lot and boy does it. Wrapping up writer Jonathan Hickman‘s redefining vision for the X-Men, Inferno has revealed Moira MacTaggert to some of the key players in mutant politics and Krakoa creating division lines. It also brought back Destiny, one of the key character that could undo everything Charles, Erik, and Moira have been up to. With all of that, the series has been focused on the political maneuvering and behind the scenes machinations of its players. Inferno #3 brings the action as it shifts things a bit focusing more on O.R.C.H.I.S. and the origin of Omega Sentinel and Nimrod.

Hickman brings the white board as he takes us through the history of this new Sentinel threat and the origin of O.R.C.H.I.S. It’s best to not think too much into it, instead just enjoying the tension of the attack you know is coming.

But, where Inferno #3 truly stands out is the tension it brings within its characters and residents of Krakoa. And, it’s from the most unlikeliest source. Yes, there’s a discussion between Destiny, Mystique, and Emma with some great interactions with the Cuckoos. But, it’s the opening of the comic with Doug Ramsey that’s the most intriguing. We get to see the beginning of Krakoa and Professor X tasking Doug with talking to the island and eventually what is done with Warlock. We get a better sense of the growth and how some things were achieved. But, it’s what Doug has done that stands out as the greatest ramifications.

And that’s where Inferno #3 gets interesting. Even in this finale of Hickman’s run, details that go back to the beginning are being explained and fleshed out. And, some of these details are things we may not have even thought about or in general just accepted. It’s the addition of info that isn’t necessarily needed but clearly will have a great impact at some point in the future.

The art by R.B. Silva, Stefano Caselli, and Valerio Schiti is fantastic as expected. The series takes us all over with so many different focuses but it all comes together and works as a visually cohesive world. We’re taken from the wilds of Krakoa to the far out tech of O.R.C.H.I.S., from the past to the future, and it all works and works together in a style that feels like one world and one that evolves. The trio are joined by Adriano Di Benedetto on ink, David Curiel on color, and Joe Sabino on lettering. The visuals are consistently top notch making a discussion just as interesting as an impending attack.

Inferno #3 is an interesting issue ramping up the action and bringing together a lot of concepts and ideas that have been seeded along the way. I have no idea how this miniseries will wrap up so much and where it’ll leave things when all is said and done. But, it’s one that has me sucked in waiting to see where it’s going to take us from here.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: R.B. Silva, Stefano Caselli, Valerio Schiti
Ink: Adriano Di Benedetto Color: David Curiel Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

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