Check out all Ten Covers for Inferno #4!

This January, Jonathan Hickman’s transformative work on the X-Men mythos comes to end in Inferno #4. The climactic finale of this highly anticipated limited series will reunite Hickman with artist Valerio Schiti as they team up to put some of mutantkind’s biggest mysteries to rest.

Since the groundbreaking 2019 series House of X and Powers of X, Hickman has reshaped the X-Men franchise and ushered in one of its boldest eras yet. The foundation Hickman built will live on but INFERNO will deliver much anticipated resolutions to some of Krakoa’s long-running plotlines. Fans will see the final outcome to Mystique’s heartbreaking quest to be reunited with Destiny, more revelations from the past lives of Moira MacTaggert, untold secrets behind the very founding of Krakoa, and more all while the unstoppable threat Nimrod finally makes his move. 

Check out covers below by superstar artists including Pepe Larraz, Peach Momoko, Davi Go, Jeff Dekal, Iban Coello, David Baldeón, Oscar Vega, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Udon, and Jerome Opeña and don’t miss Hickman’s epic X-Men swansong when Inferno #4 hits stands on January 5.