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Jason Howard Honors Artistic Influences in Cemetery Beach Impact Variants

Image Comics has revealed the first cover in a line of “Impact variants” for Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s Cemetery Beach. Each cover will be by Howard, but drawn in the style of an artist who made an impact on his work and influenced his creative career. Cemetery Beach #1 Cover C will kick off the line by paying tribute to the iconic Todd McFarlane.

CEMETERY BEACH #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, September 12th. The final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, August 20th.

  • Cemetery Beach #1 Cover A by Howard (Diamond Code JUL180123)
  • Cemetery Beach #1 Cover B virgin cover (Diamond Code JUN188807)
  • Cemetery Beach #1 Cover C “Impact” variant by Howard (Diamond Code JUL188199)

Joe Quinones Dons a Browncoat for a Firefly #1 Variant

BOOM! Studios has unveiled a new variant for Firefly #1 out November 2018. Acclaimed artist Joe Quinones puts Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds front and center on a special variant cover to celebrate the all new series revealing the definitive story of the Unification War — the intergalactic civil war that divided friend and family alike. New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid, along with series creator and story consultant Joss Whedon delve into the secret history of Firefly that fans have demanded for years!

Created by Whedon and set 500 years in the future in the wake of a universal civil war, Firefly centers on the crew of Serenity, a small transport spaceship that doesn’t have a planet to call home. Mal Reynolds, a defeated soldier who opposed the unification of the planets by the totalitarian governed Alliance, will undertake any job — legal or not — to stay afloat and keep his crew fed. Thrust together by necessity but staying together out of loyalty, these disparate men and women are seeking adventure and the good life, but face constant challenges on the new frontier, such as avoiding capture by the Alliance, and evading the dangers you find on the fringes of the universe.

Mal thought he could outrun his past, but when a simple mission goes wrong, he’s forced to confront it in the form of the Unificators, mercenaries deputized to hunt down war criminals…and they’ve got Mal and Zoe at the top of their list! War can make villains of even the best men, and Mal’s quest for redemption will put him at odds with his own crew, forcing him to make a choice: fix the past or fight for the future.

Firefly #1 is available exclusively in comic shops on November 14, 2018 with a main cover by superstar Lee Garbett, along with variant covers by Jock, Bill Sienkiewicz, J.G. Jones and more.

Arriving in stores the same day, Firefly: Legacy Edition Book One collects previously released Serenity comics for the first time under one cover in a new value-priced format as Mal and the crew ride again in these official sequels to the critically acclaimed Firefly television series and Serenity film.

Engage with Marvel Battle Lines with Collectible Card Art Variant Covers this October

This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Games debuted an exclusive trailer, all-new art, and action-packed gameplay from Marvel Battle Lines – the collectible card battling mobile game created by Nexon. And this October, Marvel Comics is celebrating the game’s much-anticipated launch with a series of variant covers showcasing over two dozen in-game cards featuring striking images of some of the most popular Marvel Super Heroes!

Look for Marvel Battle Lines variant covers on these select titles:

  1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 by Sujin Jo
  2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8 by Maxx Lim
  3. ASTONISHING X-MEN #16 by Maxx Lim
  4. AVENGERS #9 by Sujin Jo
  5. BLACK PANTHER #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  6. CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 by Yoon Lee
  7. CHAMPIONS #25 by Keunwoo Lee
  8. COSMIC GHOST RIDER #4 by Maxx Lim
  9. DAREDEVIL #609 by Yoon Lee
  10. DEADPOOL #5 by Heejin Jeon
  11. DOCTOR STRANGE #6 by Sujin Jo
  12. FANTASTIC FOUR #3 by Sujin Jo
  13. IMMORTAL HULK #7 by Maxx Lim
  14. INFINITY WARS #4 by Maxx Lim
  16. SENTRY #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  17. SPIDER-GWEN A.K.A. GHOST SPIDER #1 by Jong-Ju Kim
  18. SUPERIOR OCTOPUS #1 by Sujin Jo
  19. THOR #6 by Maxx Lim
  20. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  21. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #6 by Sujin Jo
  22. TYPHOID FEVER: SPIDER-MAN #1 by Sujin Jo
  23. VENOM #7 by Yoon Lee
  24. WEAPON H #8 by Sujin Jo
  25. WEAPON H #9 by Heejin Jeon
  26. WEST COAST AVENGERS #3 by Sujin Jo
  27. X-23 #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  28. X-MEN RED #9 by Jong-Ju Kim

Don’t miss your chance to collect all 28 variant covers, coming to comic shops this October!

SDCC 2018: Aspen Reveals Their Third Wave of Exclusives

Aspen Comics has revealed their third and final wave of San Diego Comic Con 2018  exclusive items, highlighted by the release of Aspen’s exclusive Michael Turner “Women15” Hardcover, Batman #50 Michael Turner variants, and a special surprise “Green with Ivy” Batman #50 Poison Ivy variant exclusive to SDCC 2018 attendees, limited to 1,000 copies.

Similar to the release of their sold out “Women10” Michael Turner art book, Aspen is releasing a special expanded “Women15” hardcover edition with a new collection of artwork in celebration of Michael Turner and the publisher’s fifteen year anniversary. The “Women15” hardcover is limited to 500 editions.

Aspen is offering the entire set of their Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald Batman #50 www.AspenStore.com exclusive variants and will also be debuting a highly limited “Green with Ivy” Batman #50 Michael Turner variant featuring Poison Ivy, limited to 1,000 copies. This special edition cover will be available ONLY to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018 attendees. A select amount will be available for purchase at the Aspen Comics booth #2320, with the remaining balance to be made available for a special event at a later date.

To celebrate the life and career of Aspen Comics founder Michael Turner, the publisher is hosting a very special “Michael Turner Legacy” panel on Thursday at 1pm in Room 9 that will look back at Turner’s brilliant contribution to the comic book industry and beyond. Every fan in attendance will receive a free “15 Years Strong” Michael Turner commemorative button.

Fantastic Four #1 Gets Covers by Humberto Ramos and Nick Bradshaw

This August, 57 years to the day of the Fantastic Four’s original debut, Marvel’s First Family returns as the Fantastic Four make their dramatic homecoming to the Marvel Universe!

In celebration of the much-anticipated launch of Fantastic Four #1, Marvel has revealed all-new covers from celebrated artists Humberto Ramos and Nick Bradshaw.

Written by Dan Slott, with art by Sara Pichelli, and a main cover by Esad Ribic, Johnny, Ben, Sue, and Reed return on August 8th!

Fantastic Four #1 Humberto Ramos variant

Fantastic Four #1 Nick Bradshaw variant

Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, and Human Torch Get Artgerm Variants for Fantastic Four #1

This August, Marvel is celebrating the launch of Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli with Artgerm variant covers featuring team portraits!

Get a closer look at the Artgerm variant covers for Fantastic Four #1 featuring The Thing, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. These will be available for the first issue only.

Fantastic Four #1 is out August 8th featuring a main cover by Esad Ribic.

The Fantastic Four Gets a Variant Cover from Joe Quesada

This August, 57 years to the day of the Fantastic Four’s original debut, Marvel’s First Family returns as the Fantastic Four make their dramatic homecoming to the Marvel Universe!

In celebration of the much-anticipated launch of Fantastic Four #1, Marvel has revealed a hidden gem variant cover with art from their very own Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, never before seen as a cover!

Written by Dan Slott, with art by Sara Pichelli, and main cover by Esad Ribic, Don’t miss the epic return of Johnny, Ben, Sue, and Reed on August 8th!

Cosmic Ghost Rider Inspires Variant Covers in September

He took the world by storm when he made his debut in last year’s Thanos #13, and now Marvel is celebrating the Cosmic Ghost Rider with a series of special order all variant covers that feature Marvel’s breakout character battling different heroes of the Marvel Universe!

Look for Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider order all variant covers on these select titles:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #5 by Nick Bradshaw
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #6 by Paul Renaud
  3. Astonishing X-Men #15 by AKCHO
  4. Avengers #7 by Ema Lupacchino
  5. Avengers #8 by Mike McKone
  6. Black Panther #4 by Pasqual Ferry
  7. Captain America #3 by Patrick Zircher
  8. Deadpool #4 by Todd Nauck
  9. Doctor Strange #5 by Julian Totino Tedesco
  10. Fantastic Four #2 by Tom Raney
  11. Immortal Hulk #5 by RAHZZAH
  12. Immortal Hulk #6 by Brent Schoonover
  13. Sentry #4 by Vanesa Del Rey
  14. Thanos Legacy #1 by Dave Johnson
  15. Thor #5 by Ema Lupacchino
  16. Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 by David Nakayama
  17. Venom #6 by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado
  18. Weapon H #7 by Chris Stevens
  19. X-23 #4 by Yasmine Putri
  20. X-Men Red #8 by Jamal Campbell

Don’t miss your chance to collect all 20 order all variant covers, coming to comic shops this September!

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