Review: Amazing Spider-Man #76

Amazing Spider-Man #76

Spider-Man is going “Beyond” with a new storyline and direction put together by a “board” of creators. Two issues in and the new direction and vibe is working and doing so well. Amazing Spider-Man #76 drops the amount of punching but keeps up on the action. It focuses on the fallout of the previous issue begins to become clearer.

We’ve know that Peter is going to be injured. The teases leading up to the launch hinted that something would happen that he’d be laid up somehow. The how and the why were unknown until the previous issue and this one we get a better sense of what will happen. Writer Zeb Wells is able to take a “spoiled” plot and still deliver drama as Peter must fight for his health and recovery while he and the doctors still don’t know what’s wrong.

We know the U-Foes have dosed him with radiation in their battle in the previous issue but what the damage is and the extent is still a question. Wells uses that to the advantage delivering a dramatic issue that has Peter’s Spider-Sense working against him. It knows there’s something wrong internally and its warning is throwing everything off as his body attempts to fight whatever is going on. Amazing Spider-Man #76 gives us some interesting things to ponder about the Spider-Sense and its lack of use in the past. Is it that this concept has been overlooked or has the internal danger to Peter’s body been nowhere near what it is at this moment?

Wells also makes sure to throw Ben Reilly in the mix. There’s some interesting uses of the character in breaking the bad news to others like MJ and Aunt May. Then there’s the guilt Ben is feeling. Wells in one issue gives us a character that feels like he has some depth and emotions. You can see him going through a whirlwind of feelings. He has to deal with what has happened to Peter as well as his returning role as Spider-Man. The body language, the dialogue, it all feels very… human.

The art by Patrick Gleason continues to look great. With beautiful colors by Marcio Menyz and lettering by Joe Caramagna, it’s the moments that Peter’s in shock that stand out. The page layouts and small details makes each scene feel shocking and dreadful in ways. You can almost feel the fear and pain everyone is experiencing. Small details like a few tears sneaking out add to the emotional impact of it all. It’s a fantastic use of the concept of the Spider-Sense visually with the traditional moments we might expect from a hospital drama.

I’m not the biggest Spider-Man fan. Amazing Spider-Man #76 ups the soapy drama of the series while delivering something that feels new and different. For this casual fan, it’s an entertaining read. Most importantly, it has me wanting to see what’s next and come back for more.

Story: Zeb Wells Art: Patrick Gleason
Color: Marcio Menyz Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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