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Weekly Preview! Tanks, Maniacs, Manga, Oh My!

We’re kicking off a new regular tease of what’s coming each week in video reviews. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming, there might be more!

You can watch and subscribe or follow at YouTube or Facebook.

This week you’ll find:

  • In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 1 (Yen Press)
  • Life is Strange: Partners in Time – Tracks (Titan Comics)
  • Maniac of New York #3 (AfterShock)
  • Phantom of the Scan #1 (AfterShock)
  • Scout’s Honor #4 (AfterShock)
  • Serial #3 (Abstract Studio)
  • The Stringer (NBM)
  • The Tankies (Dead Reckoning)
  • Undone By Blood or The Other Side of Eden #2 (AfterShock)
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