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Death of Major Robotech Character in Robotech #4!

A major character will be killed off in Titan Comics’ new Robotech series! This will pave the way for a stunning new arc penned by fan favorite writer Brian Wood and legendary Transformers scribe Simon Furman.

The comic series takes into account every iteration of the Robotech series, and casts a fresh eye over classic characters from the iconic ‘80s sci-fi anime.

Now, the series (written by Brian Wood with art by Marco Turini) is set to scale new heights with a dramatic first season climax that will change the face of Robotech forever… including the death of a major member of the team! But will it be Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant or Henry Gloval who pays the ultimate price?

All will be revealed in Robotech #4 (on sale October 25, 2017) or read the story in full in Robotech Vol. 1 (on sale February 13, 2018) – a must-have collection for Robotech fans!

Following this hotly-anticipated finale, the next chapter in Titan’s Robotech comic saga will see Simon Furman join writer Brian Wood to chronicle the ongoing adventures of the SDF-1!

The new second arc kicks-off on December 13 with issue #5 and finds the inhabitants of Macross City reeling from recent events and mourning the loss of a beloved friend. However, it’s not long before they are forced to head to Mars in an attempt to escape the advancing forces of the mysterious Zentraedi!

The issue debuts with a fantastic cover by Jem and the Holograms artist Jen Bartel, plus, variant covers by Blair Shedd, an Action Figure variant, a stunning wraparound cosplay variant, and a shocking ‘Funeral For A Friend’ variant!

Robotech #5 hits stores on December 13 and is available to order from October PREVIEWS. Robotech Vol. 1 (ISBN:  9781785859137) is available to pre-order now through August PREVIEWS catalogue (order code: SEP171940).

Preview: Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Year Three #7

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Year Three #7

Writer: Richard Dinnick
Artist: Brian Williamson
Cover A: Claudia Ianniciello
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Andy Walker
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: September 20, 2017

New companion Bill Potts has joined the Twelfth Doctor on a brand-new adventure, taking them to an island in the Atlantic in the 9th century CE. Caught in the middle of a stand-off between a group of Vikings and Ice Warriors, Bill and the Doctor had to ensure the mighty battling forces united against an even greater threat – a sentient disease-carrying Flood!

But who is responsible for all of this? The Doctor has a hunch, and it can only bring more devastation if he’s right…

Preview: Warhammer 40,000 #9

Warhammer 40,000 #9

FALLEN PART 1 (of 4)
Writer: George Mann
Artists: Tazio Bettin, Enrica Eren Angolini
Cover A: Ørjan Svendsen
Cover B: Tazio Bettin & Enrica Eren Angiolini
Cover C: Dave Sondered
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: September 20, 2017

Discovering evidence that, during the Horus Heresy, a rift in the ranks of the Dark Angels led to many Space Marines turning against the Emperor and becoming known as the Fallen, Sabbathiel is emboldened in her mission to expose their ancient lies. However, her crew fear her zealousness will lead to their collective downfall. Meanwhile, as Baltus is inducted into the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels, his growing doubts surrounding the faithfulness of his Order cause him to question his understanding of the universe – even as he pledges to eradicate his corrupted kin. And, faced with further evidence that the dark-helmed Space Marine Baltus witnessed on Exyrion has been orchestrating all of the events in the Calaphrax Cluster to date, the path bends threateningly towards a terrible, inevitable end…

Preview: Rivers of London: Detective Stories #4

Rivers of London: Detective Stories #4

Writers: Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel
Artist: Lee Sullivan
Cover A: Robert Hack
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: September 13, 2017

Final issue!

Undergoing his detective exams, PC Peter Grant has been looking back on some of his previous cases. The final one takes him back to one of his first – one that has nothing to do with his other profession: trainee wizard in the Met’s Special Assessment Unit. However, it is a time of remembrance past with his old partner, Lesley May – the same partner left mutilated by magic and who has now gone rogue, vanishing into London’s mystical underworld…

Preview: Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens #2

Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens #2

Writer: JDMorvan
Artist: Looky & Oliver Thill
Cover A: Looky & Oliver Thill
Cover B: Looky & Oliver Thill
Cover C: Looky & Oliver Thill
FC • 56pp • $5.99 – On Sale September 13, 2017

As punishment for murdering his family (while under the control of Hera), the Axiomatikos have ordered Hercules to Argolid where he is to perform 12 tasks in the service of Eurystheus. The First was to track down and destroy a man-eating “Lion”. The Beast was revealed to be a machine created by an alien refugee to harvest the organs of children in order to save his ailing wife. The journey continues as Hercules faces his second trial…

Preview: Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension #3 – Tenth Doctor Special

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension #3 – Tenth Doctor Special

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artists: Mariano Laclaustra, Carlos Cabrera
Cover A: Tazio Bettin
Cover B: Photo
FC- 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: September 13, 2017

The Tenth Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy investigate a mysterious black hole – out of which white light is spilling – and which has drawn the attention of an ancient foe of The Doctor!

Preview: Blood Bowl: More Guts, More Glory #4

Blood Bowl: More Guts, More Glory #4

Writer: Nick Kyme
Artist: Jack Jadson
C​over A: David Sondered
​Cover B: Game art
​FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: September 13, 2017


It all comes down to this! Can the rag-tag Hochland Harbingers face down their fears and bring home the fabled Blood Bowl? Or will their dreams be trampled into the turf?!​

Preview: Wolfenstein #1

Wolfenstein #1

(Part 1 of 2)
Writer Dan Watters
Artists Piotr Kowalski & Ronilson Freire
Cover A: Piotr Kowalski
Cover B: Game Art
Cover C: Alex Ronald
Cover D: John Royle
FC • 56pp • $5.99
On Sale: September 13, 2017

New comic based on the world of the best-selling Wolfenstein videogames, written by Dan Watters (Assassin’s Creed, Limbo)

Dive headfirst into the alternate universe of Wolfenstein, a world where the fascist regime won the war thanks to super-advanced killing machines and vicious robot dogs.

B.J. Blazkowicz returns to take on the fascists in this new comic, based on the much beloved gaming franchise.

Titan Comics Announces New Imprint – Statix Press!

From Michael Moorcock’s Elric, and Enki Bilal’s The Nikopol Trilogy, to Snowpiercer and The Death of Stalin, which inspired major movies, Titan Comics has led the way in high quality, innovative translated editions aimed at a US audience.

Now Titan Comics is proud to announce a brand-new international imprint: Statix Press! This exciting new line will showcase the best comics from Europe and around the globe.

With the new Statix Press line, Titan will continue their rich history of publishing English language versions of classic material such as Philippe Druillet’s Lone Sloane, and Alejandro Jodorowsky’ Showman Killer, while introducing audiences to fresh new creators and titles from the best international creators.

The first titles kicking-off the new Statix Press line are: Doctor RadarThe Beautiful DeathHercules: Wrath of the Heavens, and Under: Scourge of the Sewer.

Hitting stores November 22, 2017Doctor Radar is set in Paris during the roaring 1920’s, and sees a gentleman detective investigate a series of horrific deaths, all the while playing a deadly game with a mysterious criminal mastermind known only as Doctor Radar! Written by Noël Simsolo with art by BézíanDoctor Radar Issue #1 comes with a stunning cover by superstar artist Francesco Francavilla.

The Beautiful Death, a post-apocalyptic, coming-of-age mini-series, written and illustrated by Mathieu Bablet, asks the question – what does resistance mean when there’s nothing left to fight for? That’s what Wayne, Jeremiah, and Soham, the only survivors of a devastating alien invasion, struggle with – seeking a future that justifies their presence on a ruined world. Issue #1 arrives September 2017 and debuts with a special cover by iconic comic book creator Brandon Graham!

A bold new take of the Twelve Labors of Hercules, Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens by JDMorvan and Looky is a stunningly illustrated science fiction re-telling of the legend of Hercules, which debuted in August 2017. As war rages across the galactic frontier, Hercules – half-human, half-god super-soldier – faces his greatest enemy – his own demons – in a bid for truth and redemption. Issue #2 is due to hit comic stores in mid-September.

Then, on December 13, 2017 classic B-movie horror comes to comic book stores with Under: Scourge of the Sewer! In this new series, written by Christophe Bec with art by Stefano Raffaele and a cover by James Stokoe, some people bury their secrets underground. In Megalopolis, the filth flows into the sewers. Disgraced Lt. Wilson Jericho will soon discover something monstrous will be crawling out of the sewers to rip the city apart!

Statix Press will also showcase Titan’s vast back catalogue of translated comics from a variety of genres including superhero with The Chimera Brigade and Masked plus fantasy/science-fiction with Khaal, and World War X, alongside the dark comedy series Norman!

Retailers can order Doctor Radar from the current Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue, and Under: Scourge of the Sewers from the upcoming October Diamond PREVIEWS catalog.

Titan’s Robotech #1 Second Print Sells Out, Brand-New Cover Revealed for Third Printing!

Titan Comics has announced that due to incredible fan and retailer demand, the second print of Robotech #1 Cover A by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau has sold out again at distributor level and is now going to an amazing third print. This new printing of Issue #1 features a variation on the original Issue #1 cover by Michael Dialynas, and hits stores on Wednesday October 4, 2017.

Last month, Titan brought Carl Macek’s original vision full circle. Taking into account every iteration of the series, Titan’s new Robotech comic series casts a fresh eye over classic characters like Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant, and Henry Gloval.

Titan’s all-new Robotech series returns to Macross Island, where it all began! Brian Wood, Marco Turini and Marco Lesko have crafted a thrilling new tale that’s perfectly accessible to new fans, as well as providing a deeper layer of twists forold-school protoculture addicts!


Michael Dialynas will be signing copies of this cover at Titan Comics Booth #2142 during this year’s New York Comic-Con celebrations.

Robotech #1 third printing hits stores on October 4, 2017.

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