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Exclusive: Kickstarter Hit “Inferno Girl Red” Gets a Ten-Page “Ashcan” Stretch Goal

Inferno Girl Red "Ashcan"

Inferno Girl Red is a hit on Kickstarter reaching its funding in two days and delivering some awesome rewards. From Mat Groom and Erica D’UrsoInferno Girl Red is an all-new original graphic novel that combines high school super-heroic drama with the dynamic storytelling and world-building of Japanese tokusatsu superheroes, and the intrigue and relationship drama of British boarding school fiction. The Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this all-new 100-page, hardcover superhero graphic novel by Groom, D’Urso, colorist Igor Monti, letterer Becca Carey, editor Kyle Higgins, and design group For The People, will run through May 5th, 2021.

The Kickstarter has blown past its goal with over 900 backers and still 25 days to go. Last week, a new tier was announced, 10 INFERNO GIRL RED helmets which are jaw dropping. These will be available, along with the hardcover and a Radiant Black/ Inferno Girl Red print for $650. 9 of them are already gone!


If the campaign reaches $70,000, a new stretch goal will be unlocked. Every physical reward tier will receive a ten-page, black-and-white ‘ashcan’-style mini-comic that details an adventure of a different, mysterious Inferno Girl Red! This mini-comic will be written by Matt Groom, and drawn in a sketchy style (which you can get a sense of from the cover which you can see up) by artist Valeria Favoccia (who has already contributed a stunning art print for the campaign).

Mat said:

When you’re building an entirely new world, you also have to build an entirely new history. Erica and I have delighted in this process – creating weird and wonderful foundations that have a major influence on the present. This mini-comic is a chance to explore one of those foundations.

We didn’t have any to steal any of Erica’s time and energy from drawing the book itself, though — so we turned to Valeria Favoccia, who created an INFERNO GIRL RED print for our campaign that perfectly captured the spirit of our world. Erica and Valeria are close, and will be collaborating closely — ensuring Valeria can bring unique style and energy while still ensuring this mini-comic feels cohesive with our larger narrative world.

But what is Inferno Girl Red?

We all need something to believe in. Especially Cássia Costa. An ancient cult and their army of demons have stolen Cássia’s home, Apex City.  When a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life and affixes itself to her arm, Cássia’s the only person equipped to stop the cult from offering the entire city to their dark lord. There’s just one catch…

The magical bracelet is powered by belief, and Cássia — an intensely pragmatic, rational girl – doesn’t have much to spare. She’ll have to find something to kindle her faith, though, and fast —because she has a secret legacy to live up to. Because her mother’s life is on the line. And because Apex City needs Inferno Girl Red.

In Inferno Girl RedCássia’s not shy– but bouncing around from city-to-city as her Mom bounced from job-to-job meant it was hard to make friends… and any friends she did make disappeared pretty quickly once they found out who Cássia’s mother was. So instead of socialising, she focused on learning– showing a particular aptitude for science. Now Cássia has a chance for a fresh start in Apex City. Her impressive test scores have earned her an invitation to the world-famous entrepreneur Doctor Janine Caro’s prestigious boarding school for promising young minds. There, Cássia starts to settle in. She starts to make friends. She starts to see a future for herself.

But when a magical bracelet blasts through a window while Cássia is studying late one night, everything changes. Cássia’s quickly drawn into a strange war that she previously only heard about from her mother… 

Not convinced? Check out art from the graphic novel below and you can back the campaign now!

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