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Deep Cuts tells stories of the interconnected struggle, joy and hope in jazz

Radiant Black writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark team up with an all-star cast of best selling artists for the forthcoming, Deep Cuts. This miniseries will feature six double-length issues and will launch in April from Image Comics.

The artists on deck for each issue include Danilo Beyruth, Helena Masellis, Diego Greco, Ramón K Pérez, Juni Ba, and Toby Cypress with all issues colored by Igor Monti. The covers will all be connecting artwork by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi and will span 60 iconic years of music history.

Bonus backmatter material for each Deep Cuts issue will also include lead sheets of original songs by Chicago jazz composers, inspired by and connected to each issue’s story.

Inspired by real events, Deep Cuts tells stories of the interconnected struggle, joy and hope in jazz as well as the (sometimes) stray connections that ultimately inspire each new generation.

Deep Cuts #1 is set in New Orleans, 1917. In the city’s bustling red-light district, a young clarinet player lands a job with his hero—but he’ll soon discover there’s more to the music business than playing the right notes.

Deep Cuts #1 (Diamond Code FEB230009) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 26.

Deep Cuts #1

Dark Horse brings The Umbrella Academy and The Witcher to New Comic Book Day

For Free Comic Book Day, Dark Horse Comics is bringing The Umbrella Academy/The Witcher to comic shops. Free Comic Book Day takes place on May 6, 2023. 

Presenting fan-favorites for FCBD: a squad of superpowered siblings and the infamous monster hunter! 

In The Umbrella Academy: Safe, Hargreeves and Abhijit embark on an interdimensional journey and find a cosmic horror that will have repercussions for our heroes and the universe. This short story is co-written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, illustrated by Gabriel Bá, colored by Dave Stewart and lettering by Blambot’s Nate Piekos. The cover art for this issue is also provided by Bá and Stewart.

Then, in The Witcher: Frog Kiss, Geralt must uncover why the young women in Novigrad are turning into frogs! This short story is written by Bartosz Sztybor, illustrated by Fabio Violante, colored by Igor Monti and lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Be sure to pick up this Free Comic Book Day issue in anticipation for the release of the final season of The Umbrella Academy and Season 3 of The Witcher, both coming to Netflix in 2023.

The Umbrella Academy/The Witcher

Image’s Massive-Verse is throwing a party ahead of C2E2

Join the Massive-verse team for a comic book event like no other! On Thursday, August 4 at 7 PM at the Embers Tap House in Lockport, Illinois, fans will have an exciting opportunity to meet up with the Massive-verse creators, including: Kyle Higgins, Melissa Flores, Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato, Ryan Parrott, Igor Monti, Mat Groom, Joe Clark, Alec Siegel, Laurence Holmes, and Michael Busuttil, and the Circle Guy News crew—for a Massive kick off to c2e2!

Fans who attend will enter Existence with unique narrative experiences that shine new light on the Radiants, visit the real world—reel world?—locations portrayed in the pages of Radiant Black (including Embers and the Roxy theatre in downtown Lockport), and partake in unique photo opportunities and surprise giveaway items.

Then, on Friday, August 5 at 1 PM at the McCormick Place Convention Center, c2e2 attendees are invited to head over to room S401 for the Across the Massive-verse panel. The Image Comics Massive-Verse is only getting started—and this panel is the only place to find out what’s next! Join Higgins, Ferigato, Parrott, Flores, Chen, Groom, and Busuttil for an exclusive Q&A guaranteed to spill the secrets of the Massive-Verse!

Higgins and Costa’s breakout hit Radiant Black took superhero storytelling to new heights when it launched—but Radiant Black isn’t the only character inhabiting the Massive-verse. There’s a whole universe for readers to explore! Characters like Rogue Sun, Inferno Girl Red, The Dead Lucky’s Bibiana—and more yet to be revealed—all occupy the Massive-verse. Each of them has a different story to tell, different adversaries to face… and they each occupy a very different corner of this shared universe.

Massive-verse C2E2 Party

What Could this Be at the end of Supermassive!?

This week saw the release of Supermassive by Image Comics. Spinning out of Radiant Black, Supermassive is that series’ first ever crossover event with the Image debut of Inferno Girl Red, and first appearance of Rogue Sun! It’s a brand new superhero universe!

The end of the comic featured the below two pages. What could it be? What’s your guess for this soon-to-be-announced series?

Supermassive is by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Mat Groom, Francesco Manna, and Igor Monti.

The Superhero World of Radiant Black Expands with Two New Series

Two momentous new releases will join Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Radiant Black in the Image Comics superhero universe in February 2022.

The month will kick off with an eye-melting, page-turning crossover superhero event in Supermassive one-shot by writers Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, and Mat Groom and artist Francesco Manna. Then, fans will be primed and ready to return to comic shops to get their hands on the pulse-pounding new ongoing series launch—Rogue Sun by writer Ryan Parrott and artists Abel and Chris O’Halloran.  

These two epic superhero drops will leave Radiant Black fans breathless and provide a jolt of high octane action to new readers interested in jumping in on the excitement. 

First, 2021’s hottest new superhero Radiant Black launches into his first ever crossover event with the Image Comics debut of Inferno Girl Redspinning out of the highly successful Kickstarter—which is coming to Image later next year and the first appearance of Rogue Sun! Power Rangers: Shattered Grid architects Higgins, Parrott, Groom and Manna and colorist extraordinaire Igor Monti, unite for a one-shot, extra-length story so big it can only be called—Supermassive.

Next, Rogue Sun kicks 2022 into high gear when rebellious teenager Dylan Siegel discovers that the late superhero Rogue Sun was his estranged father, Marcus—and that he’s inherited his father’s mantle. Tasked with protecting our world from the forces of the supernatural—and solving his father’s murder—Dylan will be forced to come to terms with the man he’s spent the majority of his life hating. This new ongoing series is a supernatural murder mystery that explores the complicated bond between father and son and cements itself squarely in a corner of the Image Comics superhero universe. 

Supermassive one-shot will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 2: 

  • Cover A by Manna & Monti – Diamond Code DEC210098
  • Cover B by Marcelo Costa, Abel, Durso – Diamond Code DEC210099
  • Cover C 1:25 copy incentive – Diamond Code DEC210100
  • Cover D 1:50 copy incentive – Diamond Code DEC210101

Rogue Sun #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 16: 

  • Cover A by Declan Shalvey – Diamond Code DEC210054
  • Cover B by Goñi Montes – Diamond Code DEC210055
  • Cover C 1:10 copy incentive by Abel – Diamond Code DEC210056
  • Cover D 1:25 copy incentive by Daniele Di Nicuolo – Diamond Code DEC210057
  • Cover E 1:50 copy incentive by Booth – Diamond Code DEC210058

Ordinary Gods’ First Two Issues Get New Printings

Kyle Higgins and Felipe Watanabe’s breakout hit—Ordinary Gods—has sold out completely at the distributor level. Image Comics is fast-tracking both issues #1 and #2 for reprint in order to keep up with increasing demand for the series ahead of the exciting Ordinary Gods #3 release this September.

The Ordinary Gods #1 and #2 reprints will feature new cover art by Watanabe and Igor Monti.

In Ordinary Gods, readers meet Christopher. He’s 22. He’s got two loving parents and a 12-year-old sister. He works at a paint store. He’s in therapy. And, as it happens, he’s the reincarnation of one of the Five gods from a realm beyond our own, leaders in the “War of Immortals.” Now, in order to save everyone he cares about, Christopher will have to reconnect with his past lives and do the unthinkable: become a god again.

In Ordinary Gods #3, the series welcomes a new member to the creative team—Joe Clark—to join Higgins as a co-writer. Clark is a multiple award winning music composer and arranger whose compositions and arrangements have been performed by the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Kurt Elling, Phil Woods, Ira Sullivan, the Minnesota Orchestra, players from the Chicago Symphony, Louisiana Philharmonic, and more worldwide. His arrangements can also be heard on many albums, including Kanye West and Malik Yusef’s “G.O.O.D. Morning G.O.O.D. Night.” He will join Higgins and Watanabe as a permanent co-writer on the series going forward. 

Ordinary Gods #1, second printing (Diamond Code JUL218467) and Ordinary Gods #2, second printing (Diamond Code JUL218466) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 22.

Ordinary Gods #3 (Diamond Code JUL210255) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 8. 

Ordinary Gods #4 (Diamond Code AUG210253) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 13.

Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1 Sells Out and Gets a New Printing

BOOM! Studios announced today that the new oversized special issue, Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1, from rising star writer Frank Gogol, acclaimed artist Simone Ragazzoni, colorist Igor Monti, and letterer Ed Dukeshire present the first full appearance of the Phantom Ranger in a story that will ripple through the Power Rangers franchise, has sold out at the distributor level the week of release!

In response to the overwhelming support from retailers and fans, BOOM! Studios has announced Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1 Second Printing, featuring brand new cover art by series artist Simone Ragazzoni and available in stores July 28, 2021.

ENTER THE PHANTOM RANGER! Answering Zordon’s call, the Phantom Ranger investigates the aftermath of an Empyreal attack. Only to discover their connection to an ancient evil he encountered long ago… which may have finally returned to threaten the entire universe.


Your First Look at the Phantom Ranger in Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at a new oversized special issue, Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1, from rising star writer Frank Gogol, acclaimed artist Simone Ragazzoni, colorist Igor Monti, and letterer Ed Dukeshire present the first full appearance of the Phantom Ranger in a story that will ripple through the Power Rangers franchise, on June 30, 2021.

ENTER THE PHANTOM RANGER! Answering Zordon’s call, the Phantom Ranger investigates the aftermath of an Empyreal attack. Only to discover their connection to an ancient evil he encountered long ago… which may have finally returned to threaten the entire universe.

Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1 features main cover art by Dan Mora and variant cover art by illustrators Junggeun Yoon, Vincenzo Riccardi, and Derrick Chew.  

Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1

Radiant Black #4 Heads Back to Print

The bestselling Radiant Black #4 by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa has sold out upon its release yesterday and left fans stunned after a jaw-dropping showdown between Radiant Black and his nemesis, Radiant Red. This pivotal issue is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with the unending demand. 

This second printing will feature an electrifying wraparound cover with artwork by Costa and Igor Monti.

It was always going to come to this, in Radiant Black #4: fans are front-and-center to a knock-down, drag-out fight—between Nathan and the mysterious Radiant Red—across the city of Lockport! After this fight, nothing will ever be the same again. For Lockport or for Radiant Black. 

In Radiant Black #5, fan-favorite artist Eduardo Ferigato and colorist Natália Marques will join Higgins and Costa for the extra-length, explosive climax to the first story arc.

Radiant Black #4, second printing and Radiant Black #5 will both be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 16:

  • Radiant Black #4, second printing – APR218632
  • Radiant Black #5 Cover A Doaly – APR210322
  • Radiant Black #5 Cover B Diego Greco – APR210323
  • Radiant Black #5 Cover C 1:25 copy incentive by Serg Acuña – APR210324
Radiant Black #4, second printing

Exclusive: Kickstarter Hit “Inferno Girl Red” Gets a Ten-Page “Ashcan” Stretch Goal

Inferno Girl Red "Ashcan"

Inferno Girl Red is a hit on Kickstarter reaching its funding in two days and delivering some awesome rewards. From Mat Groom and Erica D’UrsoInferno Girl Red is an all-new original graphic novel that combines high school super-heroic drama with the dynamic storytelling and world-building of Japanese tokusatsu superheroes, and the intrigue and relationship drama of British boarding school fiction. The Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this all-new 100-page, hardcover superhero graphic novel by Groom, D’Urso, colorist Igor Monti, letterer Becca Carey, editor Kyle Higgins, and design group For The People, will run through May 5th, 2021.

The Kickstarter has blown past its goal with over 900 backers and still 25 days to go. Last week, a new tier was announced, 10 INFERNO GIRL RED helmets which are jaw dropping. These will be available, along with the hardcover and a Radiant Black/ Inferno Girl Red print for $650. 9 of them are already gone!


If the campaign reaches $70,000, a new stretch goal will be unlocked. Every physical reward tier will receive a ten-page, black-and-white ‘ashcan’-style mini-comic that details an adventure of a different, mysterious Inferno Girl Red! This mini-comic will be written by Matt Groom, and drawn in a sketchy style (which you can get a sense of from the cover which you can see up) by artist Valeria Favoccia (who has already contributed a stunning art print for the campaign).

Mat said:

When you’re building an entirely new world, you also have to build an entirely new history. Erica and I have delighted in this process – creating weird and wonderful foundations that have a major influence on the present. This mini-comic is a chance to explore one of those foundations.

We didn’t have any to steal any of Erica’s time and energy from drawing the book itself, though — so we turned to Valeria Favoccia, who created an INFERNO GIRL RED print for our campaign that perfectly captured the spirit of our world. Erica and Valeria are close, and will be collaborating closely — ensuring Valeria can bring unique style and energy while still ensuring this mini-comic feels cohesive with our larger narrative world.

But what is Inferno Girl Red?

We all need something to believe in. Especially Cássia Costa. An ancient cult and their army of demons have stolen Cássia’s home, Apex City.  When a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life and affixes itself to her arm, Cássia’s the only person equipped to stop the cult from offering the entire city to their dark lord. There’s just one catch…

The magical bracelet is powered by belief, and Cássia — an intensely pragmatic, rational girl – doesn’t have much to spare. She’ll have to find something to kindle her faith, though, and fast —because she has a secret legacy to live up to. Because her mother’s life is on the line. And because Apex City needs Inferno Girl Red.

In Inferno Girl RedCássia’s not shy– but bouncing around from city-to-city as her Mom bounced from job-to-job meant it was hard to make friends… and any friends she did make disappeared pretty quickly once they found out who Cássia’s mother was. So instead of socialising, she focused on learning– showing a particular aptitude for science. Now Cássia has a chance for a fresh start in Apex City. Her impressive test scores have earned her an invitation to the world-famous entrepreneur Doctor Janine Caro’s prestigious boarding school for promising young minds. There, Cássia starts to settle in. She starts to make friends. She starts to see a future for herself.

But when a magical bracelet blasts through a window while Cássia is studying late one night, everything changes. Cássia’s quickly drawn into a strange war that she previously only heard about from her mother… 

Not convinced? Check out art from the graphic novel below and you can back the campaign now!

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