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Get an Exclusive First Look at Space Bastards #5 Plus Back Vol. 2 on Kickstarter!

We have an exclusive look at the cover for Space Bastards #5! Space Bastards, is the high-octane, outrageous comic series about murderous mercenary mailmen in space that has delivered with each issue. The over the top series is from writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey, artist and co-creator Darick Robertson, colorist Pete Pantazis, and lettered by Taylor Esposito. The comic has featured crazy action, violence, and some biting humor.

In Space Bastards #5:

There is perhaps no job in the known universe more dangerous than being a postal carrier. But for one day a year, the Intergalactic Postal Service shuts down for Sharptoberfest, a celebration so wild and debaucherous it could only be used to commemorate the birth of Roy Sharpton, Postmaster General & CEO of the IPS. But with every major player gathered under one roof, could this year’s bash be the perfect opportunity for a hostile takeover? With an ending you have to see to believe, this is one issue of SPACE BASTARDS you cannot miss!

And, if you’re enjoying Space Bastards and don’t want to miss out on the craziness, Space Bastards Volume 2 is currently on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter allows you to get both volumes of the series in a hardcover edition. The project has just a few more days to go and ends on February 18 at 11:55 PM EST.

Space Bastards #5
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