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Urban Animal Goes from Webtoon to Print

Urban Animal from Justin Jordan, John Amor, and Micah Myers is going from Webtoon to print with a Kickstarter. Urban Animal is about a normal kid who finds out he’s not so normal when he turns into a sabertooth tiger. Things just get stranger for Joe from there. Much, much stranger.

Meet Joe Gomez. He’s got high school on lock – good grades, a cool band, and girls digging his vibe. But just when he’s got the world figured out, he goes and turns into a saber-toothed tiger. A shape-shifting nature spirit known as a Chimera, to be specific. Now Joe needs every single one of his new powers to help save the human race – whether he wants to or not.

Now, you can get a print edition of the webcomic. The first volume collects chapters 1 through 27 of the series which is about 200 pages of content!

The campaign is well past its goal so backing helps further guarantee its completion. You can get a digital PDF, digital artbooks, wallpapers, and script book for $12. For $24 you get a softcover print edition of the series along with other items. Other pledge items include a hardcover version, signed bookplates, and so much more. The campaign ends on November 18.

Urban Animal
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