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Review: Haxor #1


Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest architects of science fiction and his influence has grown exponentially. AS what he dreamt almost a century ago now, is so relevant today that you must be blind not draw the comparisons. His visions of the future are truly the present we live in now, and in some ways, our reality is much grimmer than he ever imagined. Where he saw robots go, the world saw it go further.

As the most recent in memory adaptation of his work, I, Robot, revisited some of those classic tropes, which only Asimov could evoke so hauntingly. Will Smith’s character represented the viewer, it showed how we struggle with technology, especially when we benefit from it. As it can be true that sometimes too much technology is too much. In Walter Ostlie’s excellent Haxor, we find a protagonist dealing with this very dilemma.

We meet our protagonist, Iso, who is being awakened by an alarm clock, which will not go off no matter what she does. As she lives in Shi-Bu City, where its inhabitants play games for a living, and where one corporation owns the game and practically all Shi Bu’s inhabitants. We also meet Wire, a grizzled veteran gamer whose disdain for the game and the corporation has made him cynical and reckless. By the issue’s end, Iso enters the game, where something already doesn’t seem right.

Overall, an interesting introduction to a world not so distant from ours, with a brand new protagonist whom we can cheer for. The story by Walter Ostlie is fun and engaging. The art by Ostlie is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that introduces a universe both familiar and still nascent.

Story: Walter Ostlie Art: Walter Ostlie
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Exclusive: Meet Chief Beef. KUTE Crew Sets Sail on Webtoon in August.


The KUTE Crew‘s weekly adventures will run every Tuesday at 9 AM PT on Webtoon, with digital comics available on Gumroad every time a 10-page chapter completes (about once a month) and self-published minicomics available shortly thereafter. The new digital series is by writer and letterer Nick Marino and artist Nils-Petter Nolin. The two previously collaborated on The Evil Life, another Webtoon webcomic, and have been working on KUTE Crew since 2016.

The sensational seafaring marsupials aboard the Tangerine Marine are the sole safeguard between the wild warring waters of the ocean and the rest of the animal kingdom on an Earth where humans never existed.

Webtoon users can subscribe to KUTE Crew now and make sure they’re on board before the ship leaves port on August 4, 2020.

The KUTE Crew team has hooked us up with an exclusive first look at Chief Beef, the big bovine boss of the Kute Crew. Fin out more about the character and her design:

NICK: It all started with the name. When I was dreaming up characters who could be large and in charge of the KUTE Crew, I wasn’t sure what direction we should go. With koalas as our lead characters, I knew I wanted a boss who’d tower over them, but what kind? Panda, giraffe, whale, condor…? And then it hit me: CHIEF BEEF!

Chief Beef
Chief Beef

I love cartoon cows, there’s something so magical about them. It certainly didn’t hurt that I was just the right age to grow up with The Far Side and Gary Larson’s cows constantly plastered on the funny pages. I also have a strong affection for Barnyard Commandos, this obscure toy line from 1989 featuring militarized pigs and sheep, and I think of Chief Beef as an homage to that bizarre concept.

She works for Terra Firma, which is a government and military force formed out of a loose union of all land-dwelling animals living on KUTE Crew’s Earth. While our comic is really focused on the koalas and their underwater adventures, Chief Beef and Terra Firma are constant concerns behind the scenes, whether we see them or not.

Lastly, the KUTE Crew has a leadership problem… namely, its leaders keep dying. Chief Beef is the one constantly assigning questionable recruits to the leadership position, never having enough faith in the existing members of the Crew to provide their own leadership. I wanted to explore themes of leadership and authority with our story, and it’s through this role that Chief Beef most directly influences what happens in the comic.

NILS: Chief Beef was conceptually a mix between Nick Fury, a cyborg, and a cow. The Nick Fury part was to give a hint of familiarity since the eye patch combined with a uniform almost instantaneously communicates “stoic,” “military,” and “leader.” The cow was, if not obvious already, a must because of the character’s name. And the cyborg part, well… because cyborgs are cool.

In terms of colors, Chief got the same color scheme (orange, gold, blue) as our heroes to communicate that they were on the same side. However, the blue accent color that adorns some of our koalas was instead used as Chief’s primary color to differentiate her in a way that makes it clear that she’s not a part of the team but of a higher rank. Other characters that will appear later on in the story that work on Chief’s Terra Firma command deck also have blue as their primary color, so the scheme runs throughout the story.

AWA Studios Launches iPOP! and Debuts Be Wawa

Debuting on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, AWA Studios has launched a new studio, iPOP!. iPOP! is focused on stories in both video and webtoon formats with the first series Be Wawa debuting today.

Check out the video below and readers can read AWA’s Be Wawa webtoon for free on Webtoons and Tapas.

AWA Studios is a new comic publisher headed by Bill Jemas as CEO and Axel Alonso as Chief Creative Officer. The company has released a handful of series with top tier talent featuring different distribution models and different revenue models. iPOP! looks to be another interesting move for the company focused on the massive webtoons market. More information and details will be coming soon.

Netflix Brings Popular Korean Webtoon All of Us are Dead to Streaming

Now at Our School

Netflix has announced that it will team up with director Lee JQ to produce a new Netflix original series All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead is about a group of high school students who are faced with an extreme crisis situation when they become trapped in their school, while a zombie virus spreads like a wildfire. It’s based on the chart-topping Korean webtoon called Now at Our School (literal translation of its Korean title, 지금 우리 학교는), which has been also well received in Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Netflix original series KingdomAll of Us Are Dead is poised to write an exciting new chapter in the Korean zombie genre, as director Lee brings fresh energy through the solid narrative and the attention-grabbing cinematography he is well known for.

All of Us Are Dead is written by Chun Sung-il, and directed by Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su. It will be produced by JTBC Studios in association with Film Monster and will premiere worldwide, only on Netflix.

Legendary Announces a New Special Print Edition of Pacific Rim: Amara

Fans of Legendary Comics and WEBTOON’s popular digital comic Pacific Rim: Amara can now revisit the action-packed prequel to the blockbuster film Pacific Rim: Uprising in a special print edition featuring expanded artwork on sale now in comic stores and online.

Set between the two franchise films, Pacific Rim: Amara is an origin story that hurls readers straight into a dystopia, post-Kaiju Santa Monica as they follow a courageous young girl named Amara Namani as she attempts to rebuild her life in the wake of tragedy and loss.

This supercharged series was created by co-writers Cavan Scott and Zhang Ran, hailing from the United Kingdom and China respectively, and illustrated by Chinese artist BigN.

As the Kaiju Wars rage on, Pacific Rim: Amara follows the young heroine whose life shattered when she is orphaned during a devastating monster attack. Fighting to survive as her city is destroyed, she finds shelter with a grumpy mech-inventor named Kai and his closest companion, Hannah. The trio forms an unlikely family in the aftermath of the invasion, looking out for one another and scavenging old mech parts to build their very own Jaeger, a pilotable giant robot with the power to protect Amara from the monsters that took everything from her. On a wild adventure through the destroyed landscape of Los Angeles to find the parts she needs to complete her Jaeger Scrapper, Amara becomes caught up in a dangerous and explosive mech-racing league and finds herself in a race against time to be ready for the day the monsters return. This epic prequel to the blockbuster movie Pacific Rim Uprising exclusively reveals the origins of Pacific Rim heroes Amara and Scrapper, as well as reveals the courage that rises when the world falls.

Around the Tubes

Midnight Vista #1

It’s a new week and we’re getting ready for Small Press Expo. While we count down the days until the convention, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

/Film – Mad Men Scribe Jonathan Igla is the Hawkeye Series Writer – An interesting choice.

CBLDF – History of Comics Censorship, Part Three – Learn your comic history.

ICv2 – Webtoon Comics Platform Running Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign on TV, Web, in Theaters, and Outdoor – Good for them. Hope it works.


Talking Comics – DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1
Ghost Spider Annual #1
Talking Comics –
House of X #4
Geek Dad –
Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1
Midnight Vista #1
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Webtoon Heads to Comicpalooza!


Webtoon is heading to Houston for their first appearance at Comicpalooza which takes place May 10-12. Celebrating their first appearance at Comicpalooza, Webtoon will have a booth near Artist Alley featuring their “Green Room” – a place for creators to gather throughout the day for rest and refreshments, exclusive merchandise, multiple signing sessions, daily giveaways, panels, portfolio reviews, and creator workshops.

Creators attending include 2019 Eisner nominee Mongie (Let’s Play), winner of the 2018 Webtoon Discover Creator Contest Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits), fan-favorite Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate), acclaimed creator Thom Zahlor (Cupid’s Arrows), 2018 WEBTOON Discover Creator Contest finalist Swansgarden (EdithI), Texas native Junepurr (SubZero), popular Discover creator Jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION), and Webtoon’s own KennyComics!

Comicpalooza 2019 Booth Schedule


  • 12:00PM       Tote Bag Giveaway
  • 1:00PM         Portfolio Reviews with WEBTOON Staff
  • 2:00PM         Portfolio Reviews with WEBTOON Staff
  • 3:00PM         KennyComics Workshop
  • 4:00PM         Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
  • 5:00PM         Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
  • 6:00PM         Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing
  • 7:00PM         Blind Bag Giveaway


  • 10:00AM      Tote Bag Giveaway, Portfolio Reviews
  • 10:30AM      Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
  • 11:30AM      Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate, Boo! It’s Sex) & Thom Zahler (Cupid’s Arrows, Warning Label) Signing
  • 1:30PM – 2:30PM Discover More on WEBTOON Discover! Panel – Room #350DE

About: Webtoon Discover is the free and open platform for any creator to publish their digital comics and connect with millions of readers around the globe. Come meet some of the creator community’s independent talent and learn how they started their series, developed their characters, are finding their audience on Webtoon, and monetizing their series!

Host: Jin Kim, Webtoon Discover Creator Care

Talent: jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION), Junepurrr (SubZero), Leeanne “Mongie” Krecic (Let’s Play), Kristina N. (Winner 2018 Discover Creator Contest; Cape of Spirits), Swansgarden (Finalist 2018 Discover Creator Contest; Edith)

  • 3:00PM – 4:00PM Romance Revolution Panel – Room #350DE

About: When it comes to comics, for the past 30+ years the theme has been Romance IS DEAD, but over the past few years digital comics have led a new renaissance of romance titles. Hear from creators who have been at the forefront of this movement and the how and why this neglected genre has found an audience that vastly out scales traditional capes and tights.

Host: Yooni Kim, Webtoon Head of Social Media

Talent: Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate), Thom Zahler (Cupid’s Arrows, Warning Label), Junepurrr (SubZero), Leeanne “Mongie” Krecic (Let’s Play), Swansgarden (Edith)

  • 4:30PM         Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing & jjolee (LOST in TRANSLATION) Signing
  • 5:30PM         Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
  • 6:30PM         Blind Bag Giveaway


  • 10:00AM      Tote Bag Giveaway, Portfolio Reviews
  • 11:00 AM     KennyComics Workshop
  • 12:00 PM      Kristina N. (Cape of Spirits) & Jewel Suan (Edith) Signing
  • 1:00 PM        Mongie (Let’s Play) Signing
  • 2:00 PM        Junepurrr (SubZero) & KennyComics Signing
  • 3:00 PM        Portfolio Reviews
  • 4:00 PM        Blind Bag Giveaway

Webtoon Launched Five New Series From Discover in March

Webtoon continue to add new series to their diverse library with FIVE new titles launched in March! Determined to be the leading destination for creators to build an audience, all five new series come from the Discover platform!  Unlucky is as Lucky does was a 2018 Discover Creator Contest finalist and is the wacky, not-so-lucky adventures of a 7-year-old princess,  Axed – featuring a monster hunter is comedy series created by a Canadian and a Brit, Muted by Miranda Mundt (try saying 5 times fast – GO!) is a witchy tale of a girl trying to protect her families supernatural legacy, the winner of the 2018 Discover Creator Contest Cape of Spirits debuted this month to much excitement from the Webtoon creator community, and finally Matchmaker Hero is a sci-fi series featuring love and tomatoes!

Unlucky is as Lucky does

Creator: M. Nires – a 23-year-old Canadian artist/stick figure who once ate pickles and peanut butter

Description: An enemy from afar has threatened to kidnap the king’s daughter. The king springs into action seeking the most elite members of his kingdom to protect her. Sounds like your average everyday fantasy tale. Except that it isn’t… The king is overprotective, the queen can barely tolerate the king, the princess-in-distress is only 7 years old but is strong enough to beat up anyone in the kingdom, and the man or woman who must protect her? He doesn’t have to be the strongest or the smartest…just the LUCKIEST person who ever lived. So yeah, what this tale lacks in tradition, it makes up for in sheer over-the-top lunacy!

Link: Unlucky is as Lucky does

Updates every Wednesday and Saturday


Creators: Shren Patel (Canada) and illustrator Emi MG(UK)

Description: Meet Axelia. Since she was a little girl, all she’s ever wanted to do was become a Monster Hunter. Tough and tenacious, she worked hard to achieve her dream. And then on the day she graduated from Monster Hunter school, with her whole professional life ahead of her…the world declared eternal peace between monsters and humans. Well then. Now, with a useless degree, and no other viable job skills, Axelia must take on any job that will have her. Alongside a wisecracking, underachieving demon and pretty wood nymph whose roots don’t quite reach the soil, Axelia is determined to find the adventure she craves – even if it’s at a soul-crushing minimum wage job. Girl’s gotta eat, right?

Link: Axed

Updates on Wednesday and Sunday


CreatorMiranda Mundt – a Seattle illustrator and wannabe animator on YouTube, Miranda spends 90% of her time at home drawing and playing video games with her roommates, 6 cats, and 2 dogs.

Description: On the full moon of her 21st year, the young witch, Camille Severin, is expected to perform the traditional ritual to summon forth a winged demon for her family’s success and prosperity. But when the ritual goes wrong, it reveals the terrifying truths about herself and the secrets that threaten to tear her family apart.

Link: Muted

Updates every Friday

Cape of Spirits

Creators: Kristina N.and Elie Byun

Description: A former heir to the throne, Jinsei Kimura is now a fugitive on the run from the very empire he once called home. Now, to clear his name, Jinsei must fight alongside a team once sworn to deliver his head – working together to uncover the truth behind the coins that power their civilization. In a world without trust, where long-time allies are now enemies, can Jinsei harness the power of the Spirit Coins to find his own personal redemption?

Note: Written by Kristina N. ten years ago but shelved because she loved the characters but could not develop the story until Elie came alongCape of Spirits is the story of the videogame within the story of the popular Webtoon Discover series, Fictional Skin – 226,000 subscribers, 88 episodes with more than 16.7 million reads since summer of 2016. During the contest, Cape of Spirits boastedmore than 1.9 million views, with more than 15,000 likes per episode and 179,000 subscribers in just eight episodes!

Link: Cape of Spirits

Updates every Wednesday

Matchmaker Hero

Creator: Madeline Ince – an awkward midwesterner who occasionally enjoys a good murder with friends. A good murder story, of course.

Description: Richie is a simple boy with a simple life. Yes, he has a distinct tomato allergy, and no, he’s not interested in dating. That is until he goes on a blind date with Elle, the richest girl in the town of Overlook. It’s an awkward date that gets straight up weird when Elle asks him to fight aliens alongside her. Wait…what? It turns out, not only do aliens exist, but they’re also linked to Richie’s past. Now, Richie has to find the answers to his alien heritage, while hiding the true motives behind the fabricated romance between him and Elle. What could possibly go wrong? Not much, besides fighting seven mega-powerful alien heirs who threaten to destroy everything he loves.

Link: Matchmaker Hero

Updates on Monday

Webtoon Continues to Grow with New Comics

The #1 web comic publisher, Webtoon, continues to grow their creator community. The platform launched five new titles in January. Webtoon excels with an incredibly diverse selection of titles and the January releases are no exception! Castle Swimmer tells the story of two undersea boys whose fate intertwine into a romance like no other, Acception is a sweet tale of a very different boy who brings a fresh splash of color to the world around him, Save Me comes from the BU piecing together a Groundhog Day storyline from clues throughout BTS’ music videos over the past few years, Trailer Park Warlock finds a hero in a single-wide, and The Four of Them reminds us high school is still the same challenging yet impactful short period of our lives – this submission to their recent Discover Contest made the first cut and gathered a legion of fans. More information on each title is below – all available to binge now!

Castle Swimmer

Creator: Wendy Lian Martin

Description: What happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy – your future foretold by people you’ve never met, who died long before you were born. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who’s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted.

Note: With more than 200k subscribers in just six episodes and more than 1.7 million global reads, Castle Swimmer marks an impressive debut on Webtoon for creator Wendy Liam Martin.

Updates weekly on Sundays


Creator: Colourbee

Description: With his rainbow-colored hair and love of all things fashion, Arcus is anything BUT your average teenager. He’s an upbeat independent thinker, proud fashionista, and like the rest of us, is just looking for a few friends to call his own. Acception may be Arcus’ story – but it’s all OUR stories too – and it is for anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in, find love, or thought that High School was pretty much the worst thing ever invented.

NoteAcception debuts with 115k subscribers and more than 1.4 million global reads

Updates twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays

Save Me

Creator: Big Hit Ent./LICO

Description: Seven boys. Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but also the tough times, as they have gone their separate ways and suffered greatly as a result. When all is almost lost for these boys, one is given a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix the mistakes that led them down this path. He’ll do anything to save them, but can he? Or is he too late?

Note: Save Me launch week was an incredible 1.1 million subscribers and more than 24 million views. This webtoon topped the trending topics and was top 10 on multiple charts in the App store.

Updates every Thursday

Trailer Park Warlock

Creator: Matthew J. Rainwater

Description: Jake Baker, the working-class warlock, struggles to make ends meet. But with the help of his friends and some down-home DIY magick, he might just keep chaos at bay, and pay his lot fees too…

Note: The creator has introduced an interesting collection of critters including a Rabblesnake…

Updates every Friday

The Four of Them

Creator: Mai Hirschfeld

Description: Getting crushed by your crush. Coming out to your parents. Learning that your sister is your biggest dating rival. High school sure does have its share of twists, turns and moments of high drama. To get through it all with your smile and sanity intact, you’re going to need some friends. Really good friends. Friends like Johnny, Mariel, Gaby and Martina who, one way or another, will find a way to get through their teenage years together.

About: This Discover title made the first cut in Webtoon’s 2018 Creator Contest – and developed an incredible readership!

Updates every Monday

Webtoon Has Four New Featured Creators this November

Creator-driven, free web comic platform, Webtoon, is set to launch four new series in November. The new titles mark the debut of four new creators to the number #1 digital publisher – James Maddox with Metaphorical Her, Nicky Soh’s Alise EliseSeed by Said Polat, and Urban Animal by John Amor.

Metaphorical Her – James Maddox – November 10

Metaphorical Her is the Webtoon debut from creator James Maddox (Dead Legends, Clown, The Dead & Eccentrix). Maddox lives in Huntington, WV, is the bass player for the rock band Qiet, and enjoys good bourbon–usually in an Ewok flask.

Description: Humiliated and exiled, a poet builds an underground following within the ravenous rock scene through her enlightening poetry. Now, Laney and her friends fight against the white-collar criminals who threaten their careers, all within a spectacle of visual metaphors.

New episode every Saturday.


Alise Elise – Nicky Soh – November 17

Creator and illustrator, Nicky Soh (Adventure Times, Liquid City 3, Rock Mary Rock) makes his Webtoon debut with the series Alise Elise. Soh holds a double Masters in Sequential Art and Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and is a very much in demand illustrator working from his studio in New Jersey.

Description: Separated at birth in a twist of fate, twins Alice and Elise lead very different lives. In the living world, Alice lives in ignorant bliss of her twin, Elise, who is doomed to the underworld. When Alice falls into the underworld before her time, Elise sees a way back to the world of the living–at the expense of her sister.

New episode every Saturday.

Seed – Said Polat – November 18

Illustrator Said Polat has been working in games and animation industry for more than 5 years, specializing in character design. This is Polat’s debut comic on Webtoon.

Description: A rogue AI is unleashed on the world by mysterious forces. Attaching itself to Emma, a troubled young girl, the AI begins to learn and grow from a seed… into something else.

New episode every Sunday.

Urban Animal – John Amor – November 24​

Eisner nominated comic artist and illustrator John Amor (One Week in the Library) has been creating comics full-time since 2008 – published by Zuda, Image and IDW. Urban Animal is his first comic with Webtoon.

Description: Joe Gomez is an average high school student. He’s doing decent in classes, plays guitar in a band and he’s 90% sure the cute new girl is into him. So all in all, pretty okay. Until the day he turns into a saber-toothed tiger. Joe learns that he is a Chimera, a shapeshifting nature spirit. Now he must deal with stopping the resurrection of a terribly powerful Chimera that threatens the human race, AND high school.

New episode every Saturday.


And don’t forget to check out  the late October launch titles:

Freaking RomanceCreated by Snailords, Freaking Romance is a supernatural romance set in modern day.Freaking Romance is Snailords’ third featured title on Webtoon, a fourth can be found in Discover.

Description: Zylith finds herself enchanted by what she assumed was a figment of imagination in her new apartment. Except…he exists. Somewhere in another universe.

New episode every Sunday.

SubZero: Created by Junepurr, SubZero is a romance-fantasy series from our Discover talent pool. SubZero is her first comic with more than 15 million views over 21 episodes and an incredibly loyal following! SubZeroalready has

Description: In a last attempt at peace, Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan is forced into a political marriage with an enemy prince.

New episode every Monday.

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