Kick Off Your Week with Nine Digital Comics from DC, Magnetic Press, and Harlequin

Kick off your week with nine new digital comics to read this Monday. ComiXology has new comics from DC Comics, Magnetic Press, and Harlequin. It’s a little something for everyone!

Check out what you can get below!

An Arabian Marriage

Written by Lynne Graham
Art by Ayumu Aso

Laura stands frozen in front of the gates of a castle that looks straight out of a dark fairy tale. The owner’s name is Richard, and she wonders if he’s as terrifying as all the villagers say. But no matter what sort of man Richard is, she was sent here as a nanny and must look after his daughter. However, Richard swiftly and bluntly rejects the young Laura. She tries to find a way to get him to accept her as a nanny, but that is difficult to do when he keeps to the darkness in order to hide his scars. Richard was injured in an accident, but Laura wants him to come out into the light. It’s not just for his daughter Kelly’s sake, it’s for her sake and Richard’s, too!

Taming The Beast

Written by Amy J Fetzer
Art by Takako Hashimoto

Freddie stepped in to raise her cousin’s son, Ben, when she was killed in an accident. Then one day the crown prince of the kingdom of Quamar appears at her front door claiming he’s Ben’s uncle! The prince mistakes Freddie for her cousin, who had a reputation for being with countless men, and tries to forcibly take Ben from her. Freddie refuses to be bullied, though, so she gives the prince a new proposal…

Taming The Beast

A Marriage Betrayed

Written by Emma Darcy
Art by Hiromi Kobayashi

It’s like she’d entered a different world… When Kristy visits Paris to commemorate her parents’ death by staying at the luxury hotel where they spent their honeymoon, the hotel employees all look at her with shock. Not knowing why, Kristy tries to book one of the cheapest rooms in the hotel and makes eye contact with a breathtakingly gorgeous man named Armand Dutournier. His strong gaze immediately captures Kristy’s heart. “You betrayed me!” Armand yells and then kisses her passionately. Everything is a mystery—Armand’s identity, his familiarity and the existence of a potential mirror image of Kristy!

The Devil’s Heart

Written by Lynn Raye Harris
Art by Miho Tomoi

After Francesca’s millionaire father died, she was taken in by a kind old man named Jacques. When they discover that Jacques has cancer and needs money for treatments, she plots to take back the Devil’s Heart jewel from Marcos, a businessman she married when she was eighteen. Young and naive, she had given him the Devil’s Heart. But before they’d even spent their wedding night together, Marcos disappeared with the jewel.
Can she steal the jewel back without losing her heart to Marcos all over again?

The Devil's Heart

Marrying William

Written by Trisha David
Art by Kuremi Hazama

“Get off my farm right now!”
Jenni faces a perilous predicament. The farm she and her blind sister have been protecting is in danger and there is only one way to protect it. She must marry her cousin, William, whom she met only once ten years ago! There’s no way a successful New York businessman would ever want to marry someone like her… But just as she is about to give up all hope, a helicopter lands on their property.
“I’ve come to retrieve you, my bride!” says an undeniably attractive stranger.
Jenni’s heart stutters. “Are you…William?”

Marrying William

This Man And This Woman

Written by Lucy Gordon
Art by Yukako Midori

After being jilted at the altar by her fiancé, Gail used the bitter experience to build her career as a successful wedding planner. During a wedding for a wealthy customer, Gail meets his eldest son, Alex. According to Alex, his soon-to-be mother-in-law is only marrying his father for his money and is not who she appears to be. Alex’s cynicism stokes Gail’s temper and they get into a heated argument. However, later at the wedding reception, Alex suddenly whispers to Gail, “I want you. I’ll give you anything you desire…except marriage.”

This Man And This Woman

KLAW Vol. 3 #15: Counterattack

Written by Antoine Ozanam
Art by Joël Jurion
Colored by Yoann Guillé
Cover by Joël Jurion

Shaaz teaches his new generation of Dizhis how to summon their totems, even at the risk of stealing one away at a time of need. The Stag and the Bull learn this the hard way…

Streamliner #3: Bye-bye Lisa Dora

Written by Fane
Art by Fane
Cover by Fane

As the race gets bigger, more and more dangerous elements are drawn to the desert to participate: Feds, thugs, killers, and possibly worst of all… the press. Meanwhile, retired champ Evel Oneil recounts the story behond the station’s landmark and namesake, the Lisa Dora…

Streamliner #3: Bye-bye Lisa Dora

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #6

Written by Robert Venditti
Pencils Paul Pelletier
Inks Andrew Hennessy
Colored by Adriano Lucas

Lex Luthor has made Superman obsolete thanks to his security tech outfitting every corner in Metropolis. But when the tech begins to go too far and oppress the people, Clark will need to don the shield once more and be the hero Metropolis deserves! It’s a battle between man and machine for the fate of Metropolis!

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #6

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