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Spider-Man Vol. 2 Who is Spider-Boy? delivers some of Spider-Boy’s origin but beyond that is meh

The Spider-Verse event has ended, and Spider-Man must pick up the pieces. But Peter Parker has changed. His powers are super-charged, enabling him to be the best Spider-Man he can be – but can his all-too-human body take the strain? Meanwhile, Electro has also leveled up – and he’s out to shock his old foe to death once and for all! And Norman Osborn is about to do something that may put an end to his new amicable relationship with Spidey. Plus: Spinning out of the restored Web of Life and Destiny, the spectacular Spider-Boy returns! But who is this spunky sidekick who nobody remembers, and what is his connection to Spider-Man?!

Story: Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Art: Mark Bagley, Luciano Vecchio
Ink: John Dell, Andrew Hennessy
Color: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

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Zeus Comics

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Preview: Earth Prime #3 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Earth Prime #3 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

(W) Lauren Fields, Daniel Park (A) Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy (CA) Kim Jacinto
In Shops: May 03, 2022
SRP: $5.99

Hold on to your Beebos, everyone! Ray Palmer assembles the retired Legends for one last go-round after he learns Mick Rory’s Necrian children have been kidnapped by a group of mysterious Necrian assassins. But is this universe-spanning mission really what it seems?

Earth Prime #3 DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Review: Timeless #1

Timeless #1

It’s the end of the year and last week of new comic releases and that means Marvel is releasing their one-shot teasing out what we can expect in the next year. Timeless #1 revolves around Kang the Conqueror who is becoming square and center of the Marvel Universe in what’s to come.

Jed MacKay handles the teases as Kang is out to prove that he’s a greater villain than Doctor Doom. He’s recruited a sidekick who will eventually write a pro-Doom book that becomes a hit. Kang wants him to bear witness to see how wrong he is when it comes to that. It’s a trip through time as we get to witness ourselves as to what makes Kang so great but more importantly, what makes Kang tick. But, there’s a threat in a “pirate timeline” that threatens existence as it attempts to survive its destruction.

Timeless #1 is an interesting issue that stands on its own as a one-shot to teach us who Kang is. As a character study, the issue is great and provides an interesting take on the character. This isn’t just a villain looking to conquer different time periods or just cause chaos. There’s some motivation and an underling pinning of a reason behind the actions. We’re given teases that what motivates Kang might actually work out for humanity and protect it in some ways. There’s an interesting depth here.

The comic is also about teases which are kept to a surprising minimum. Many of these past comics have felt like a series of short vignettes creating a choppy reading experience and a read that feels like a lot of prologues mashed together. Here, it feels like narrative has come first continuing Marvel’s focus on its villain of the year(s). The fact this rising profile coincides with a higher profile in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t lost on me but if it’s a good read, that doesn’t really matter. And, this is a solid read.

Timeless #1 features quite a few artists, Kev Walker, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mark Bagley, and Andrew Hennessy. Despite the five different artists, the art does feel consistent and is really solid to watch. This doesn’t have a feel that a certain artist took one particular time period and that’s it, there’s an actual flow in visuals that the different creators isn’t as noticeable and definitely doesn’t feel out of place which can happen. Marte Gracia provides the colors with Ariana Maher on lettering. What’s interesting about the art is that while it looks good, there’s also a missing visual moment with long impact. There isn’t that iconic panel or spread that’ll stick throughout the year. But, the art looks really good.

Timeless #1 is a solid read that focuses more on one character than teasing out what’s to come. There’s only about 3 pages total that does that and some of the teases we generally have answers to. But, it’s that end page that’ll have readers in the know lingering and excited for what’s to come. In an age of leaks and spoilers it’s a reveal that has been kept impressively quiet. It also teases what might be one of the biggest shakeups to come to Marvel in quite a while.

Story: Jed MacKay Art: Kev Walker, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy
Color: Marte Gracia Letterer: Ariana Maher
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Review: Sinister War #1

Sinister War #1

When writer Nick Spencer‘s run on Spider-Man began, it was an enjoyable and fun start that felt pretty welcoming to new readers. An impressive amount of issues later, his run is beginning to wrap up and part of that is Sinister War bringing together various groups of villains for something… along with Mephisto… and Dr. Stange. Sinister War #1 isn’t so much an entry into the event and Spencer’s end-run but the continuation of years of continuity that’s almost impenetrable to new readers.

For those that don’t know the general story, there’s multiple groups of “(fill in word) Six” villains. They all seem to not get along. They either want to fight each other or are pissed about a movie made. For those that didn’t read the Mary Jane miniseries, MJ has made a film and the director is a “reformed” Mysterio. Yeah… Then there’s Mephisto doing his thing which seems like a reference to that so loved “One More Day” storyline. I’m not quite sure. There’s so much packed into the issue that not a lot is explained and there’s just a lot of hints. Then there’s the whole Kindred thing… It’s a jumbled mess.

When events kick off with a miniseries first issue like this, there’s an opportunity to ease new readers in as well as move the story along. A successful issue does exactly that. Instead, this issue just continues everything Spencer has been doing as if it’s just another issue of Amazing Spider-Man. If you’re not caught up, tough luck. It’s the exact opposite of what a solid “event” debut should be and by the end of the issue, I was turned off and resigned to wait for the new creative team to take over in a few months.

Mark Bagley‘s art is… decent. There’s a lot packed into the issue and it’s cool to see Bagley’s take on each of the characters but none of it really pops. I know folks love Bagley’s work on Spider-Man but it’s never been a style that has really hooked me. For me, it’s good, not great. Bagle is joined by Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, and Andy Owens in inks, color by Brian Reber, and lettering by Joe Caramagna. The art is really good at times and at others falls a little flat. It doesn’t help the story is choppy, the art doesn’t pick up the slack making a smooth narrative.

Sinister War #1 had me excited going into the comic. The idea of rival villain groups battling it out sounds like it could be fun and entertaining. But, the story is more a continuation of what’s been going on in Amazing Spider-Man. It’s not a jumping-on-point, just a spin-off to pack everything in and check off storylines. It’s definitely a pass for those who haven’t been reading the series already.

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Mark Bagley
Ink: Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, Andy Owens Color: Brian Reber Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Story: 5.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: Pass

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Preview: Detective Comics #1026

Detective Comics #1026

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy
In Shops: Aug 25, 2020
SRP: $3.99

As “The Joker War” rages on, the casualties are mounting, and the underground residents of Gotham City must deal with the devastating effects of the Joker toxin that’s been pumped into the old city’s tunnel system. Batman must risk everything to guide them to safety, but a familiar face has mobilized these forgotten souls to rise up in anger…and Killer Croc takes no prisoners!

Detective Comics #1026

ComiXology Delivers a Trio of New Digital Comic Releases

ComiXology has three new digital comics for you today from Magnetic Press, Harlequin, and DC Comics! Check out all three here or the individual issues below!

Gunland #4

Written by Capitan Artiglio
Art by Capitan Artiglio
Cover by Capitan Artiglio

On her own with her new dino steed, The Girl with No Name catches the attention of the notorious Cherub of Golgotha, the self-appointed deadliest outlaw in the land… and he’s bent on killing his number one competition to prove it!

Gunland #4

The Santangeli Marriage

Written by Sara Craven
Art by Yoshiko Hanatsu

Orphan Marisa grew up supported by the wealthy Santangeli family. Their only demand was that she marry their son…

Italian billionaire and renowned playboy Lorenzo Santangeli is expecting to receive his money’s worth from his innocent new wife. But Marisa soon flees—how can she share a life with the man who married her solely to produce an heir?

Lorenzo vows to bring his bride home—you do not say no to a Santangeli! Once she’s back, she’ll be his completely, and he is determined to enjoy every minute of it…

The Santangeli Marriage

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15

Written by Robert Venditti
Pencils Paul Pelletier
Inks Andrew Hennessy
Colored by Adriano Lucas

Superman is kicked out of Metropolis by its new protector, Metallo! Can the Man of Steel take back the city of tomorrow from the villain and just who did Superman bring as back-up?!

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15

Preview: Detective Comics #1024

Detective Comics #1024

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker
Art by: Andrew Hennessy, Norm Rapmund

The story of Two-Face reaches its end, and Harvey Dent will at last find peace after decades of schism. But will that peace be in death, or in the chance at a new life? All along, the Joker has been the puppet master behind the torment of Two-Face, and he knows how to make an entrance! Don’t miss the final battle between Batman, Two-Face and Lincoln March, with a shocking conclusion that will split you right in two!

Detective Comics #1024

Check Out this Early Preview of Detective Comics #1024, a Prelude to “Joker War”


Written by PETER J. TOMASI
art and cover by BRAD WALKER and ANDREW HENNESSY
Card stock variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
ON SALE 07.21.2020
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

In this prelude to “Batman: The Joker War,” the story of Two-Face reaches its end, and Harvey Dent will at last find peace after decades of schism. But will that peace be in death, or in the chance at a new life? 

All along, The Joker has been the puppet master behind the torment of Two-Face, and in this issue, the Clown Prince of Crime definitely knows how to make an entrance! Don’t miss the final battle between Batman, Two-Face, and Lincoln March, with a shocking conclusion that’s sure to split you right in two!


Get a Look at Detective Comics #1023 out July 7

Detective Comics #1023

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Card stock variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
ON SALE 07.07.2020

Just when you thought it was safe to crack a smile, The Joker is back to crash the party! Hot on the heels of “Joker War,” the Clown Prince of Crime is revealed as the mastermind behind Two-Face’s turmoil—but to what end? Batman will need all the allies he can get, and what better ally than Harvey Dent? Can the Dark Knight cure his friend once and for all in time to fight the greatest battle of his life?

Detective Comics #1023

Preview: Detective Comics #1022

Detective Comics #1022

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy
In Shops: Jun 03, 2020
SRP: $3.99

“Ugly Heart” part three! Batman has been blasted with bullets and left for dead by Two-Face’s deadly Church of the Two-and if Gotham City is going to survive Two-Face’s final revenge, they’re going to need a miracle! But be careful what you wish for, because a resurrection is already in progress, and this one involves a certain Clown Prince and the heir to Gotham’s vigilante throne…

Detective Comics #1022
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