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Review: X-Force #2

X-Force #2

While the first issue didn’t impress me too much, X-Force #2 makes up for it with tight storytelling and addressing issues I’ve been having with Hickman’s X-vision.

Xavier lays dead and Cerebro destroyed. There’s lots of issues with this, the first being that Cerebro was a helmet apparently and not a supercomputer decentralized and backed up. Krakoa and the mutant nation are in a panic and roll into their plan to revive Xavier, resurrecting him like they’ve done so many others.

Writer Benjamin Percy delivers some pathos here. You can feel the fear and anxiety of the unknown. It almost is enough to get you to overlook the flaws presented in how Hickman has created the mutant nation. It also delivers the first real issue with the constant deus ex machina that is resurrection.

But where Percy’s story really stands out is Wolverine and Kid Omega who are on a mission to find the people responsible for Xavier’s assassination. It’s not the action or the update on the classic Reavers that’s interesting. What’s said between the two characters are. Kid Omega expresses mutant superiority of humans, saying this is Xavier’s vision. Wolverine clearly doesn’t agree and dismisses the talk at one point shuffling the philosophy to Magneto instead. It’s the first real schism and rejection of the superior of Homo Superior. It also ties back to my (controversial) interpretation that Hickman’s X-Men are one fighting for supremacy, not just survival. They see themselves as more and don’t want equality.

It’s here we’re starting to see the cracks really form in Dawn of X.

The art by Joshua Cassara is solid. Along with colors by Dean White and Joe Caramagna‘s lettering, the art style matches the morose feel of the situation. There’s also small details throughout the issue that helps build the world further or further emphasizes themes in the issue. It’s a solid combination of art of story. Add in the horror like visuals of the new threat and you’ve got a hell of mix of art and story.

X-Force #2 is a solid comic vastly improving on the first. It doesn’t tip its hand early and instead does the opposite revealing tidbits as the story moves along. It’s a solid mix of reflection on events and action. Though not the traditional team book, this is more the X-Force I was looking for.

Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Joshua Cassara
Color: Dean White Letterer: Joe Caramagna Design: Tom Muller
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review