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Review: Money Shot #1

Money Shot #1

Money Shot #1 is an interesting comic. In part a spoof. In part commentary. And in part serious sci-fi. The comic does a lot and does it all just ok.

Written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie Money Shot is a story about scientists who take to the stars and become pornstars to fund their adventures. It’s the future and an anti-science administration is in charge of the government. Humanity has made contact with aliens and while first they’re welcomed once the galactic community finds out how screwed up humanity is, that invitation is rescinded.

That concept alone is an interesting statement and commentary but from there the comic spirals. It has a sense that it’s trying to be edgy and comedic with the porn angle. So far it doesn’t add a whole lot to the comic. It’s just there. The humor doesn’t quite come off the way it needs to. Beyond being the hook it doesn’t add much at all. Is it porn? Is it comedy? How about sci-fi? What about social commentary? It attempts to be all things and doesn’t really succeed in any.

The art by Rebekah Isaacs is interesting leaning more towards the comedy than sexy. There’s glimpses of nudity but like the story, the art feels like it dances around the subject instead of committing in some ways. But, the art has a lot of personality in design and along with Kurt Michael‘s color pops in some ways.

Money Shot #1 is very much the set up introducing us to the cast of characters and setting up the dynamic. It has glimpses of really smart commentary. But, so far it doesn’t really commit to it or pull off what I think it’s going for. Like porn, it goes through the motions but feels a little empty and fake.

Story: Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Color: Kurt Michael Russell Letters: Crank!
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.4 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Vault Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy to review