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Review: Killswitch #1

Killswitch #1

Killswitch #1 is an interesting debut. With elements of Minority Report, the comic feels like a nice sci-fi allegory with an emphasis on the action and mystery.

Augurs are pre-cognitive individuals enslaved and used to better society. They’re seen as abominations who are supposed to be turned in by their friends and family when discovered. They’re also abused and at times killed in the process to discover what they see. They also want their freedom.

Writers Jeffrey Bridges and Susan Bridges deliver a story that feels familiar but is still well done and interesting. It’s solid science fiction that you can read at numerous values. There’s the surface of the Augurs just wanting to escape. Then there’s the deeper use of an enslaved group of individuals to better society and the militaristic control that keeps everyone in line. It’s numerous tropes and things explored elsewhere mixed together for an entertaining story.

But, what the Bridges do, and do well, is add in depth and backstory to the characters. There’s an emotion here that keeps it all interesting and feels a bit fresh. While some of it is cookie-cutter, the overall package is a bit different than what we’ve seen before. The characters all get their moment and by the time things wrap you can understand motives and have a bit of a connection to all involved.

The art by Walter Geovani is solid work. Along with color by Brittany Peer and lettering by Simon Bowland, there’s a lot packed into the issue and every panel is filled with detail. Beyond the dialogue, the art really delivers the information as to what this society is like. We get the strict sense of military discipline from this and a cold sense of society in general.

Killswitch #1 is just solid science fiction. It doesn’t have a lot that’s new but it does a great job at everything presented. The art, the story, it comes together for a really good read and a series that’s well worth exploring for those that enjoy the genre.

Story: Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges Art: Walter Geovani
Color: Brittany Peer Letters: Simon Bowland
Story: 7.75 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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