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Banjax Season 1 Collects the Dark and Wicked Superhero Noir

verb (Irish slang) | ban·jax | \ˈban-ˌjaks\ 
1. To ruin, incapacitate, break, beat to hell, or destroy.
2. A mess or undesirable situation made as a result of incompetence.

Coming to you this October from Action Lab: Danger Zone is Banjax Season 1, collecting Issues 1-4 of the dark and decidedly wicked superhero noir. Banjax pulls no punches, suffers no fools, and repeatedly gets knocked down, but always gets back up again with a smile. It’s an utterly treacherous comic dance that has already been banned in three States AND Puerto Rico.

Disgraced former superhero, Laird Mason, is diagnosed with terminal cancer brought on by years of using his powers. Defending what he has deemed an ungrateful and ultimately unworthy city is literally killing him. With just months to live and a legacy hanging in the balance, Mason launches a violent and misguided Death Wish-like campaign to purge the city of scumbags before he dies.

When things get really ugly, Mason’s measured and deliberate former sidekick, Abel Raines – the public’s current point-and-wink superhero ideal – is tasked with bringing his old mentor in. The issue? Raines isn’t remotely up to the task.

Banjax was created and written by Rylend Grant with art by Fábio Alves, color by Edson Ferreira, and lettering by HdE. The cover is by Alves and Ferreira.

Preorder the Banjax Season 1 trade with the Diamond item code AUG191474 and look for it in Comic shops and on Amazon this October 2019.

Banjax Season 1
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