SDCC 2019: Spell on Wheels Returns Just to Get to You!

Your favorite witches are back on the road as powerhouse creators Kate Leth, Megan Levens, Marissa Louise, and letterer Rachel Deering come together to bring you another chapter in the Spell on Wheels saga, Spell on Wheels: Just to Get to You!

Andy, Claire, and Jolene hit the highway once again! A dark presence in the west possesses Claire and they’re determined to discover who and why.

As they follow the I-10 towards danger unknown, paranormal problems grow alongside personal ones and the witches grapple with phantoms, family drama, cryptids, crushes and everything in between. 

Spell on Wheels: Just to Get to You #1 (of 5) arrives in comic shops October 9, 2019.

Spell on Wheels: Just to Get to You #1