A Wave Blue World Gives Back to the Comics Community with Scholarships and Porfolio Reviews at the Kubert School

A Wave Blue World

It’s always great to see publishers and creators giving back to the comics community and A Wave Blue World did just that this past Friday, May 3rd, at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

Publishing co-founder Tyler Chin-Tanner returned to the school, his alma mater, with his daughter and artist Maddie Chin-Tanner and VP of Sales and Marketing, PR, Lisa Y. Wu to give back to the school and its students.

Tyler has returned to the Kubert School year after year to impart his knowledge of the industry and the craft of comics by spending the entire day reviewing student portfolios.

Not only that, the publisher gives two scholarships awards to first-year students going into their second year. This year’s recipients were Adelia Gunderson and Elena Morton. The scholarship was founded in 2011 with his Executive Director/Co-Publisher Wendy Chin-Tanner.

Tyler with 2019 A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Elena Morton
Tyler with A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Adelia Gunderson

In the announcement, Tyler said:

Going back to visit the Kubert School is always such a joy. It fills me with the kind of energy you can really only get by revisiting the place where your journey began. Being able to review third year “graduating) students’ portfolios is a real eye-opener. This is truly the next generation of comics creators. When I went to school a vast majority of students were male. Now, it’s pretty even, not to mention the fact that they’re coming from all over the world. This broadens the overall perspectives of the class. Students are bringing in a variety of influences which benefit the whole group.

Newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, Lisa Y. Wu who accompanied Tyler and Maddie said this sort of giving back helps the publisher deliver “don the mission of making the future brighter with comics!”

A Wave New World was founded in 2005 by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner with the rally cry of “Making Stories Matter.” This October they release their music-theme anthology Dead Beats to the direct market.