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Comicker Press Announces Shots Fired, a Charity Comics Anthology

Comicker Press logo

Comicker Press is back with Shots Fired, a revamped version of the comics anthology formerly known as Every Day. As with its previous iteration, Shots Fired will raise funds for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Community Justice Reform Coalition to help end gun violence in America via a Kickstarter campaign that will pay for printing and shipping of the comics anthology. Once printed, all proceeds from additional book sales will go directly to the CSGV and CJRC.

Comicker Press co-founder Sean E. Williams said,

Since Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing, when it became apparent that our last one wasn’t going to reach its goal, we decided to regroup and try again as quickly as possible. This issue is too important to not do this book, and the stories the creators are telling are truly unparalleled and need to be read.

With the upcoming 28-day campaign for Shots Fired, Comicker Press has capped the size of the book to around 168 pages and is limiting shipping to the United States to keep the budget down. They are also adding a Kickstarter Exclusive limited-edition hardcover, which won’t be made available after the campaign.

The talent donating their time to Shots Fired include Scott Snyder, Kelly Thompson, David Lafuente, Phil Hester, Ariela Kristantina, Jamal Igle, Devin Grayson, Joe Keatinge, Doselle Young, Marguerite Sauvage, Ron Marz, Stuart Moore, Shannon Wheeler, Steven Grant, Roger Langridge, Matt Miner, Ray Fawkes, CW Cooke, Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil, Kelly Williams, Emma Beeby, and more.

The Shots Fired campaign launches on Kickstarter on June 18th, and runs through July 16th.

A Wave Blue World is Donating 100% of All We Ever Wanted Profits to the Trevor Project in in June

A Wave Blue World is celebrating 2019 Pride Month with a donation campaign honoring the diversity of the LGTBQ+ community, by donating 100% of All We Ever Wanted profits for the month of June to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

All We Ever Wanted Editor Matt Miner said in the announcement:

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, there really wasn’t any media that normalized LGBTQ+ people.  With All We Ever Wanted, we’ve been able to create a beautiful book where many of the stories just have queer folks existing and being normal and living their lives and having adventures not always tied to their sexuality and struggle – and I think if books like this had existed when I was growing up, I might have had an easier time coming to terms with who I am.  The Trevor Project is doing vital life-saving work and I’m proud that A Wave Blue World has chosen to donate some of the proceeds from our book to that cause.

All We Ever Wanted is an anthology filled with stories that present a brighter vision of the future that gives a platform for a multitude of creative voices that shares A Wave Blue World’s mission of connecting people through storytelling.

The A Wave Blue World’s All We Ever Wanted’s Trevor Project Donation Campaign comes ahead of the 50-year mark of the 1969 Stonewall Riots on June 28th, a pivotal moment in the movement for LGBTQ+ equality.

All We Ever Wanted

Jim Lee, Tom King, and the USO Bring Batman to the Troops

In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary celebration, DC has joined forces with The United Service Organizations (USO) to bring the World’s Greatest Detective to the nearly 12,000 U.S. military members stationed in Kuwait. Taking The Dark Knight’s 80-year cultural legacy to the Middle East, legendary artist Jim Lee and award-winning Batman writer Tom King embarked on a multi-day tour alongside Nafessa Williams, who plays Anissa Pierce/Thunder on WBTV’s Black Lighting on The CW; as well as Candice Patton (Iris West Allen) and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost) who star on The Flash. In addition, DC  brought the famed ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile – bringing an immersive Batman experience to active-duty service members currently stationed abroad.

Jim Lee (DC Chief Creative Officer, Publisher and legendary artist) and Tom King (Batman comic book writer) visit military ships on the Camp Patriot base in Kuwait on May 30.
credit: DC

To honor the service members in Kuwait, DC toured five military bases, including Camp Buehring, Camp Arifjan, Ali Al Salem, Camp Patriot and Al Jaber, giving dozens of military units the chance to meet and take pictures with the celebrity visitors as well as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit inside the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile. Service members were also treated to an exclusive first look at the highly anticipated Pennyworth television series.

Legendary artist Jim Lee taught a comic artistry masterclass to a packed room of service members at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on June 1 and commemorated the third annual Comic-Con event with an impromptu drawing of the Dark Knight.
credit; DC

In true superhero style, DC and the USO orchestrated exclusive screenings, cosplay contests, and special group panels where acclaimed DC writer Tom King shared his experience as a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer and his transition into comic books and writing Batman. Artist Jim Lee also taught an art masterclass for service members interested in illustration, while actresses Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker and Nafessa Williams met with fans, signed autographs, participated in panel discussions and made special unit visits to service members on the job.

For the first time ever the iconic ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile was deployed on a special USO Tour to visit U.S. service members at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait on May 30. The 2-ton ‘Tumbler’ traveled from London to Luxembourg and on to Kuwait in a custom 1.7 ton crate.
credit: DC
DC celebrates Heroes Without Capes during a USO Tour to Kuwait, bringing a Batman Comic-Con experience to fans at Camp Buehring on June 1. The visit included panels, signings, trivia and cosplay contests, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to take photos with the iconic ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile. L-R Tom King (Batman comic book writer), Candice Patton (star of The CW’s “The Flash”), Nafessa Williams (star of The CW’s “Black Lightning”), Danielle Panabaker (star of The CW’s “The Flash”), and Jim Lee (DC Chief Creative Officer, Publisher and legendary artist).
credit: DC

In addition, service members had the opportunity to take photos with the legendary ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile and the Camp Buehring Base Commander, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Kate Conkey, rode in the famed vehicle while service members posed alongside for photographs.

Later this year, DC and the USO are bringing Batman to service members around the world with a special Batman-themed USO2GO kit featuring comics, movies, TV shows, games and more. The kit will offer a fun diversion for service members stationed in remote locations around the globe, connecting them to home and all things Dark Knight.

Around the Tubes

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1

The weekend is over. Everyone recovered from Free Comic Book Day? We’re still re-reading our comics and still excited about all of the new comics we need to check out. While we work on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

The State – Ohio man donates more than 140,000 comic books worth $2.5M to USC’s library – This is fantastic to see. Some are reporting it’s 180,000 comics!

ICv2 – Kids Graphic Novels in the Book Channel Up 40% in 2018 – This is very good to see.

Newsarama – Major Comic Book/Graphic Novel Distributor Stops Sales To Individual Comic Stores & Bookstores – This is an interesting shift.

The Mary Sue – Uncanny X-Men Writer Matthew Rosenberg Apologizes for “Trans Panic” Storyline


Talking Comics – Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1
ICv2 –
The White Snake

A Wave Blue World Gives Back to the Comics Community with Scholarships and Porfolio Reviews at the Kubert School

A Wave Blue World

It’s always great to see publishers and creators giving back to the comics community and A Wave Blue World did just that this past Friday, May 3rd, at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

Publishing co-founder Tyler Chin-Tanner returned to the school, his alma mater, with his daughter and artist Maddie Chin-Tanner and VP of Sales and Marketing, PR, Lisa Y. Wu to give back to the school and its students.

Tyler has returned to the Kubert School year after year to impart his knowledge of the industry and the craft of comics by spending the entire day reviewing student portfolios.

Not only that, the publisher gives two scholarships awards to first-year students going into their second year. This year’s recipients were Adelia Gunderson and Elena Morton. The scholarship was founded in 2011 with his Executive Director/Co-Publisher Wendy Chin-Tanner.

Tyler with 2019 A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Elena Morton
Tyler with A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Adelia Gunderson

In the announcement, Tyler said:

Going back to visit the Kubert School is always such a joy. It fills me with the kind of energy you can really only get by revisiting the place where your journey began. Being able to review third year “graduating) students’ portfolios is a real eye-opener. This is truly the next generation of comics creators. When I went to school a vast majority of students were male. Now, it’s pretty even, not to mention the fact that they’re coming from all over the world. This broadens the overall perspectives of the class. Students are bringing in a variety of influences which benefit the whole group.

Newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, Lisa Y. Wu who accompanied Tyler and Maddie said this sort of giving back helps the publisher deliver “don the mission of making the future brighter with comics!”

A Wave New World was founded in 2005 by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner with the rally cry of “Making Stories Matter.” This October they release their music-theme anthology Dead Beats to the direct market.

Dynamite is Producing a Limited Vampirella Lithograph To Benefit Artist Joyce Chin

Joyce Chin

Dynamite has announced an exclusive Vampirella lithograph to benefit artist in need Joyce Chin! On the way to C2E2 with her fellow superstar artist partner Art Adams, Joyce suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (stroke), exacerbated by a broken ankle from the resulting fall. Thankfully, Chicago’s Presence Resurrection hospital was able to perform surgery and provide care. She reports that she has not experienced any noticeable loss of function, a great blessing for such a well regarded artist! Unfortunately she could use fans’ help with the medical costs. Chin has a GoFundMe page up right now for fans to support. Dynamite has worked well with Joyce for years and would like to help out as much as possible. Through Dynamite’s website, fans can purchase the Vampirella lithograph or a limited edition signed by Joyce. The money raised will assist Joyce with medical costs.

The piece chosen for this lithograph was Joyce’s first work on the Daughter of Drakulon, originally gracing an alternate cover for Vampirella (2001) #20. Beyond the clean, gorgeous central figure, the piece amazes with endless detail in Vampi’s hair and the lush background. Such detail will be reproduced in high quality on the 11″ by 17″ lithograph print. 

Joyce Chin is one of the greatest working artists in comic books. Breaking into the industry in the mid-1990s, Chin got major notice for her artwork in Wynonna Earp, written by Beau Smith. From there, Chin moved onto a celebrated run on Xena: Warrior Princess comics at Topps and Dark Horse, today reprinted by Dynamite in the Classic Years Omnibus. In the 2000s she began working with Top Cow and contributed to some of the earliest Dynamite titles such as the Monster War crossover. At this point she cemented her legacy as one of the most treasured Vampirella artists across several crossover specials and variant covers. Today Joyce is one of the most in demand cover artists, working with every major publisher. Recent work includes variants for Black Panther, Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange and Ms. Marvel. For Dynamite she has continued to contribute to Vampirella and has drawn many covers for the Chaos! line including Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Lady Demon and Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! Fans can find some of her cherished interior artwork in the Spring 2019 issue of Playboy, containing an exclusive Vampirella story written by Gail Simone.

Vampirella lithograph

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force from Devil’s Due Comics this May

To ring in the newest butt-kicking Democratic members of Congress, Devil’s Due Comics has assembled a team of acclaimed artists to create the mother of all one-off commemorative comics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force. Issue #1, New Party: Who Dis? (which doubles as the final issue!) drops this May 15, and sees AOC engage in a series of super-heroic mini-adventures as she takes on the GOP establishment from within. To boot, this animated anthology satirically skewers everyone from President Trump to his near-endless team of morally-compromised Republican cronies. Bonus: Activities and games like “Where’s Mitch?” will take you back to a simpler time. Extra bonus: Alternate Collector’s Edition covers at OcasioComic.com!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force comes ten years after the debut of the wildly-popular Devil’s Due Barack the Barbarian comic series, which chronicled the bone-crushing exploits of our 44th President. Both are the brainchild of artist and Devil’s Due Publisher Josh Blaylock.

A portion of all sales will go to America’s United Service Organization (USO), and RaicesTexas.org, which provides free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families, and refugees.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force features contributions from several acclaimed and award-winning writers/artists, including Jill Thompson (a Neil Gaiman collaborator and creator of the Scary Godmother graphic novels and TV special), Dean Haspiel (Emmy-winning title designer and longtime collaborator with Harvey Pekar on American Splendor), Jose Garibaldi (Lego Movie 2, TMNT, Captain Underpants graphic novels), and more, including a cover by Tim Seeley (artist/writer of numerous iconic comic book series, including Hack/Slash, Nightwing, Grayson, Green Lantern, Batman).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force

Humble Bundle Names the CBLDF as the Featured Charity for February


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been named as the “Featured Charity” for February at Humble Bundle, allowing fans of comics, books, and video games to contribute to make an impact for CBLDF’s important work protecting the freedom to read!  Humble Bundle sells a variety of digital content, raising money for charity with every type of product sold. This month, CBLDF will be featured alongside their bundles for fans of gaming, books, and comics!

Humble Bundle helps raise funds for charity through everything it sells. The platform allows individuals to purchase groupings of games, comics, ebooks, and more at great prices allowing buyers to split their purchases between the publisher, platform, and charity in percentages they choose.

Humble Bundle’s community had contributed an incredible US $143 million to charity.

David Finch Spotlight Challenge Inkwell Awards Artists Announced

The non-profit Inkwell Awards, devoted to promoting the art of comic book inking, has released the list of 24 artists participating in its fourth annual Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight. This year’s Challenge features artist David Finch‘s take on DC’s iconic Batman. The artwork will be auctioned afterwards for fundraising.

The artists (in alphabetical order) are:

Gerry Acerno
Brett Breeding
John Beatty
Keith Champagne
Kevin Conrad
Marc Deering
John Dell
John Floyd
Scott Hanna
Scott Koblish
Tony Kordos
Jay Leisten
Criss Madd
Mark McKenna
Andrew Pepoy
Joe Prado
Rodney Ramos
Victor Olazaba Serna
Bill Sienkiewicz
Andy Smith
Mark Stegbauer
LeBeau Underwood
Keith Williams
Walden Wong

According to founder/director Bob Almond, the Spotlight Challenge, which grew out of its original Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge, showcases other contemporary, fan-favorite talents on a more limited scale with veteran published inkers who may or may not have participated in other challenges. The previous three pencillers were Jim Lee, Neal Adams and Erik Larsen.

The Challenge Spotlight furthers the inking advocacy’s dual mission of promoting the artform and educating the public. Blue-lined art files featuring a tightly pencilled David Finch Batman pinup are sent to the artists to finish and/or embellish in ink. Each inked page will be signed by Finch and the inker, and include a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Almond. All pages will then be auctioned off at a later date as a fundraiser. Fans will be able to see the difference in the pencilled and inked versions to better understand how much inkers contribute to the artform.

Inkwell Awards Announces David Finch Spotlight Challenge

Inkwell Awards

The non-profit Inkwell Awards, the only organization devoted to promoting the art of comic book inking, announces its fourth annual Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight focusing on the pencil art of a legendary comics creator. This year features artist David Finch‘s take on DC‘s iconic Batman. The artwork will be auctioned afterwards for fundraising. Previous pencillers used have included Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and Erik Larsen.

The original Joe Sinnott Challenge, which features pencils by the inking legend inked by various professionals, semi-professionals and amateur inkers, began in 2010 but is being postponed for next year due to scheduling reasons.

The Challenge Spotlight furthers the inking advocacy’s dual mission of promoting the artform and educating the public. Blue-lined art boards featuring a tightly pencilled David Finch Batman pinup will be sent to just 24 artists to finish and/or embellish in ink. 

Each inked page will be signed by Finch and the inker, and include a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Almond. All pages will then be auctioned off at a later date as a fundraiser. Fans will be able to see the difference in the penciled and inked versions to better understand how much inkers contribute to the artform.

The list of participating inkers will be named later.

David Finch Batman
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