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Support the CBLDF, BINC, and the Hero Initiative this #GivingTuesday


With nonprofits in need, both to help combat the current pandemic or impacted by the pandemic, a special #GivingTuesday is taking place today! #GivingTuesday is a day that highlights charities and the need to support them through donations (which often are tax-deductible).

Graphic Policy is asking you to support three worthy causes, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) and the Hero Initiative.


Binc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need. The Binc Foundation grew out of a wish of bookstore employees to establish a fund to help their colleagues experiencing unexpected financial crises. Binc is dedicated to assisting bookstore employees across the United States in their greatest time of need.

The organization has pivoted to help booksellers and comic shops during the current pandemic.

Binc’s assistance varies depending on the needs of retailers. Binc is focused on helping with expenses such as medical or personal household under the following circumstances:

  • If a bookstore employee contracts an illness and cannot go to work.
  • If a member of a bookseller’s household contracts an illness and the employee is forced to quarantine themselves to prevent further spread of the virus.
  • If a bookseller loses more than 50% of their scheduled work hours because residents are told not to go to work.
  • If a bookseller loses more than 50% of their scheduled work hours due to a mandatory quarantine.

You can donate now to help BINC get funds to those in need.

The CBLDF receives more than a quarter of its annual budget in year-end gifts from supporters. But, that can change by helping donate on a special day like today!

All year-round, the CBLDF works hard to protect the right to read. Their efforts combat the rising tide of censorship facing students, educators, and libraries, and we continue to provide a valuable safety net for creators and retailers.

The organization has pivoted in the current period by becoming a resource for comic shops and creators in need of support, new ideas, or relief. They’ve become an invaluable one-stop shop to disseminate information to help the industry.

If you are thinking about an organization to donate to, we ask you to please consider their worthy efforts. Donations to CBLDF are fully tax-deductible in the year they are given. Please help CBLDF continue their important work by making a donation today, either by giving a holiday gift of a signed graphic novel, becoming a member, or making a tax-deductible cash contribution. You can read their 2019 annual report now and see why they’re important.

You can donate now and get some cool items to show off your support.

Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative helps comic creators in need. Formed in 2000, the organization is a safety net for comic creators in need. The organization became a not-for-profit in 2001 and has since granted over $1,000,000 to over comic book creators who helped contribute to and build the industry into what it is today.

Hero creates a financial safety net for yesterdays’ creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment.

You can help them out and contribute today, and if you can’t give money, there’s affiliate links on their website which they will receive a portion.

Please donate so these three worthy organizations can continue their good works. If you have more suggestions of comic-related non-profits that people can donate to, sound off in the comments below.

The Unquotable Trump Donates $11,000 to the ACLU

Drawn & Quarterly has announced that $11,000 has been raised for the ACLU. When R. Sikoryak’s The Unquotable Trump was published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2017, 25% of net proceeds were earmarked for donation to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU is a civil rights organization focused on defending voting rights of all Americans and a focus on fighting voter suppression and minority vote dilution.

Once the remaining stock of The Unquotable Trump has been sold, the book will go out of print and Drawn & Quarterly anticipates making another donation of approximately $3,000 USD.

Purchase: AmazonKindleBookshop

The Unquotable Trump

Get Street Fighter and Darkstalkers Comics to Benefit the Hero Initiative

Street FIgher Udon Humble Bundle

UDON is partnering with Humble Bundle for a great cause: from now through November 18, 2020, Capcom fans can NAME THEIR OWN PRICE and gain access to some of the best Capcom Comics UDON has to offer! In addition to the complete Street Fighter and Darkstalkers graphic novel collections, they’ve included three Capcom Tribute art books as part of this exclusive promotion. All files are DRM-Free and fans can pay as little or as much as they want to access these collections at Humble Bundle!

Proceeds from each purchase will benefit The Hero Initiative, which creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. Check out the complete list of Capcom titles that are available for this limited time:

  • Street Fighter Classic Vol.1-5
  • Street Fighter IV Vol.1
  • Super Street Fighter Omnibus Vol.1
  • Street Fighter Unlimited Vol.1-2
  • Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Vol.1-2
  • Street Fighter V Vol.1-2
  • Darkstalkers Vol.1-2
  • Street Fighter Origins: Akuma
  • Street Fighter Legends: Cammy
  • Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li
  • Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki
  • Street Fighter Legends: Sakura
  • Street Fighter Tribute
  • Darkstalkers Tribute
  • Capcom Fighting Tribute

The HUMBLE BUNDLE offer ends WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2020!  Grab your bundles today!

AfroComicCon is Collaborating with Moonshot Jr. to empower girls in STEAM


AfroComicCon and OTEC have announced a‌ ‌partnership‌ ‌with‌ ‌Moonshot‌ ‌Jr.  for a special program that trains ‌girls‌ ‌and‌ ‌young‌ ‌women‌ ‌of‌ ‌color‌ ‌who‌ are interested in ‌pursuing careers in ‌STEAM‌ ‌(‌Science,‌ ‌Technology,‌ ‌Engineering,‌ ‌Arts,‌ ‌Math‌)‌. ‌As‌ ‌well‌ ‌as‌ ‌entrepreneurship and‌ ‌innovation‌ ‌in‌ ‌Tech,‌ ‌such‌ ‌as‌ ‌Robotics,‌ ‌Artificial‌ ‌Intelligence,‌ ‌App‌ ‌Development,‌ ‌Game‌ ‌Development,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Creative‌ ‌Art‌ ‌fields.‌ ‌

‌The partnership will create an‌ ‌opportunity‌ ‌for‌ ‌6‌ ‌children‌ ‌between‌ ‌the‌ ‌ages‌ ‌of‌ ‌10‌ ‌-‌ ‌17‌ ‌to‌ have‌ ‌access‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌Moonshot‌ ‌program‌ ‌for‌ ‌12‌ ‌months.‌ ‌They‌ ‌will‌ ‌have‌ ‌access‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ curriculum‌ ‌provided‌ ‌by‌ ‌Moonshot‌ ‌and‌ ‌accountability‌ ‌measures‌ ‌included‌ ‌with‌ AfroComicCon.‌ ‌At‌ ‌the‌ ‌end‌ ‌of‌ ‌their‌ ‌time‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌program,‌ ‌there‌ ‌will‌ ‌be‌ ‌a‌ ‌showcase‌ ‌and‌ presentation‌ ‌from‌ ‌each‌ ‌student‌ ‌and‌ ‌the‌ ‌product‌ ‌they‌ ‌created.‌

You can learn more about this amazing program and make a donation to support it through the AfroComicCon website.

Comic Veterans are Uniting for the “Give Comics Hope” Fundraiser

Give Comics Hope is a new charitable initiative and has put out a call for public donations alongside high value, unique items donated by industry professionals to support two upcoming charitable auctions. The initiative was created by and headed by comic book industry veteran Bill Schanes and designed for all members of our community to rally together to provide vital aid to comic book stores, the heart, and the roots of our vibrant comic book community.

Give Comics Hope is an ambitious charitable initiative created in response to the financial impact created by the current global health crisis on the pivotal small businesses at the center of the comic book industry – comic book shops. Created by and spearheaded by former Vice President of Purchasing of Diamond Comic Distributors and co-founder of Pacific Comics, Bill Schanes, Give Comics Hope is supported by a group of current and former comic book industry professionals, who have all donated their time and resources to initially bring two auction initiatives to life.
Give Comics Hope’s initial charitable efforts will be focused on two auctions designed to raise an initial slate of funds to be distributed to comic book stores in early 2021. Give Comics Hope is calling on publishers, creators, retailers, fans, convention organizations, printers, media, and indeed every member of the community to unite together and give back to comic book shops by donating premium collectibles from their personal collections to two upcoming charitable auctions. 

The first auction will be conducted by Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer, for all received donations with an estimated value of $500 or more to take place between Wednesday, October 28, 2020, and Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The initial auction will include donations from industry insiders including cover art from The Walking Dead donated by Image Comics partner Robert Kirkman, paintings by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz, Star Wars original art by award-winning artist P. Craig Russell, original art from New Mutants #88 by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, original art from X-Factor #55 and Amazing Spider-Man #326 signed by New York Times bestselling artist Colleen Doran, Excalibur #125 original art signed by Dave Hoover, and many, many more. Public donations for the first auction are due by Friday, October 2, 2020.

The second auction will be conducted by Jesse James Comics/Comic Book Shopping Network in partnership with eBay. All public donations with an estimated value of $499 or less will be offered through public auctions and “Buy It Now” opportunities on eBay between Wednesday, November 11, 2020, and Friday, December 11, 2020. Public donations for the second auction are due by Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Give Comics Hope has partnered with the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to assisting comic retailers and booksellers, to oversee the management and disbursement of the funds raised by Give Comics Hope. The initiative will take no organizational fees, and will only deduct any actual, direct costs incurred from the funds raised. Since its inception, Binc has provided over $9 million in financial assistance and scholarships to more than 9000+ families. Support for the Foundation’s programs and services comes from all sectors of the book and comic industries. The Foundation was imagined and built by booksellers and proudly continues to be their safety net. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the book and comic industries came together in an extraordinary way allowing Binc to help 2,191 booksellers, comic retailers, and stores with $2.7 million in urgently needed assistance.

The Give Comics Hope logo was created by Craig Yoe of Yoe Studio. The Give Comics Hope website was designed and is managed by Gary Smith of AtPlay Creative.

Give Comics Hope logo

Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook to Benefit Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen

Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook

During the coronavirus quarantine, legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola posted original pencil sketches online and auctioned off the art to raise money for Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen. The sketches went viral and were the talk of the comics internet. Now those sketches will be in print for the first time in a new, oversized hardcover collection from Dark Horse Books, with all profits going to World Central Kitchen (WCK).

The book features an introduction by Christine Mignola, alongside sketches of Hellboy, beloved and unexpected pop culture characters, macabre chess pieces, gothic vegetable creatures, strange vampires, and more.

Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook features Mignola’s eclectic and unexpected interpretations of pop culture characters including:

  • Batman
  • Dracula
  • The General Mills Cereal Monsters (Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry)
  • HR Puffnstuff
  • Masters of the Universe characters (including He-Man and Skeletor)
  • Punch and Judy
  • The Tin Man

Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook goes on sale in comic book shops on March 3, 2021 and in bookstores on March 16, 2021.

Soaring Penguin Press and Mark Stafford raise money for the Cartoon Museum

The Bad Bad Place

Soaring Penguin Press and Mark Stafford have raised over £1,500 for London’s cash-strapped Cartoon Museum.

Soaring Penguin donated the entire proceeds of 50 signed copies of their latest graphic novel, The Bad Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford, to the museum, but Stafford went the extra mile by creating 50 unique paintings for every copy.

Fortunately, the Cartoon Museum has just received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, meaning that it will be able to open again safely, but as The Cartoon Museum’s Steve Marchant commented, “Many, many thanks for all the congrats and good wishes regarding our funding success. We’re not out of the woods yet – income has always been an issue – but we can see the sky.”

Anyone who makes a purchase on the Soaring Penguin Press website can also make a donation to the Museum when they check out.

Top Philippine Comic Talent Team to Raise Money to Purchase PPE

Working day and night, Filipino health workers tirelessly put their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19. Throughout the global pandemic, they have proven themselves the real-life counterparts of our favorite comic book heroes. And, much like the superheroes who suit up to save the world, frontliners have their own kind of gear in the form of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Comic Odyssey, in association with Filbar’s and Planet X, and in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Philippines, has launched a fundraising campaign, “#SuitsForHeroes” to help purchase PPE’s for the frontliners. Accessible at SuitsForHeroes.com, Comic Odyssey has pledged to reward each donor’s contribution with store credit which can be used for back issues at Comic Odyssey’s BGC branch.

To promote the campaign, internationally-renowned Filipino comic book artists have graciously donated their time and talents to create artwork that paid tribute to the heroic frontliners. The list of contributors includes Leinil Yu, Stephen Segovia, Kajo Baldisimo, Whilce Portacio, Mico Suayan, and Harvey Tolibao with Levi Ramirez on colors. Towards the end of July, these exclusive pieces will be put up for auction to raise additional funds.

All #SuitsForHeroes proceeds will go to the following: Frontliner Feeders Philippines, Kaya Natin, and Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation Incorporated.

Image and Skybound Helps Raise Over $140,000 For the BINC Foundation to Support Comic Shops

Image Comics Logo

Image Comics has announced that recent Humble Bundles have generated over $140K in proceeds to benefit the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation. The organization provides assistance to employees and shop owners who have a demonstrated financial need arising from severe hardship and/or emergency circumstances.

Over $35K was raised to benefit Traveling Stories, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to empower kids to outsmart poverty by helping them fall in love with reading by the fourth grade. In a joint Bundle with multiple other publishers, over $4M was raised to benefit Race ForwardNAACP Legal Defense Fund, and The Bail Project charities to support the Black community during the Black Lives Matter movement.

The “The Walking Dead by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment” Bundle, “Creator Spotlight on Jonathan Hickman”, and the currently running Image Comics Showcase” Bundle purchases all contributed to the total amount so far raised for Binc Foundation.

The “Image Comics Showcase” Bundle is live now and, in fewer than 24 hours, is already on track to be the highest ordered Image Central Humble Bundle in the past five years. Its proceeds will go toward Binc Foundation too, as well as to The Hero Initiative.

For more than twenty years, the Binc Foundation has helped bookstore and comic book store employees and owners who encounter unexpected financial crises. The Binc Foundation works to keep book people in their homes, in their jobs, and with their families – stabilizing the brick and mortar bookstore community. The Foundation is the only 501(c)(3) in the country dedicated exclusively to strengthening the book industry by supporting the people who work in bookstores and comics shops.

The Hero Initiative is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book artists and craftsmen in need. Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for yesterday’s creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. 

Scout Comics Releases an Assassin And Son #1 Tribute Variant To Benefit Gaspard Family

Scout Comics acquired the rights to former WWE stars Marc Copani and Shad Gaspard‘s debut comic book a year or so ago. Tragically, Shad died in May of this year while saving his son from drowning. To honor shad and raise money for his family, Scout presents two special tribute covers of Marc & Shad’s comic, with all profits going to the Gaspard family.

There’s only 1,000 copies of each variant edition and it can be purchased now for $20.00 each. There’s also a digital copy available for $5.00.

The Assassin and Son comic book series is set to debut this November in comic stores worldwide. It’s written by former WWE Superstars Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani with art by Eder Messiah. The tribute Cover is done by Bryan Silverbax.

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