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A Wave Blue World Heading to Fan Expo Boston

Publisher A Wave Blue World is heading to Fan Expo Boston at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Along with A Wave Blue World’s selection of anthologies, art books, and graphic novels, attendees who stop at their Booth #PR18 will get a Limited Edition Flipbook, an exclusive preview of selected completed pages from Mezo, a Mesoamerican-inspired fantasy tale, by Tyler Chin-Tanner, Josh Zingerman, Val Rodrigues, Doug Garbark, and Thomas Mauer, Dead Legends, an action-packed martial arts revenge story, by James Maddox, Gavin Smith, and Ryan Ferrier, and Dead Beats, a music-themed horror anthology, curated by Eric Palicki and Joe Corallo, while supplies last.

Furthermore, A Wave Blue World is offering Buy 2 Get 3rd Free on their entire selection of books at Fan Expo Boston. At Booth #PR18, there will be tote bags, t-shirts, buttons, a newsletter sign-up drawing, and a chance for attendees to meet creators Jarrett Melendez, Soo Lee, Creees Lee, and A. David Lewis (KISMET). 

Signing Schedule:

Saturday, August 17th at 2PM: ALL WE EVER WANTED’s Jarrett Melendez

About ALL We Ever Wanted: An exciting new anthology filled with stories that present a brighter vision of the future featuring today’s top-level talent. No doom-and-gloom here! These sci-fi tales are meant to inspire hope and restore the belief that a better world is possible!

Sunday, August 18th at 12PM: THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS’s Soo Lee & Creees Lee

About THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS: An horror comics anthology filled with stories reflecting on the state of international politics.

Saturday, August 18th 2PM: KISMET by A. David Lewis

About KISMET: Kismet was the world’s first Muslim superhero, fighting Nazis behind enemy lines in WWII. Then, he disappeared. Gone without a trace… until now. Back from beyond, Kismet finds a new world of advanced technology and equal rights still fighting against the same old evils of bigotry, greed and ignorance.

Booth #PR18 is a must stop for everyone going to Fan Expo Boston.

Review: Loved & Lost

Loved & Lost

I need love, love to ease my mind/I need to find, find someone to call mine/But mama said/”You can’t hurry love. No, you just have to wait”/She said, “Love don’t come easy
It’s a game of give and take”/You can’t hurry love/No, you just have to wait/You got to trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes/But how many heartaches must I stand/Before I find a love to let me live again?/Right now the only thing that keeps me hangin’ on/When I feel my strength, yeah, it’s almost gone/I remember mama said…

The Supremes – Can’t Hurry Love

I remembered the first time I heard the quoted song above, but it was growing up in my parents’ house. Never did a song sound so sweet, yet it didn’t mean anything to me at the time. It wasn’t until I had my first crush did I actually feel those words. Since then, the song still sounds sweet and mean something now and again but feels that much more when I feel infatuation for that special someone.

Love, on the other hand, is a cruel teacher. As no matter how many times you put yourself out there, and put your heart on the line, sometimes that your heart gets hurt. Nevertheless, most of us persist, because a life without love is no life at all. In an excellent collection of stories from the brilliant creators at A Wave Blue World, we get Loved & Lost, a collection of stories exploring and celebrating the chase and sometimes capture of that elusive feeling.

In the first story, “Status Update”, two people who have been chatting online for months, while on their first in person date suddenly finds themselves at odds when it comes to their dietary habits. In “Freshly Planted Seeds”, a young woman travels to a migrant farm in South America for an Agricultural Outreach Program, where she falls for the Program Director, but whose religious beliefs prevent either of them from going any further than either would like to go. In “Falling In Deep”, while on a deep-water dive, two strangers connect, only to find that a language barrier is their impediment. In “ Team Spirit”, two Knicks attend a game in the Barclays Center to watch their team take on the nets, as two friends commiserate , one friend  takes a punch for the other , and though one of the friends is a lesbian , the love for each is truly unconditional. In “Perfectly Distilled”, a man becomes smitten with a barkeep, as he waits for an online date to show up, one which is less interesting than the conversation he had in the first place. In” Cachet 22”, a couple sours when they realize that their understanding of work life balance is completely different. In” On The Stump”, a politician and his wife have side to their marriage that no one know about and whom their daughter finds out in a way that most kids do, by mistake. In “Thaw”, some old war friends stay connected long after they served, as one friend undermines their relationship, even forsaking his current girlfriend, as one of his friends decides enough is enough and decides to take matters into his own hands. In the last story, ”Swan Song”,  a man reveals what he really is to his wife, but just as he believes he will be leaving her for good, fate has another path for them.

Overall, an exceptional set of stories that explores love and relationships in all of their facets. The stories by Tyler Chin-Tanner, are funny, relatable, and heartfelt. The art by the different artists is as beautiful as the story it goes with. Altogether, a comic anthology that gives readers another vista of the story of love.

Story: Tyler Chin-Tanner
Art: Ryan Alexander-Tanner, James Boyle, Mac Cooper, Jason Copland, Tadd Galusha, Julia Krase, Jeannette Langmead, Robert Ryan and Aysegul Sinav
Story: 10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation: Buy

SDCC 2019: A Wave Blue World Delivers a Free Limited Edition Flip Book and Signing Schedule

Publisher A Wave Blue World is heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and wants you to discover them! The publisher will be promoting their newly announced Premier #1 Editions and celebrating 50 years of Comic-Con!

A Wave Blue World will be giving San Diego Comic-Con attendees an exclusive look at their October Releases with a Free Limited Edition Flip Book for those who visit booth N-10.

The Limited Edition Flipbook will feature an exclusive preview of completed pages from Mezo, a Mesoamerican-inspired fantasy tale, by Tyler Chin-Tanner, Justin Zingerman, Val Rodrigues, Doug Garbark, and Thomas Mauer and Dead Legends, an action-packed martial arts revenge story, by James Maddox, Gavin Smith, and Ryan Ferrier.

Attendees will also get a glimpse into the makings of “Beyond Her Years” by Ivy Noelle Weir and Steenz from Dead Beats, a music-themed horror anthology. An opportunity to meet Ivy and Steenz and have them sign the flip book is included in the signing schedule below:

Signing Schedule:

  • Thursday, July 18th: Jarett Melendez (ALL WE EVER WANTED)
  • Friday, July 19th: Steenz (DEAD BEATS)
  • Saturday, July 20th: Ivy Noelle Weir and Steenz (DEAD BEATS)

Tyler Chin-Tanner (Mezo, Adrenaline) and Justin Zimmerman (The 27 Run) will be present at booth N-10 throughout SDCC.

Along with these events, A Wave Blue World will have a meet and greet session at local San Diego comic shop Comickaze from 3-4pm at the comic shops Liberty Station-Barracks 15 location on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019. Publisher/President Tyler Chin-Tanner and VP, Sales & Marketing Lisa Y. Wu will be present to give away A Wave Blue World’s Limited Edition Flip Book to the first 20 people who attend this special meet and greet. A Wave Blue World will also have copies of All We Ever Wanted, an anthology of short stories with better visions of the world, available for purchase.

Tyler Chin-Tanner Discusses Shaking Up Comics with A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World announced this week they would be changing their release model in hopes to better serve the market. Instead of the monthly floppy release we’ve come to expect, the publisher will be releasing a “premium” first issue followed by digital releases of the subsequent issues and then a trade collection. The entire release schedule for a series/story has been compacted into a two-month window.

Things kick off this October with two series. Mezo is “a daring Mesoamerican-inspired Game of Thrones-type epic.” Dead Legends is a “martial arts throwback series” that’s described as “Kill Bill meets Enter the Dragon.”

We got a chance to talk to A Wave Blue World’s co-founder Tyler Chin-Tanner about this bold initiative, his view as to where the industry stands, and why this direction is the right one.

Graphic Policy: Before we get to the big announcement, there are lots of conversations about the “state” of the comics industry and how to move forward. What are the challenges facing the industry and what opportunities do you see in the future?

Tyler Chin-Tanner: That depends on what part of the industry we’re talking about. If we’re talking single issues, not very well. There are way too many comics released every week by companies whose main objective is to dominate the market share while making their money through other forms of media.

But if we’re talking graphic novels and tpb collections, it’s doing really well. New readers are picking up comics in book form everyday. Many of them are young readers, a demographic that this industry has ignored for too long. They’re starting to read with comics and sticking with it. 

It’s become almost two entirely separate markets. The direct marketing competing against the book market. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our new Premier Program aims to integrate the two. By releasing only a single issue in comic form, there’s never a question of which issue number the reader will find on the shelves. This issue will provide the perfect introduction to the series and if they want to read more, they can order the trade paperback right there in that same store.

GP: Your announcement is a shift in how comics are sold. You’re selling a “premier” first issue and then subsequent issues digitally every two weeks or the collected edition within two months. What brought you to the conclusion that this was the direction to go?

TCT: Well, the Premier Program is a shift in how our comics are produced, but it’s actually based on how comics are currently purchased. Looking at the market, there’s generally a lot of interest in the first issue but then there’s a drop in sales from there. This is the result of a growing number of readers waiting on the trade or a loss of interest during the month-long gap (if not longer) between each subsequent issue. We’ve eliminated the wait. 


GP: Was there something special about the two-week release schedule for the digital releases?

TCT: We’re reducing the wait time from the typical monthly issue to better fit with how people consume media. The monthly comic schedule is an old model established by companies who would put out an issue of the same title every month and the creative team needed at least that much time to pump out another story. But now, we’re all about the story arc. We put out 4 to 6 issues and then it gets collected into a trade paperback. Issues are like chapters and who wants to wait a full month to read the next chapter?

GP: There are a few other publishers who have moved to this model or adding more material to print issues. Is there anything in particular that you’re seeing as success when it comes to this or feedback from readers that makes this approach stand out as the right way to go?

TCT: Our Premier Edition is more than a #1. Sure, it includes the full first issue, but there’s also a lot of content not found anywhere else that provides a full introduction to the concept and characters. It’s a peek inside the mind of the creators and the world they’ve built. We’re inviting you to the Premier and we want it to be a special experience. 

GP: It feels like marketing this approach would be a big shift, especially the digital aspect. Do you have particular plans regarding that?

TCT: Our plan is to make it all work seamlessly. Readers have their individual preferences, but there’s no reason to put up walls between digital and print or single issues and trades. We want to amplify the strength of each format.

GP: When it comes to the digital, where will the issues be available? Is the first issue going to be available digitally as well and have the premier material? Are you going to advertise that in the physical first issue?

TCT: The digital issue will be readily available on a number of platforms including Comixology and our new partner, Spinwhiz. We also plan on making downloads available directly from our website, AWBW.com.

Each digital issue will have its own unique cover that’s different from the one on the Premier Edition. Anyone will be able to read the full story through the digital issues, but they won’t contain the same back matter as the print issue. That’s exclusive content for the Premier Edition.

GP: There also seems like there’s a tighter time frame to market the comics, which can be good. It’d allow you all to focus a bit more on a few releases in a short time period as opposed to numerous releases spread out over months.

TCT: That’s exactly right. It’s a singular story arc so why spread it out any longer than it needs to be? Readers prefer a shorter timeframe and to know exactly when they’ll be able to get the full story.

Dead Legends

GP: From the outsider, it seems like there’s both more and less risk involved with this. More in that you’re not having single issues to possibly make a bit of a profit off of and you’re basically funding a full graphic novel but there’s a bit more opportunity with the digital aspect.

TCT: There’s really not much risk here. We’re putting together some really great stories and we’re going to have them ready to go so that readers can find them easily and read them in whatever format they prefer.

GP: One of the things that stands out from the announcement is that the full series will be done. Some high profile series has been plagued with delays. Are you going to be emphasizing that this is a guaranteed release?

TCT: Yes, and this is really the strength of the Premier Program. We’ve built up the material in advance so the trade is ready, but we’re just also going to have a little fun first for those who like first issues or prefer to read each chapter bi-weekly online. 

GP: It sounds like this is partially driven by retailers. Did you receive feedback from them?

TCT: We spoke to retailers and they want publishers who are driving readers to their stores. Retailers want #1 issues that appeal to their customers with beautiful cover art that collectors find appealing and the ability to sample stories at a reasonable price before purchasing the entire story in trade paperback form. This is why our Premium issues will have high-quality cover stock and exclusive extra content while keeping to a price point of $3.99. 

GP: One thing that does stand out is that comics need to be ordered in advance but there’s a two-month gap between the premier first issue and then the collected edition. How are you approaching that challenge?

TCT: The Premier Editions come out right when the collected edition becomes available for preorder, so anyone who likes what they see from that first issue can go order the full book or go straight to the digital issues where the story immediately continues.

GP: What’s the feedback from creators been like? This is definitely different for them.

TCT: The creators are very excited about the Premier Program. All it comes down to is that they want the chance to tell some really amazing and unique stories and have them reach an audience that will appreciate them. It’s a win-win situation all around.

GP: This all sounds really interesting. Thanks so much for chatting!

A Wave Blue World Shakes Up the Comic Business Model

A Wave Blue World Logo

The comic book industry is at a point where publishers and retailers are experimenting. They’re developing new models for a classic product. A Wave Blue World has announced some changes. Their hope is to disrupt to standard release schedule we’ve come to expect. The publisher has announced it will be releasing “premier” first issues. Premier issues will be followed by digital releases and a collected edition of a series. All of this in a compacted 2-month time frame.

The indie publisher recently expanded their brand by hiring industry veterans Joseph Illidge, Editorial Director, and Lisa Y. Wu, VP of Sales and Marketing, to help launch their “Premier #1 Program.”

The Premier #1 Program came from A Wave Blue World’s recognition that the comic book market is evolving. Many readers are choosing to “Sample, Collect, and/or Binge” on comics. Readers don’t want to wait 6 to 9 months for the full story. The program offers readers choice and the ability to get the entire story within a 2-month period.

Each new title will launch with a Premier Edition #1. This will be the only single issue in print and will contain the full first issue as well as a “behind the scenes” look at concept art not found anywhere else. The first issue will be wrapped inside an exclusive cover with high-end art on premium stock.

Then, the reader has two options: 1. Read the subsequent issues digitally released every two weeks, or 2. Buy the collected volume within two months after the release of the Premier #1.

This new business model gives the readers the freedom to choose and sample with a guarantee of delay-free enjoyment and reflects A Wave Blue World’s values of integrating sustainability practices into its business decisions.

In the announcement, President/Co-Publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner explained:

Two of the challenge that prevents fans from reading indie comics are the difficulty in finding all the issues and waiting long periods of time for them to come out.  We’ve addressed both of those problems by having the full series completed in advance and ready to deliver in whatever format the reader prefers.

Executive Director/Co-Publisher Wendy Chin-Tanner said in the announcement:

Our goal in conceiving AWBW’s Premier Program is to solve a sales problem by creating a win-win solution for readers and retailers alike.

To kick off the Premier #1 Program this October, A Wave Blue World is revealing Mezo and Dead Legends.

Editorial Director Joseph Illidge said in the release:

The Premier line of books is a celebration of A Wave Blue World’s promise: To bring daring authors and innovative artists together for compelling stories about amazing characters and personal journeys. We can’t wait for you to see these books, created with the true collaborative nature of our comics community in mind!

Lisa Y. Wu, VP Sales and Marketing concluded:

Influential, innovative and progressive, A Wave Blue World is reinventing a modern approach to enjoying comics. We are redefining comics for our retailer sand readers for the 21st century in that we are placing their values into the designs of how we publish the stories of today and tomorrow.


Tyler Chin-Tanner, Josh Zingerman, Val Rodrigues, Doug Garbark, Thomas Mauer
Cover Artist: Claudia Ianniciello
$3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color
On Sale October

“The rise of the Tzalekuhl Empire threatens to disrupt the peace that has lasted for generations across the land of Mezo. When the conquest begins, a young girl named Kyma witnesses the death of her father, Hegol, a tribal leader who refused to yield.

As the solar eclipse nears, Kyma must unite the various tribes against an emperor determined to make them all kneel before his god or be sacrificed in his name.

MEZO is a daring Mesoamerican-inspired Game of Thrones-type epic that can only be found at A Wave Blue World.”



James Maddox, Gavin Smith, Ryan Ferrier
Cover Artist: Leo Colapietro
$3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color
On Sale October 9

“A widow seeking revenge. A champion hellbent on losing. A world-class assassin second-guessing her contract. The Dead Legends tournament contains a long history of pitting the best fighters in the world against one another, but this year, these combatants bend the rules and place the future of the tournament in jeopardy. This is the martial arts throwback series that hits harder than a kick to the skull, where alliances are made, bonds are broken, and fighters lose their lives.

DEAD LEGENDS is Kill Bill meets Enter the Dragon.”


Review: Kismet, Man of Fate

Kismet, Man of Fate

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has closed its latest chapter and introduced probably its most powerful superhero, Captain Marvel. As we said goodbye to Iron Man and Black Widow, we were introduced to Carol Danvers.  By the time she showed up in Avengers: Endgame, she had been gone from Earth for at least two decades.

Heroes like Danvers are truly one in a million as their inherent goodness makes her, and Captain America, magnetic to so many fans In a world where bigotry, hate, and greed have become the new normal, it’s almost hard to believe that anyone can actually be good at their core. Even more so, religious freedom is being challenged all the time, where normal people are scared to practice their religion in fear of persecution. In the latest offering from A Wave Blue World, we find a long-dormant hero from World War II, who just so happens to be Muslim, in Kismet, Man Of Fate.

We meet Kismet, an ordinary civilian, as he soon learns about the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub. He wonders what he could have done. We are taken to Boston where an old foe has unleashed a plan to kill a ballroom full of people the same night Trump gets elected to President, leaving one of Kismet’s compatriots’ brother dead. The pain of the loss has made Kismet a recluse while his sister, Rabia and friend Deena attempts to coax him out of his funk to do some good in the world, but instead decides to retire. In his heart, he feels he can do no more good in the world. He decides to start a nonprofit organization that actually helps people, who has faced bigotry since Trump was elected, this is where Kismet finds internal conflict. His apparent retirement coupled with his celebrity has made him a target.

We also get three bonus stories, the first one being “The Fiction Of Free Will.” In it we find Kismet in 1944 France, inside of enemy territory, where he discovers a traitor on the Allied side. In “My First Act Of Free Will,” Qadar and Kismet have their own “Freaky Friday,” In the last bonus story, “Moving Through This World is Supposed to Feel Like Free Will,” Kismet tells viewers worldwide how it was after the war and what has kept him fighting.

Overall, an exhilarating story with a long-forgotten hero. Much like the Green Turtle he needs to be revived in our lost times. The story by A. David Lewis is smart, layered, and well developed. The art by Noel Tuazon and color by Rob Croonenborghs is sophisticated. Altogether, a hero that everyone can get behind especially in this world where intolerance is at the forefront and hope has become a precious commodity.

Story: A. David Lewis
Art: Noel Tuazon Color: Rob Croonenborghs
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

A Wave Blue World Honors Herman Melville’s Bicentenary

This August marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Herman Melville, an American author, best known for the literary masterpiece Moby Dick. To commemorate the author’s bicentenary, publisher A Wave Blue World unveils From Hell’s Heart, an illustrated celebration of the works of Herman Melville that features artists from all disciplines including Dave Malan, Cosimo Miorelli, Ryan Sook, and Brahm Revel, who have been inspired by this celebrated American writer and poet.

The 128-page artbook is available now for pre-order and will be on sale August 7, 2019.


$29.99 / 128 pages / Full Color / On Sale 8.7.19
Editor: John Arcudi
Cover Artist: Velibor Stanojevic

Diamond Order Code: Jun191557

“No American author has provoked the imaginations of readers more than Herman Melville. To mark the occasion of the bicentennial of his birth (August 1st, 1819) fifty-seven world-renowned artists have come together with gorgeous, brand new illustrations for Moby Dick, Bartleby, The Confidence Man, Pierre, Typee, Billy Budd, White Jacket and much more. A short passage of text will accompany each illustration, giving context to the story. Artists include Matt Kish, Dave Malan, Hunt Emerson, Evan Cagle, Brahm Revel, Ryan Sook, and Cosimo Miorelli.”

A Wave Blue World is Donating 100% of All We Ever Wanted Profits to the Trevor Project in in June

A Wave Blue World is celebrating 2019 Pride Month with a donation campaign honoring the diversity of the LGTBQ+ community, by donating 100% of All We Ever Wanted profits for the month of June to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

All We Ever Wanted Editor Matt Miner said in the announcement:

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, there really wasn’t any media that normalized LGBTQ+ people.  With All We Ever Wanted, we’ve been able to create a beautiful book where many of the stories just have queer folks existing and being normal and living their lives and having adventures not always tied to their sexuality and struggle – and I think if books like this had existed when I was growing up, I might have had an easier time coming to terms with who I am.  The Trevor Project is doing vital life-saving work and I’m proud that A Wave Blue World has chosen to donate some of the proceeds from our book to that cause.

All We Ever Wanted is an anthology filled with stories that present a brighter vision of the future that gives a platform for a multitude of creative voices that shares A Wave Blue World’s mission of connecting people through storytelling.

The A Wave Blue World’s All We Ever Wanted’s Trevor Project Donation Campaign comes ahead of the 50-year mark of the 1969 Stonewall Riots on June 28th, a pivotal moment in the movement for LGBTQ+ equality.

All We Ever Wanted

A Wave Blue World Gives Back to the Comics Community with Scholarships and Porfolio Reviews at the Kubert School

A Wave Blue World

It’s always great to see publishers and creators giving back to the comics community and A Wave Blue World did just that this past Friday, May 3rd, at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

Publishing co-founder Tyler Chin-Tanner returned to the school, his alma mater, with his daughter and artist Maddie Chin-Tanner and VP of Sales and Marketing, PR, Lisa Y. Wu to give back to the school and its students.

Tyler has returned to the Kubert School year after year to impart his knowledge of the industry and the craft of comics by spending the entire day reviewing student portfolios.

Not only that, the publisher gives two scholarships awards to first-year students going into their second year. This year’s recipients were Adelia Gunderson and Elena Morton. The scholarship was founded in 2011 with his Executive Director/Co-Publisher Wendy Chin-Tanner.

Tyler with 2019 A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Elena Morton
Tyler with A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner Adelia Gunderson

In the announcement, Tyler said:

Going back to visit the Kubert School is always such a joy. It fills me with the kind of energy you can really only get by revisiting the place where your journey began. Being able to review third year “graduating) students’ portfolios is a real eye-opener. This is truly the next generation of comics creators. When I went to school a vast majority of students were male. Now, it’s pretty even, not to mention the fact that they’re coming from all over the world. This broadens the overall perspectives of the class. Students are bringing in a variety of influences which benefit the whole group.

Newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, Lisa Y. Wu who accompanied Tyler and Maddie said this sort of giving back helps the publisher deliver “don the mission of making the future brighter with comics!”

A Wave New World was founded in 2005 by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner with the rally cry of “Making Stories Matter.” This October they release their music-theme anthology Dead Beats to the direct market.

Music and Horror Join Forces in Dead Beats from A Wave Blue World

Indie comic publisher A Wave Blue World has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Dead Beats, a horror anthology inspired by SyFy’s Haunted Collector and CBS’s Twilight Zone, incorporating music themes to bring an additional edge.  

Dead Beats, curated by Eric Palicki and Joe Corallo, will be feature a diverse group of industry-shaping storytellers and artists, including recently announced Dwayne McDuffie Award winners Ivy Noelle Weir and Christina “Steenz” Stewart, GLAAD Nominated Magdalene Visaggio, Emmy-nominated writer of Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s Daniel KibblesmithDoom Patrol’s Rachel Pollack and Richard Case, Suicide Squad’s Vita Ayala, Women in Comics Collective International co-founder Regene Sawyer, and more.

This music-themed horror anthology centers around the proprietor of a music store that contains a number of unusual artifacts. As the “shoppe keeper” guides readers through the shop, each creator will weave a haunting tale revealing the origin of these mysterious items.

A Wave Blue World is asking readers to be involved and to support Dead Beats Kickstarter Campaign by preordering Dead Beats, selecting Exclusive awards offered including original art by artists like Jen Hickman and an one-on-one portfolio review with Joe Illidge, A Wave Blue World’s Editorial Director, formerly editor at DC Comics, Lionforge, and Valiant, or simply just pledging to be included in the backers page.

Dead Beats
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