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Rob Liefeld Teases More Major X with Some interesting Art

As announced last week by Marvel, Rob Liefeld is adding another chapter into the X Universe with the upcoming series Major X launching April.

The series sees a character from another dimension, Major X, come to the main Marvel Universe. Major X comes from another existence called the X-instence, a mutant Shangri-La. It’s a world of peace and harmony. Something happens forcing Major X to land in the Marvel Universe but not in the spot he hoped for, he lands in 1991 and eventually makes his way to the modern-day Marvel world.

Liefeld continues the tease with the release of new art that we can see below. In it we clearly see Wolverine with a nod to his brown and orange outfit, Cable, a Sentinel, Shatterstar, and from there… it looks like Avalanche, to Atlanteans and a grey Beast?

The art features colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Major X
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