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Marvel and Rob Liefeld Deliver Major X in April

Creator Rob Liefeld has been teasing a new project with Marvel over the last few days and now we have an idea of what that is, Major X.

After shaking things up so many years ago by introducing Cable, Deadpool, Domino, and more to the world of X-Men, Liefeld isn’t done. There’s still excitment for the creator to “put a bunch of new X-Men toys in the sandbox.”

Liefled will be writing a six issue series called Major X. Launching in April and running through June the series will ship twice a month and “focus on the arrival of the title character, a mutant warrior from another realm, into the Marvel Universe”

Major X comes from another existence called the X-instence, a mutant Shangri-La. It’s a world of peace and harmony. Something happens forcing Major X to land in the Marvel Universe but not in the spot he hoped for, he lands in 1991 and eventually makes his way to the modern-day Marvel world.

That means we’ll see some classic Liefeld as 1991 is when Deadpool appeared in New Mutants #98 and when X-Force #1 debuted in August 1991. The 90s are back!

Joining Liefeld is Whilce Portacio on art as well as Brent Peeples. Portacio was the artist on Uncanny X-Men while Liefeld worked on X-Force. Liefeld will handle the bookends while Peeples and Portacio will handle the middle chapters.

Major X #1
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