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What’s Up with Dark Horse’s Conan Releases this Week?

The Conan Reader

This week saw the debut of Conan the Barbarian from Marvel Comics. The first issue marks the return of the character to the publisher after almost 19 years since the last title was published.

Dark Horse gained the license in 2003, losing it in 2018 to Marvel. But, with Marvel’s release this week there was also one from Dark Horse.

The Conan Reader collects nearly 700 pages of comics featuring the character including one-shots, short stories, and miniseries all for $29.99. Its release was a bit of surprise since Marvel has the license now and while it’s a reprint of material, it’s still something new.

What’s going on!?

We reached out and asked Dark Horse for an answer. The Conan Reader‘s release this week was due to an “unexpected shipping delay.” But, there’s still a chance to get Dark Horse’s material for a while. Fans may purchase Dark Horse’s past Conan comics and collections from Dark Horse directly through June 2019. And of course whatever remains on store shelves until it sells out.