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Review: Bloodshot Salvation #11


To save his daughter’s life, Bloodshot brokered an unthinkable bargain…and has been thrown forward two thousand years in the future to 4002 A.D.! But preserving life requires a sacrifice…and now, he’s on the hunt to take out the one man standing between him and the safe return of his family! Too bad the only thing standing in his way is…Bloodshot? When the 41st century’s Bloodshot finds out Ray Garrison has come to town, all hell is bound to break loose!

I’m going to dispense with any meaningful introduction to this review, and get right to what bothered me about Bloodshot Salvation #11; parts of it felt very familiar. Almost too familiar…

Indeed, they felt familiar enough that I had to go back to earlier issues in the series to find out if a little under a third of the book was a truncated recap of Magic and Jesse’s adventures from the first to the fifth issue in the series. Which is great for those who didn’t read them – like I said, it’s a giant recap, but it feels a little cheap if you’ve been following the story from the beginning to this point. The earlier scenes aren’t reproduced as Doug Braithwaite recreates the original art with subtle differences, which is nice because at least we get a full comic of new art, but the plot those scenes depict is nothing new. 

That being said, despite my earlier reservations about the older material, it is interesting to see it parallel to Bloodshot’s story – something we’re only now seeing for the first time.

Despite my misgivings about the repetition, Jeff Lemire still delivers a top notch comic book as Bloodshot, sent to the future, seeks to kill a man to save his daughter at the behest of Baron Samedi. It’s the question, and the way Lemire phrases the answer, that brings the book back from the brink from of annoyance and throws it forward into a truly interesting read. After all, would you kill a person to save the life of your child?  The involvement of the Bloodshot of 4002 AD adds another dynamic to the comic, and seeing the two Bloodshots on the page at the same time is quite entertaining.

Bloodshot Salvation #11 does stumble out of the starting gate, however upon reflection some form of recap was needed (I just don’t think we needed as much of it as we got),  but the penultimate issue of the series leaves us with a great set up for an explosive finale. For me, the good far outweighed the annoyances in this issue (I’m not saying “bad” because nothing here was bad – just a little too familiar), which leaves us with a compelling comic chock full of some amazing artwork and a few eye opening moments as Lemire brings the series home.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Doug Braithwaite
Colourist: Jordie Bellaire Letter: Simon Bowland
Story: 8.1 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy if you’ve come this far

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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