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Valiant Launches Harbinger Wars 2 #0

Valiant has announced that copies of Harbinger Wars 2 #0 – a limited-edition prelude to the seismic 2018 crossover event, available EXCLUSIVELY to fans that redeemed a select set of mail-away coupons in Harbinger Renegade #1-4 – have now shipped directly from Valiant’s New York City headquarters and will soon be arriving in thousands of households worldwide!

In addition to a standalone lead story written by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt with artwork from comics superstar Doug Braithwaite, Valiant is also proud to reveal that Harbinger Wars 2 #0 comes with a previously unannounced second feature from the complete Secret Weapons creative team of Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer and Harvey Award-nominated artists Raúl Allén & Patricia Martín!

Harbinger Wars 2 #0 is a standalone thematic prologue to the events of Valiant’s upcoming summer event. This limited-edition zero issue release is specifically designed to stand apart from the rest of the series, and the events contained within it will not be essential to understanding the rest of the Harbinger Wars 2 event.

Featuring the Harbinger Renegades, H.A.R.D. Corps, and surprise guests assembled from throughout the Valiant Universe, Harbinger Wars 2 #0 has been produced as a reward for Valiant’s most ardent longtime fans, and the events of the issue will be entirely self-contained. As such, Harbinger Wars 2 #0 will enhance, but not directly impact comprehension of, the primary Harbinger Wars 2 comics event coming soon to comic shops everywhere.