Joe Simon & Jack Kirby’s Fighting American Travels To 2017 + Check Out Covers!

This October 11, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby‘s legendary Cold War hero, Fighting American, returns to comics!

Throughout their long partnership, Simon and Kirby helped revolutionize the comics industry from ground-breaking adventure comics to pioneering romance titles, westerns, crime comics and of course superheroes – a genre they helped to shape and define for generations to come.

With Fighting American, they brought a tongue-in-cheek irreverence to the world of two-fisted action and its mix of outlandish, satirical humor went on to establish Fighting American as a true American hero.

In Titan Comics’ new Fighting American series, written by Gordon Rennie with artwork by Duke Mighten, the story continues after Simon and Kirby’s legendary 1954 series…

When the 1950s heroes find themselves trapped in the modern world, how will they handle what society has become, and what dangers will they face?

With new villains to contend with and enemies from their past pursuing them, what daring adventures could Fighting American and Speedboy find themselves in now?

Titan Comics has released a look at the covers, Cover A by Terry and Rachel Dodson, Cover B by Art Baltazar, Cover C by Jack Kirby, Cover D by Duke Mighten, and Cover E a Blair Shedd Action Figure Variant.