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Action Lab: Danger Zone’s Misbegotten is Blade Runner Meets The Passion of the Christ

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun is a new serie from writers Caesar Voghan and Eric Granger with art by Justin Case, Casey Bailey, and William Bohm being publisher by Action Lab Entertainment‘s mature imprint Action Lab: Danger Zone.

In a dystopian future, a warrior priest is sent on a do-or-die mission to save a Jesus-clone from being sacrificed during a mock Passion play. Saving the holy clone from the cross forces the monk to confront the truth of his own (very immaculate) birth.

What if Marilyn Monroe fell in love with Jesus of Nazareth and tried to save him from the cross? There is a world in which this scenario is not that far-fetched—the world of Misbegotten!

Half post-apocalyptic adventure and half absurdist satire, Misbegotten is an exercise in genre-bending wrapped around a Holy Grail journey through an immersive apocalyptic landscape of biopunk iconography.

Unlike other similar stories that played on the ethical implications of cloning for medical purposes, Misbegotten: Runaway Nun explores a future where humans are cloned for the sheer enjoyment of personal entertainment. Its plot emerges from the religious establishment’s reaction to what is perceived to be a blasphemous threat. The many twists and turns make for a sci-fi thriller with larger implications, the thrill of adventure complementing a theme that will resonate with larger audiences.

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 will be available in a comic store near you on September 20.

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