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Preview: Suicide Squad Vol. 2 Going Sane

Suicide Squad Vol. 2 Going Sane

(W) Rob Williams (A) Sean Cheeks Galloway, Stephen Byrne, Carlos D’Anda, Christian Ward, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Francesco Mattina, Jonathan Glapion, Sandra Hope, Matt Batt Banning, Richard Friend (A/CA) Jim Lee, Scott Williams
In Shops: Jun 07, 2017
SRP: $16.99

Amanda Waller needs Kryptonite, and only Lex Luthor has it! But a deal like this won’t be cheap-or easy. And soon, the dark energies of the Black Vault are driving everyone in Belle Reve Penitentiary to acts of violent, bloody madness. Everyone except Harley Quinn, who’s somehow been…cured? Plus: welcome to Evil Anonymous, the support group for super-villains in need, where no problem is too insane or homicidal. Collects SUICIDE SQUAD #5-8 and the HARLEY QUINN AND THE SUICIDE SQUAD APRIL FOOL’S SPECIAL #1!

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