New Publisher Offers Readers the Chance to Buy Comics for Local Libraries

Heroes of Homeroom C is one week into their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and they have reached the 25% funded mark! That means almost $4,000 of their stated $15,000 CDN goal (approx. $11,500 USD) has already been raised. The book, by Aristocrats Comics, is set to be the first of many such comic books from the newly-formed publishing company that promotes ethnic diversity in both its characters and its creators.

Heroes of Homeroom C tells the story of Albert and Nicola Hathaway, twin 12-year-old African-American superheroes who lose their powers and are sent back to public school to try and have a “normal life.”  But even seventh grade can’t stop our heroes from getting wrapped up in action and excitement.

Created by Aristocrats publisher Anthony Ruttgaizer, a Toronto-based writer of mixed Caribbean and European descent, with art by Carlos Granda, a native of Colombia, Heroes of Homeroom C is a 74-page, all-original graphic novel. Funds raised via the Kickstarter campaign will go towards printing and shipping the book, the crowdfunding website’s processing fees and paying the art team of Granda and letterer/colorist Fred C. Stresing for their hard work.

For $65 CDN (approx. $50 USD), “backers” will receive a copy of Heroes of Homeroom C for themselves while TWO copies will be donated to local libraries in their name. At the end of the campaign, supporters will have the chance to choose a library to receive this gift.

Kickstarter’s “all-or-nothing” funding model means that Aristocrats Comics MUST raise their stated goal of $15,000 CDN by March 2nd or they will receive nothing.