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Review: Star-Lord #1

star_lord__1Peter Quill is utterly pathetic in Star-Lord #1. The comic begins with him on his couch downing beer after beer while a recap of the previous events of Civil War II and Guardians of the Galaxy blare on the television and kind of spoil this even that people have started to not even care about. Writer Chip Zdarsky, artist and choice crafter of beefcake Kris Anka, and colorist Matthew Wilson cut down Star-Lord to his slacker core in his new series as this lovable asshole/goofball comes to terms with loneliness because he’s stranded on Earth without the companionship of his fellow Guardians, who hate him for some reason.

Star-Lord #1 has the kind of understated, sarcastic humor that Zdarsky has become known for through his work on Jughead, Howard the Duck, and Kaptara. And it fits Peter Quill like the overly tight that Abigail Brand forces him to wear. Star-Lord is just utterly ridiculous. I mean who brings a space gun to an art museum with children everywhere. This comic isn’t into the cosmic side of things with a short diversion featuring Star-Lord’s half-sister fighting some alien species that she has no interest in learning about. But, honestly, this is refreshing as Zdarsky and Anka zero in on Peter Quill’s loneliness as he realizes that he doesn’t have many friends on Earth other than an ex-girlfriend (Kitty Pryde) and a talking duck. (Howard isn’t very happy to see him, and Anka’s angry face for him is super hilarious.)

Zdarsky uses Old Man Logan as a foil for Star-Lord’s loneliness as being from an alternate timeline, he feels out-of-place in the current Marvel Universe even if it’s a lot happier than the dystopian disaster world he’s from. They both have trouble fitting in so it’s nice to see them share a few beers and even get into a bar fight together. Wilson’s colors light up the issue ending fight scene with some berserker rage red for when Old Man Logan cuts a goon’s hand off (He missed the gun.), and some of kind of flashing infrared palette when Star-Lord uses his element gun.

star_lord__1-1Kris Anka is really one of my personal favorite artists for Marvel with his ability to do funny, sexy (Especially men), and action. A furrowed brow from Old Man Logan gives his dry one-liners even more of a grumpy old dude vibe, and Star-Lord’s reactions to normal Earth customs like not drinking before noon, open carrying element guns randomly in public, and the act of putting on a shirt are just outrageous. But Anka and Wilson can also capture the adrenaline filled chaos of a bar fight with claws slashing and guns a-blazing that ends in a shower of blue.

Of course, Star-Lord #1 goes downhill from here as Earth has very different rules from outlaw planets, and the cops come for him. It seems that Peter Quill’s characterization here is similar to him in the Guardians of the Galaxy film where he’s a relative unknown and a nuisance instead of a world-saving superhero. Continuity geeks might not like this, but giving Quill a chip on his shoulder makes his much more relatable even if he can be pretty insufferable times.

Star-Lord #1 is a goofy good time with a touch of infinite sadness from an all-star creative team of Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka, and Matthew Wilson that is worth picking up even if you haven’t read a Guardians-related comic in over a year like yours truly. It will be amusing to see how Peter Quill “fits in” on Earth as the series progresses.

Story: Chip Zdarsky Art: Kris Anka Colors: Matthew Wilson
Story: 7.8 Art: 9 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review