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Preview: Livewire #9

LIVEWIRE #9 (New Arc!)

Written by VITA AYALA
Cover C by KRIS ANKA
Pre-Order Edition by JEN BARTEL
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale AUGUST 21st

“Hero” begins here!

Wanted fugitive Livewire has been on the run for months from the authorities for shutting down the country’s power in an effort to protect people gifted with powers.

Will a shocking offer to go public pull Livewire into a political spotlight?


Preview: Ronin Island #5

Ronin Island #5

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover Artists:  

    Main Cover: Giannis Milonogiannis
    Preorder Cover: Ethan Young
    Unlocked Retailer Variant Cover: Kris Anka
Colorist: Irma Kniicila
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Price: $3.99

Hana finds herself facing unexpected challenges as a new leader in the Shogun’s army, and Kenichi begins to make the perilous journey back to the island…alone.

Ronin Island #5

Preview: Runaways #23

Runaways #23

(W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Andres Genolet (CA) Kris Anka
Rated T+
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Doombot was destroyed back in #17, and Chase hasn’t been able to fix him. Victor is going to give it a shot, even if it forces him down a dark road. Even if it leads to something even worse than Victorius…

Runaways #23

A Brand New Omega Ranger Debuts in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

BOOM! Studios has revealed a new look at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41 by the all -star team of acclaimed writer Ryan Parrott and Shattered Grid artist Daniele di Nicuolo, the essential next chapter in the epic Power Rangers event, Necessary Evil, arriving July 24, 2019.  

The all new covert team of Power Rangers has been revealed – and it’s Jason, Zack, Trini, and a BRAND NEW RANGER joining them to form the OMEGA RANGERS! But who is this all-new Power Ranger? Where did they come from? And why are the Omega Rangers hiding their existence from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? 

As the secrets behind their mission – as well as their deception of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – are revealed, a deadly new threat, summoned from the depths of space by Lord Zedd, arrives on Earth with only one mission…take out the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, once and for all! 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41 features a main cover by Jamal Campbell, as well as a special foil variant of the iconic Helmet Covers featuring the Red Ranger by fan favorite artist Goñi Montes, a collectible Trading Card variant cover by Kris Anka, an exclusive Story Variant cover written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Dan Mora, and more!  

Now fans can collect each of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a new set of Trading Card Variant covers, illustrated by Kris Anka and designed by Dylan Todd. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41 cover by Anka features the newest Red Ranger, Rocky DeSantos, with an image of the Red Ranger in action on the front, and all his stats on the back cover, including his team name, alias, biography, and Alpha-5’s assessment of the Ranger who stepped in to take on Jason’s mantle.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41 Story Variant cover depicts the next chapter in an eleven-part series written by writer Ryan Parrott and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dan Mora. Start from the beginning with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 Story Variant cover and continue with each new Story Variant cover through issue #50, unearthing never-before-seen details of the immediate aftermath of the explosive events of Shattered Grid and changing the course of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic history forever.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

Preview: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo
Colorist: Walter Baiamonte
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artists:  
     Main Cover:
Jamal Campbell
     Foil Variant: Goni Montes
     Trading Card Variant: Kris Anka     
Unlocked Retailer Variant: Dan Mora
Price: $3.99

NECESSARY EVIL, the Power Rangers comic book event of 2019, continues here! You think you know everything about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – but this issue answers one of the biggest questions in franchise history with revelations that will shake the team to their core. The White Ranger may be their new leader…but who is the new enemy of the Power Rangers?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

Preview: Sword Master #1

Sword Master #1

(W) Shuizhu, Greg Pak (A) Kris Anka (A/CA) Gunji
Rated T
In Shops: Jul 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99

MIGHTY MARVEL MARTIAL ARTS DOUBLE TROUBLE! ALL NEW ONGOING SERIES! You saw him tear through Fire Goblins in WAR OF THE REALMS with his big, damn magic sword! Now learn the mysterious origins of LIN LIE, A.K.A. SWORD MASTER, Marvel’s newest Chinese superhero, in the English language debut of the original series written by Shuizhu and drawn by Gunji! Haunted by dreams of demons, Lin Lie hunts for his missing archeologist father – and for the secret of the black sword he left behind. And in a brand new story written by Greg Pak (NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS), Sword Master teams up with SHANG-CHI! What happens when an undisciplined, untrained kid with a magic sword tangles with the one and only, undisputed MASTER OF KUNG FU? (Spoiler alert: they will indeed drive each other crazy, with huge ramifications for the Marvel Universe!)

Sword Master #1

Review: Ghosted in L.A. #1

Image result for ghosted in l.a. #1 cover

Wow, Ghosted in L.A. #1 was incredibly and painfully relatable for me. Like our heroine Daphne, I went to my first year of college thousands of miles away in L.A. I kind of flamed out mostly because I didn’t have a car. And maybe a conservative bible college wasn’t the best choice for a flaming bisexual and progressive. Like Daphne, who found her own otherworldly tribe, I got into comic books, podcasts, and even criticism big time. I don’t have as many regrets as I used of my “lost year” as an Angeleno.

But enough of me. Sina Grace, Siobhan Keenan, and Cathy Le put a cute, wholesome spin on the mysterious, paranormal side of L.A in Ghosted in L.A. #1. The empty mansions, swimming pools, and things that make David Lynch crack a smile. However, we’re seeing this side of L.A. from the POV of a college freshman, Daphne, who is in that critical identity forging stage of her life. She gets her music taste from her (Currently estranged) friend Kristi and her college choice from her (now ex) boyfriend. Daphne is trying to develop her own personality. It’s not working out until she takes a dip in an abandoned pool and then cries against a wall after interacting with the house and pool’s ghostly denizens.

Le uses soft colors to show the weightlessness of Daphne floating. Keenan eases up on the hyperactive facial expressions that drew me into the story for a second to give her a moment of peace. Grace even gives her a “cool” and steady inner dialogue for two panels until the cartoonish facial expressions and anxiety are back with a side of a young ghost woman. Throughout Ghosted in L.A., he has crafted a signature voice for Daphne. She is desperate to fit in and wary to share her feelings, hence, all the text messages saved in drafts.

However, Daphne is no pushover and confronts her boyfriend when he breaks up with him to spend more on “self-discovery”. Cathy Le punctuates her rage with red backgrounds. Sina Grace adds a great line about how she doesn’t like the bicycle he gave her. Letterer DC Hopkins accentuates Grace’s dialogue by making the words in Daphne’s balloons smaller after her douchebag of boyfriend makes his breakup excuse.

Ghosted in L.A.‘s creative team fires on all cylinders in this issue. The book is a wonderful fusion of memorable character designs and facial expressions, well-paced plotting (Daphne discovers the ghosts after she hits rock bottom.), and a protagonist that is easy to connect to. Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan explore the universal themes of loneliness and belonging through Daphne’s specific trials and tribulations with L.A. and a (mostly) kind family of ghosts as the backdrop. It’s what I want out of a good magical realism story. I can’t wait to learn more about Daphne and the world, no, the community that she has joined in this adorable comic.

Story: Sina Grace Art: Siobhan Keenan with Sina Grace
Colors: Cathy Le Letters: DC Hopkins
Story: 8.9 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Ghosted In L.A. #1

Ghosted In L.A. #1

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Colorist: Cathy Le
Letterer: DC Hopkins
Cover Artists:  
     Main Cover:
Siobhan Keenan
     Variant Cover: Sina Grace
     Unlocked Retailer Variant: Kris Anka
Price: $3.99

In Los Angeles, finding an apartment is killer—unless you live with the dead. 

Rycroft Manor may be old. It may be abandoned. It may even be haunted. But Daphne Walters doesn’t care about any of that—it has a pool and the rent is free

New to LA, coming off of a bad breakup and having a pretty terrible week, Daphne might need to crash on this haunted couch for a while, but having undead roommates might be more than she bargained for!

Will the dead be able to help Daphne find the life she’s been missing in the big city?

From GLAAD Award-nominated Sina Grace (Iceman) and illustrator Siobhan Keenan (Clueless, Jem and the Holograms) comes a story about learning how to make friends, find love, and live to the fullest with a little help from some friends whose lives didn’t end at death.

Ghosted In L.A. #1

A First Look at Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan’s Ghosted in LA #1

BOOM! Studios has released an early look at Ghosted in LA #1, the first issue in a brand new comic book series from GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer Sina Grace and artist Siobhan Keenan, about figuring out your love life – and your afterlife – in Hollywood. The first issue debuts in comic shops on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

Daphne Walters is ready for an exciting new Los Angeles life, full of fun, romance, and sunshine! But her new roommate is ignoring her, her boyfriend broke up with her, and things are looking distinctly downcast in the city of dreams. In the midst of her heartbreak, she stumbles upon a new living situation at Rycroft Manor, a derelict apartment complex that isn’t as abandoned as it seemed. Turns out the Manor isn’t just packed with mid-century charm . . .  it’s also teeming with lovesick ghosts! With the help of her new ghostly roommates, Daphne learns how to navigate the city, making friends and finding romance in the most unexpected of places.

Ghosted in LA #1 features a main cover by series artist Siobhan Keenan and variant covers by series writer Sina Grace and artist Kris Anka.


Preview: Runaways #22

Runaways #22

Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Penciler: Andres Genolet
Cover Artist: Kris Anka

Things are going SO WELL for Gert and Victor. That can’t possibly bode well, can it? It already hasn’t boded well for Chase, who has unresolved feelings on the matter…Karolina is keeping a secret from the rest of the Runaways and Nico in particular. The fallout could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for your favorite teens

Runaways #22
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