Review: Death of X #2

death-of-x-2It’s going down in issue #2 of the 4 part Death of X. If you’re coming in late to the party the short version of what you’ve missed is this: The Inhumans and The X-Men are getting ready to throw down in a clash of the titans style battle royale! On the surface it makes little to no sense but, if you stick with it, it might just be the shake up that the multiverse needs. It starts of post-Secret Wars and happens before IvX. The guiding force for this mini arc is all about what sets off the battle and where are Cyclops and Frost are.

Death of X #2 starts off on the Inhumans base. Storm and a small team of X-men are there to figure out what the Inhumans know about the terrigen cloud that has the power to kill or sicken most of the mutants with the X-Gene. Storm being overly honest tells the Inhumans about their reservations and uncertainty about what the Inhumans knew and didn’t. After being assured that the Inhumans aren’t behind the terrigen cloud Storm and her team head off to Madrid to warn others and evacuate the mutants. Medusa is offended by the assumption that her and her team had anything to do with any of this and feels conflicted over the allegation.

Medusa is concerned over the repercussions of the mutants thinking that the terrigen cloud was an attack, especially the powerful ones and, although they want peace she is prepared to fight and win a war. Cyclops goes on the offensive and sends a mental message to all citizens of Earth alerting them that the terrigen that the Inhumans put into earths atmosphere kills mutants and it doesn’t just help the Inhumans to survive on our planet. He calls for an all out rejection of the Inhumans and offers the X-mens protection to the people of earth.

Meanwhile in Madrid Gorgon and Flint are sent down by Crystal to calm the mass panic that Scott’s telepathic missive has created. Cylcops message has eaten up the time that the Inhumans had to evacuate the mutants to keep them safe and with very little time gorgon and Flint have no choice but to go to plan B and attempt to move the cloud. Storm shows up to help them in their efforts since their powers alone are not strong enough to move the cloud.

Back on Muir Island Colossus shows up to console his sister. She fears that the Inhumans won’t ever completely destroy the terrigen since they need it to fuel their powers and that its existence could end all of the X-men. They know a peace is needed with the Inhumans but, with everything that Scott and Emma have done, they’re not sure a peace is possible. Scott and Emma have assembled a mutant army.

The X-Men and Inhuman mash-up in Madrid is headed for disaster as the Inhumans plan to put everyone in Madrid, mutants included to sleep to squash the chaos and panic, a plan that will certainly add more stress to Inhuman and mutant relations. Not hearing back from Storm causes Scott to assume her and her team are dead and he decides their best course of action is to go after the Inhumans with everything they’ve got. Unfortunately for us fans, we have to wait a bit to see how this shakes out but, I have high hopes for the battle to come.

Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire tell a gripping story and the writing draws the reader in to a a leak world with what I’m sure will have a sad ending no matter who wins and how things shake out. The characters are well written and their motivations are clear and base level real. The survival instinct is strong within this issue and so far, within the stor arc itself. We find a faction of the X-men acting counter to their usual actions and more inline with the human reaction to mutants when they first stepped on the scene. The way that Charles and Jeff handle all of this is sure to cause some discomfort among fans but, it’ll also make way for more detailed and in depth story lines that dig up some very real emotions to surface.

Aaron Kuder ‘s art work works well with the grimness of the story and Morry Hollowell and Jay David Ramos ‘s coloring makes the story feel more like a mini live action drama adding a much needed level to the story. The art feels just as much a part of the story as the writing. The rich color palette and strong bright tweak of color when mutant (or Inhuman) powers are activated is a brilliant touch.

Overall this was a page turner and well worth a read. it is more than just a place holder or an expository link in the overall story line chain, it is a full fledged stand alone part of the universe and it has earned its place in the timeline as a great and gripping story with a lot of action, complex characters and motives and beautiful art.

Story : Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire Art: Aaron Kuder
Colorists: Morry Hollowell and Jay David Ramos

Story 9.3 Art: 8.9 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review