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Review: Batwoman S1E19 “A Secret Kept From All the Rest”


Secret opens with Kate confronting Reagan about the stolen journal and discovering that she’s Magpie’s sister and accomplice. While Tommy, Mouse and Alice are torturing a Professor Carr for help deciphering the journal at Arkham they decide their best bet might be to kidnap Luke. Mouse tries to talk sense into Alice, who’s hellbent on revenge with a side of reckoning but, she’s more than her usual level of irrational. Kate talks with Julia about her attacking Reagan on the book hunt but, they’re forced to stick a pin in the conversation because Julia’s new love interest and Kate’s ex Sophie shows up.

The Big Bad: Gotham is under attack from a new villain, Hush (aka Tommy) kidnapping cryptographers to help decipher the journal. When their plan to get Professor Carr to help fails they “enlist” the services of NSA data analyst Tony Kim and Alice doesn’t want to stop even with all of the codebreakers in Gotham on lockdown so Hush takes the one that they don’t know about, they take former “nemesis” turn friend/mentee Parker from school.


The Bat Gang: Mary tries to get Kate & Luke to reconcile because the team needs him, and personally so do they. Mary might not be a Luke level tech genius, she does come up with the idea of tracking Carr’s pace maker to the location where it went dark to find out where he was taken. Since Parker was facetiming with her girlfriend when Hush took her and her girlfriend had the sense to call Batwoman, she was rescued before Alice was able to get her hands on her which means the Bat Gangs resident techie Luke is back on her radar as prime target number one.


Confrontations All Around: After going toe to toe with Kate over needing to trust Julia, Luke does some research of his own and discovers that Julia is in fact rogue but, after he talks to Julia about it and tries to get her to come clean to Kate, the duo is captured by Hush, right in front of Crows HQ and they plan on using Julia as incentive to get Luke to crack his dad’s code.


What I Liked: Watching Parker and Mary watch Sophie & Kate make awkward small talk , like only two people who are still in love and neither wanting to yield can, like it was a soap opera.

Julia trying to talk Luke through his mental block to save both their lives was one of the most beautiful moments because it was in sync with the whole theme of reconnecting and emotional history.

Parker being a computer whiz doing her best to track Carr’s last living location and Mary coming through with an unintentional assist by trying to keep herself busy and accidentally uncovering special glasses that were made to read the journal.

Luke and Julia deciding to die rather that tell Alice what the journal says even though Luke, being the genius that he is deciphers it on his own.


It’s Almost the Finale and… : Batwoman has broken into Arkham which leaves the already angry Papa Kane with even more of a reason to go after his , unbeknownst to him, super suited daughter.  Alice has the glasses and the book after Batwoman makes  a heroic and selfless trade but, that’s not good enough for her and she lets loose all the crazies in the asylum to fight off Kate while she drags a reluctant Mouse through the tunnels on their escape. Papa Kane shows up with an army of Crows with one mission, to capture the Bat, not knowing what he’s really setting in play and Alice is now loose in Gotham with everything she needs to know, to kill her sister. It’s all one hell of a set up for what I’m sure will be a killer season finale and no matter how the chips fall in episode 20, it’ll pave the way for a fan worthy season 2.

Overall: The episode is exceptional and kept with the dark nature of the show. It’s well written, exceptionally acted, brilliantly directed, and completely plausible. The creative team behind Batwoman seems to be amazing at having just the right mix of action, drama, and credibility which sets it apart from the rest of the CW’s DC Universe shows. “Secret” is a believable and strong episode from the first frame through the final scene and it showcases the excellence that we expect from the show.

Rating: 9.8

Recap: DCs Legends of Tomorrow S5E10 “The Great British Fake Off”

Up until this episode, the Encore showing was small, contained, and for the most part not nearly as badass as I was expecting with the plethora of historical baddies at the CW writer’s disposal. Since the show is always a whole bop and my favorite CW/DC collab, the writer’s kept us on our toes and pretty busy with all the subplots, side stories, and easter eggs so, I didn’t really mind. In Bake Off we get more baddies than we can shake a totem at and then some starting off with Jack the Ripper himself and then a boarding house check in line of some of the baddest badasses in history! While Z and Constantine try to track down the loom piece, hidden in a ring, in the past, Ava heads to hell with Mick and Gary who gets them there, to hunt for Astra, in his first solo wizard mission. Nate and Charlie/Colotha are kicking it back on the Waverider with some beers watching over Sara who’s experiencing some after-effects of the energy bolt from Charlie’s killer sister.

Villains Villains Everywhere: This episode had more Encores than expected and somehow it didn’t overburden the plot or come off too on the nose. Jack wasn’t the only hellish baddie to come out to play, Bonnie & Clyde, Brutus, Black Caesar, and Henry VIII all make an appearance but, they’re not even close to the baddest bad guy of the night. The honor of that crown lies solely on the head of Charlie’s oldest sister/Astra’s mentor Lachesis who shapeshifter her way into Astra’s office to steal her soul coins and get the loom for herself along with her sister Atropos so they can get back to business, as usual, affecting the lives of humans.

The Good Stuff: Mick wanting to get out of hell to see his newly found daughter Lita’s soccer game is more of the baddie with the heart of gold side of him that we love to see. Zari and Constantine drinking to forget so that they can find the ring and learning to see the other’s worth and darkest secrets.

The Double Cross: Lachesis offers Astra the chance to become a fate and take Charlie’s place which Astra agrees to exchange for Constantine’s soul coin which seems like a decent deal. The writers have laid down so many hints and character nuggets that we knew the cross was coming the second the fates basically told her that if they found the ring, she wasn’t getting her mom back but, it was completely believable that the singularly focused fates wouldn’t be able to fathom her making any choice besides power.

The Surprise Twist: Freaking Enchantress turning out to be the inn keeper AND leader of the fates was nice and technically a double twist at the open and the close of the episode and it was amazing.

The Big Picture: Legends is one of the busiest shows on TV but, the writers, directors, and cast make it so engaging that the hour feels like that big holiday plate, filled with a bunch of different things that you like, that you finish super quick because it’s so good and then feel a bit empty and want more; not because it wasn’t good but, because it was so good you want to do it again! Legends is that plate and this episode was no exception, in fact, it was that plate with dessert as a part of a 7-course meal because it started to tie together all the pieces that came before it and prep you for the after-meal drink.

Overall 9.8

Recap: Supergirl S5E17 “Deus Lex Machina”

Deus Lex Machina” shows us what Lex did after the Crisis and his plans to create a world of his own liking, his singular focus and dislike of Kryptonians in any multiverse means that he didn’t notice the bigger threat, the Leviathan. In this world, Eve has gone from mousy sycophant to assassin spy badass for Leviathan and Lex sets out return her to his fold.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Obsidian Platinum via Leviathan orders is the big baddie to beat in this episode and Lex, with all of his good intentions, is still a baddie and up to his old tricks of double-dealing while rekindling his toxic, one-sided, relationship with Eve.

Stupid Games: Lex has been the king of playing stupid games to win stupid prizes. His privileged straight white male plan to stop Leviathan and kill whichever Kryptonian is stealing his thunder. We all know his plans will not work and he will need Supergirl’s help but, it’s so much worse having to watch him emotionally destroy /abuse and manipulate Eve, in every world, and blame her, in every world while he steals valuable screen time from the person who should be centered in the story.

Overall Thoughts: The Supergirl writers are staying the course they took last season. What initially started out as a show about Supergirl has turned into an ensemble show that just happens to bear the title character’s name. In “Deus,” the show manages to give the talented Melissa Benoist less than 1/4 of the screen time on a show that she’s the star of. What’s worse is that the show focuses a majority of the episodes time on Lex, her male arch-enemy and when they share the screen, it’s mostly about Supergirl in relation to Lex, not the other way around. In a show that started out being a feminist comic book-based show, it was bearable and somewhat OK when they shifted course after Cat Grant’s departure and became mildly faux woke because at least the show stayed about Supergirl. Unfortunately, in recent seasons the show has shifted away from even pretending to be something feminist centered and has settled in a space that erases even the lead character. If the show wishes to veer away from its initial offerings, it could simply add “and friends” to the title so that the viewer’s expectations can be managed. I understand that Lex is a huge part of the story but, this isn’t supposed to be about Lex or any of the villains, what worked before was seeing how Supergirl navigated her life as Kara while still doing her duty as Supergirl. There’s also the issue of Lena, her woe is me story arc has become unbelievable and unnecessary, it’s a waste of the amazingly talented actress that portrays her as she shows up every episode to give the same speech and then storm off. These Lena appearances do not do the character and justice nor do they serve a purpose, other than enforcing negative and harmful stereotypes about female friendships and pettiness. The way the writers have things play out between the once close friends borders on every cliche that men come up with then they write female relationships and it kind of forces any future writers to follow suit. I feel that it would have been better to just have her not in the episode at all rather than underutilize her by having her be manipulated by Lex and then storming off to yell at Kara before storming off.

Overall: 7.5

Recap: Batwoman S1E18 “If You Belive In Me, I’ll Believe In You”

After episode 17 gave us all the calm thrills a superhero loving fan could want, episode 18 tosses us straight into the storm and it’s easy to fall right into the cozy embrace of what should be one of your new favorite shows.

This episode kicks off with Batwoman stopping some black market organ dealers, selling alive and unwilling donors, on a shady street in Gotham. With her conscience semiclear after coming clean about the murder and her PTSD she’s back in full fighting form. Sophie and Julia are out going through Tommy’s things for Lucious Fox’s journal and some proof that he was behind the senior Fox’s murder.

Mary is trying to insert herself into Kate’s Batwoman team so she can retain the closeness that they have. Mouse is still rocking the Dr. Butler suit at Arkham, and he threatens to give up Tommy by telling The Crows he’s sane enough to stand trial in exchange for the journal. Tommy decides to up the stakes leading Mouse and Alice to offer him escape and a new face but, Kate and Luke have been eavesdropping on his panic call and decide to break into the mob owned club where it’s being held and steal it themselves. Unfortunately, even though Mary uses her passion for passion to help Kate, she doesn’t get to go on the mission, which crushes her, that honor goes to Julia. And, while Julia is talking all about her newfound friendship with Sophie, Kate bumps into the one that got away, from earlier in the season, and it’s impossible not to want the two of them to give it another go.

The Big Bad: This episode doesn’t have one mega villain, instead it focuses on a heist. That doesn’t mean that bad guys aren’t front and center since the heist is in a mob-run night club IN GOTHAM which means it’s pretty much bad guy center and a trap. Julia and Kate both get captured, separately, in a place where everyone wants a piece of the bat.

Scene Stealer: This episodes MVP is Mary, she plays the role of the kid sister who wants to hang out with her big sister and her cool friends to prove she’s a grown-up but, also wants to spend more time with her because she loves her, in the cutest and most heartfelt way possible. The scenes that Mary showed up in, in this episode, were all made memorable by her, she didn’t make her character seem needy or whiny, she made her seem vulnerable and human in a way that was relatable. Kate wants to protect her but, Mary wants to protect her and prove herself. But, in a pinch, Mary is the one who saves the day because Batwoman got caught in her world and she wants it.

That Twist Tho: Alice being distrustful of everyone, even herself, had a backup plan for getting the book for herself. Her and Mouse (as Dr. Butler) let Magpie out to do what she does best, steal. While no one saw Tommy’s mob bestie double-crossing him, Alice did and whatever Alice wants, Alice gets and right now Alice wants that damn book and I pity anyone who gets in her way.

If that’s not enough of a shocker for you, Julia is out for the journal AND Magpie has a sister (the bartender).

Best Moment: The visit between Beth/Alice and her dad. The heartbreak, loneliness and loss in both of their voices and eyes as he explains to her why she’s in there will break your heart too.

Final Thoughts: Batwoman as a show has a lot of moving parts, subplots, side stories, and while normally that would make a show like this a hot mess, it works. Most of the major characters are interesting enough to carry their story arcs solo, whether or not there’s any action involved. The world that the writers built for these characters to live in feels so real that it’s damn near impossible to not catch the feels for them and get a little emotional with every twist and turn. As a show, Batwoman started out a really cool looking piece of coal and has turned into a whole diamond. Batwoman isn’t the hero that Gotham needs but, she is the anti-hero hero that Gotham desires and should want and as a whole, it’s the show that we should all be rooting for.

Overall: 9.2

Recap: Batwoman S1E17 – “A Narrow Escape”

A Narrow Escape opens with Alice/Beth and Kate playing video games inside of Alice’s mind while her body is stuck in Arkham getting shock treatment at the hands of a brutal sadistic doctor. In the outside world, Batwoman is fighting off the baddies and taking her guilt and aggression out on every criminal that crosses her caped path. We time jump a week into the future where a GCPD officer wakes up in his patrol car with a bomb strapped to his chest and given the choice of killing himself with the bomb or freeing himself and letting another bomb go off taking someone else’s life.

Back at Mary’s clinic, she treats a wannabe caped crusader who has taken over her duties while Kate suffers from PTSD and panic attacks stemming from her murder of Cartwright. Ms. Pennyworth and Kate have resumed their relationship to a degree and she tries to talk Kate back into the mask before she leaves to go back to her life. Mouse and Alice are in group therapy “unburdening themselves” and while Mouse sees it as a safe haven and sanctuary from those after them, Alice sees it as a cage keeping them from causing mayhem.

The Big Bad: This episode’s villain is The Detonator but, not the original one, a copycat who’s taken up the mantel after a 7-year absence. The Detonator is strapping bombs to heroes and giving them a choice between saving themselves or allowing a bomb to go off somewhere else and killing other people. Only, since the real Detonator died 7 years ago, the copycat is using his MO to tie up some loo

The Side Story: Lucious Fox’s alleged murderer went free in the last episode and was promptly gunned down after having a conversation with Luke that convinced him of his innocence. But, his assassination put Sophie on the trail of a huge conspiracy within The Crows that she’s determined to crack before more bodies drop to cover it up

Best Moment: There were a few but, the one that got me the most was Mary letting Kate know that she knows who she is and giving her the push she needs to put the cape back on and save the day. It was beautiful, sincere and touching.

Episode MVP: Alice is a whole rockstar who steals every scene. She manages to play crazy and longing so well that it’s hella hard not to root for and feel sorry her. She’s toxic AF and even seems to have a toxic relationship with herself but, when she gets herself shived in Arkham to smuggle a gun to Mouse so they can steal the evil docs face.

Overall: 9.6

Review: Supergirl S5E12 – “Back From the Future-Part Two”

After a brief hiatus, Supergirl is back with the second part of the “Back From the Future” storyline. Karaoke night gets ruined but, not before an adorable duet version of Africa by Toto. Brainy is still dealing with the ongoing ramifications of working in secret with Lex, whose anti-Kryptonian tech is rendering Supergirl useless in the fight to save the team and Brainy is starting to question their partnership. Evil Wynn has figured out a way to upload himself into the Matrix and is turning the DEO’s weapons on them in an attempt to take over everything and it’s a Winn vs. Winn showdown, may the best hacker win! (Yeah, I did that…)

WHAT WORKED: The story that played out in this episode was well written, thoughtful, and true to the movement towards a darker DC that the CW has been taking its shows. I liked that there were so many areas of gray in the way things played out throughout a very intense hour. I also loved the switch up for Winn from being Computer Lad to Toyman in honor of his father, it showed the complexity of familial relationship, escaping toxic chains that hold you back and growing from/separating from the things past trauma that can hold you back.


BEST MOMENT: Winn coming face to face with his father in the DEO’s matrix. Watching his father give him the closure that he needed and allowing him to heal from old wounds. I like that he struggled with the choice of killing evil Winn knowing that it would kill his father, especially since he was willing to fight evil Winn to give him more time to enter a code that he knew would kill him as well as evil Winn. It was to see a realistic portrayal of the complexities of toxic familial relationships.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Lena is making a breakthrough with her tech to defeat Leviathan which would be cool accept her and Lex are in way over their heads and it’ll be interesting to see how the double double double-cross in play will play out.

I’m also mildly concerned about Brainy’s resolve in working for Lex now that Alex is gone with J’onn and if he’s realized that alternate universes can mean that what the other Brainy did might not work in this one.

Overall: 8.7

Review: Locke & Key “Crown of Shadows” S1E10

Locke & Key "Crown of Shadows" S1E10

Nina and the detective are celebrating her return to sobriety and she’s completely unaware of all the hi-jinks that her kids have been up to and the evil that is headed their way. Kinsey, Bode, and Tyler are anxiously waiting for Ellie’s return unaware that Dodge got to her and is now in possession of the crown and the key needed to control it, so when she shows up at the house with a literal army of shadows it’s game on.


  • Bode using a multicolored lightsaber to keep the shadows at bay while they hunt for more flashlights, then using it to defiantly stab a closing in on shadow monster causing it to go up in all the flames, is everything good and pure in this whole cold, heartless world.
  • I loved Scot using his horror knowledge to be the king of captain obvious when it comes to questioning all the off choices the team makes and Eden wondering what the plan is if Lady Doge wakes up why they’re carrying her through the spooky cave.
  • Bode finding Rufus’ body at his house while everyone else is off on their mission to open the black door and dump the body.
  • Kinsey coming to her senses and realizing that opening the black door might not be the best idea, at least until she let Tyler talk her out of it it.
  • Bode again being the voice of reason and questioning if they really got rid of Dodge because something wasn’t adding up for him.
  • Watching them release Rendell’s ashes and calling the house HOME for the first time.

WHAT WORKED: Throughout the season finale we are reminded that these are just kids messing with some very grown up (and ancient) magic. They make some rookie mistakes but, they also come up with some out of the box solutions that most adults wouldn’t have come up with. Things aren’t tied up in a nice little bow and it’s messy, like life and childhood and adolescence making it reliable wherever you are in your life cycle.

I also like shoving a lot in on the front end of the episode so that you find yourself lulled into a very false of security with twenty or so minutes remaining but, at the same time there was an uneasy feeling that kept you on your toes until the last five minutes when Kinsey after receiving a call from Gabe. After the phone call, the viewer gets to have it’s idyllic happy ending shredded when a flashback gives us a bunch of aha moments and we find out that Gabe Kaiser Sose’d Kinsey to get close to the keys, made evident by the flashback reveal that shows Lady Dodge body changing from him and then using the Anywhere Key to get into the party where she seduces Tyler. Eden got shot by a glowy bullet so there’s another demon on the lose and, if that wasn’t enough, Ellie is who got thrown into the pit because Lady Dodge used the Identity Key on her to lull the kids (and us viewers) into a false sense of security so that she could continue her hunt for the keys.

KINDA SUCKED: That you spent a lot of the episode hella sure that, Ellie got thrown into the pit in the black door in a Lady Dodge suit, poor Rufus making the aha moment when you find out you’re right, that much worse.



  • Scot being honest about his feelings and telling Kinsey that what she wants (her dating both him and Gabe) isn’t going to work for him, so it’s best that they just stay friends.
  • Bode writing a letter to his friend Rufus as Nina puts up missing posters looking for Ellie.


“Is demon non-binary” – Scot

“You’re gonna have a knife fight with a demon?” – Eden

“If you’re undecided, then that’s your decision” – Scot

FINAL THOUGHTS:  This was a great final episode with amazing reveals a perfect ending for the show’s first season. I really hope that it gets renewed because I want to see more of Matheson, it might not be as dark and heartbreaking as the comics but, it’s still filled with great characters, a wonderful story, a well thought out and executed mythology and a rich world filled with people you can relate to, who happen to find themselves in magical situations. The series as a whole was cohesive and clever and this episode was the cherry on top of a great story sundae.


Review: Locke & Key “Echoes” S1E9

Locke & Key "Echoes" S1E9

In the beginning of “Echoes” we come full circle and through flashbacks, we see that Ellie is the one who made the call that caused the man to use the key to burn himself in the premiere. We also learn that Lucas showed up at Ellie’s right after the well lady, aka Dodge,  escaped and asked her for help, which is what she was doing in the house when Nina found her a few episodes back, she was stealing a tiara “The Crown of Shadows” and, looking for one thing he couldn’t find, the key that he wanted to go along with it.

We also solve the mystery of what got Mr. Ridgeway killed, he snapped a picture of Lucas and Ellie talking on his cellphone and was going to tell Nina about it, once he got the phone, despite Ellie protesting, he killed him and tried to make it look like a suicide.  Lucas then used the anywhere key to escape leaving Ellie alone there when Nina showed up and discovered the body and tried to save him while Ellie used that chance to sneak out and run home where she confronts Lucas and shoots him multiple times but, he doesn’t die because he’s an Echo. We then discover Ellie’s motivation for helping him, he threatened to kill Rufus.

Back in the present, Kinsey & Tyler finally show Bode the memory of the demon dodge and what really happened to Lucas, when Bode identifies him as Rufus’ cousin. Back at Ellie’s Lucas tasks her to search Rendell’s ashes to find the Omega Key. Bode visits Rufus and fills him in on what’s going on and Rufus, in turn, shows him the crown, setting Bode up to go on a quest to find the other key to save his family and his friend.

Locke & Key "Echoes" S1E9

WHAT WORKED: Throughout the season each episode has built upon the mythology of the keys and the story from the previous episode. In “Echoes” we get a more detailed account of all of the missing pieces that bring the story for this season together, just in time for the finale. I loved the mystery based cinematography, the writing was well done and clever, the acting made me forget that I was watching a TV show and I found myself really invested in the lives of the Locke kids and the possible mental deterioration of their mom, Nina. This episode continued the trend of organically unraveling a story so that the viewer felt like a part of the story itself instead of just an observer.  This episode was a good way to tie up the loose ends and lingering questions about what was going on with the keys and who Dodge was. We also learn why Mark killed himself so that Dodge couldn’t get the remaining keys by getting into his head since he hid the remaining keys. It was more than a placeholder, it was a box of index cards with a highlighter so that people would know what was up for the season finale and it was helpful & informative, while still maintaining some entertainment value.

BEST MOMENT: When Dodge gets the key, I don’t know if it was the music or the action or the sheer sinister nature of his grin and action, or a combo of all for but, it was epic evil and a nice solid way to end the episode and force you to skip the credits and intro to get right into the next episode so you could see how it ends.


“I know I should choose but, what if I didn’t?”- Kinsey to Scot and Gabe (on her having feeling for them both and deciding to be honest) then she dipped before they could answer to take a phone call and tells them to “Think about it!” as she walked away, which was a boss move, filled with self- awareness and autonomy and I loved it.


Bode, DUH! I mean he’s the only character in this show consistently with his head on straight, he is the stuff of Arthurian legends are made of. He’s brave, true, honest and compassionate. He’s also the only one  who isn’t hellbent on using the keys for personal gain and it’s nice to see him be the voice of reason because of his age but, like his dad always said, and he reminds Kinsey & Tyler, ” I’m very discerning for my age.”  Yes, you are young man. Yes, you are!


Rufus! Hiding keys, watching everything, dry snitching for the benefit of his fellow man, he does the right thing, even if he’s told he shouldn’t, he’s not afraid to ask for help and he’s brave AF! He’s amazing and kind and if this was Harry Potter he’d be Gryfindor down so, I’m here for it.


Review: Locke & Key “Ray of F***ing Sunshine” S1E8

Locke & Key "Ray of F***ing Sunshine"

In Locke & KeyRay of F***ing Sunshine,” Lady Dodge is on a mission to use the Head Key to get into the memory of one of Rendell’s old friends and find out where they hid the key that she needs the most. Kinsey finds out that her dad and his friends were once the keepers of the keys and took their oath to keep that door lock and the world safe from Dodge very seriously. We learn that Lucas, or at least his body, is alive and well and living with Ellie and a very terrified Rufus and that Nina has a drinking problem but, her inebriated lack of inhibitions allows her to remember everything about the keys. In the aftermath of Sam dying in their house Scot forgives Kinsey for leading the Savini’s to there possible doom, and the definite loss of their equipment, in the sea cave but, things get really awkward when Gabe emerges from Kinsey’s bedroom during their reunion.

Locke & Key "Ray of F***ing Sunshine"

WHAT WORKED: Locke & Key is very formulaic but, still manages to have shocks and reveals. The creative team seems to be very fond of slow, emotional, story-based scenes that drag on just long enough to lull you into a false sense of security before hitting you with a new piece of information or a shock that enhances the story and pushes it along. “Ray of F***ing Sunshine” does all of the usual stuff and more, it moves slowly in the beginning as the family picks up the pieces after Sam’s break-in and dead but, it also throws everything at the viewers but the kitchen sink.  This episode was full of body-swapping , head key hi-jinks, and a Lucas reveal. Ray is an episode full of crumbs that are meant to be pushed together into a delicious cookie that the writers have been slowly baking since the pilot and now everything’s set at a nice warm temp ready to eat in the final two episodes.

Locke & Key "Ray of F***ing Sunshine"

I DON’T TRUST IT: I thought it was sweet that Scot showed up on his lunch break, intent on starting fresh with Kinsey in the Sam aftermath but, when Gabe showed up to interrupt I thought that was a bit off and the timing was hella suspect. Between the Box/Key urging and this, I don’t trust him especially after Kinsey spilled 90% of the Key beans to him when she was venting.

BEST MOMENT: Early on in the episode, the Locke kids realize that their mom, Nina, is drinking again and her remembering the keys is an unintended side effect. While it sounds good in theory to have their mom actually able to help with all the crazy demon stuff they’re dealing with, it also kind of sucks because the only way she can do that is if she’s drunk. The kids have to have a real talk about what to do and ultimately decide that they would rather have their mom, whole and healthy, than a drunken version of her there to help them out. It was a sobering and selfless moment that showed real growth and a cohesive, unified front for the Locke kids who had been fighting their own inner battles for most of the season.


Review: Locke & Key “Dissection” S1E7

Locke & Key "Dissection"

There’s a whole lot of Lady Dodge in this episode of Locke & Key, not only is she serving as a distraction to Tyler in an attempt to get the head key from Tyler but, she loses the anywhere key to him in a miscalculation. She’s also about to clarify the rules for Bode and the rest of the Locke kids when she comes into the house and takes a key for herself. In a flashback heavy episode “Dissection shows us what lead up to Sam breaking into Locke’s house back in Seattle. We learn about how Lady Dodge turned him against his former friend and his mentor Rendell and we see the Locke family join forces to defeat the enemy in the house.

WHAT WORKED: The sheer honesty of it all. Most of the episode centered around the family and their dynamics, despite the fight that Tyler and Kinsey had earlier that day there was no question that he would defend her with his last breath, in fact, I was so wrapped up in the show and characters that all I kept thinking was, wait until Tyler comes home. When Tyler uses the anywhere key to get into the house and hears Sam’s voice, we all knew what time it was and Tyler did not disappoint, unfortunately, Sam still had the fire key and managed to escape and tie him up. I liked that Kinsey was able to tell Tyler where her keys were hidden in a way that only a sibling would get and that she chose to make sure Bode was safe instead of going for Sam’s gun when her fear attacked him. All of these little choices were so realistic and showed real love and a bond that only siblings could have and it was beautiful to watch and so flawlessly portrayed by the brilliant young actors. Locke & Key has a way of making you get emotionally involved with the Locke kids and at times you feel involved in the story like it’s a really good book.


WHAT DIDN’T: I thought that it was hella cliche that Lady Dodge’s plan to get the head key from Tyler was to seduce him. Up until that point she had been portrayed as a master of manipulation, calculated deception, brilliant plotting, and ruthless evil, knowing all of that it seems out of character for her to sleep with Tyler to get the key. There’s no way that she sincerely thought that sleeping with him would get her that key which means the sole purpose for the sexy time was to give Tyler a chance to get the anywhere key and move the story along, which considering the stellar writing everywhere else in the show seems a little lazy as far as story progression and logic. This is especially true when Lady Dodge gets the key back from Sam at the end of the episode anyway, so I don’t get why she wouldn’t just wait for Sam to do her dirty work and collect the keys later. I’m all for ancient demons getting their sexy time on but, only if they really want to and, if she was using Tyler for just sex that would have made more sense and been more in line with her actions up until that point than that convoluted plan.


BEST MOMENT: Tyler finally gets some inner peace. We learned in previous episodes that Kinsey didn’t help her parents because she was comforting and hiding Bode. Throughout the season, Kinsey has been painted as a bit of a self-centered brat but, we give her a bit of a pass because we know it’s just her trauma response and her guilt at not helping but when it comes to Tyler he’s filled with rage at not being able to defend his family. Watching him pound on the door outside his house because he lost his key as his mother is attacked and his dad is murdered is heartbreaking, it immediately had a trauma bonding effect on us all, very early on in the season. When we find out that he thinks that Sam killed his dad because he made an off-handed joke to him about swinging by his house and killing his dad first, your heart drops. But, this episode gave Tyler some comfort when he asks Sam if what he said had anything to do with him killing his dad and he asks him what he said, you can see all the heartache, pain and guilt lift from him and that was beautiful and needed. In that one moment, Tyler was able to get his head back in the game and it was realistic and honest and pure.

I FELT BAD: For Sam, when after he destroys all the good things in his life because of the things Lady Dodge told him and made him believe, as he is dying, she tells him that there was nothing special about him at all. It was kind of a gut punch because, after seeing Sam’s full story, all he wanted was someone to love and care for him and she used his vulnerability to her advantage. I still think he was trash for kidnapping the remaining members of the Locke family after killing their dad but, it’s still sad that his isolation and lack of mental health help or safeguards against his violent home life left him vulnerable to Lady Dodge.


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