Review: Death of X #1

death-of-x-1-coverWhat happened eight months ago that set the Inhumans and X-Men on a collision course? Find out here! The Inhumans travel to Japan where one of the Terrigen Clouds creates a shocking new Inhuman. The X-Men travel to Muir Island where the second Terrigen Cloud causes something truly terrible. When these two events collide, a war of catastrophic proportions explodes!

If you’ve wondered what happened in the eight-month gap between Secret Wars and where the Marvel universe picked up, then Death of X is for you. It begins to fill in that missing information that’s been teased ever since but not completely spelled out. We know there was a conflict between the Inhumans and Cyclops, but not exactly what happened and we know that Terrigen Mist is causing mutants to get ill and die. The cloud brings life to some and kills other. Some would say that’s a metaphor for the Inhumans’ and X-Men’s roles in the Marvel universe.

Written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, the comic takes us through the earlier moments of the Terrigen Cloud’s travels around the globe and a slow reveal that what’s good for one isn’t good for the other. It also answers some questions about characters we haven’t seen since the Marvel Universe was kickstarted. Yes, there’s a death of a character we’ve been wondering about and we see the Terrigen Mist begin to impact others too, likely resulting in their death.

It’s interesting to get some background finally and see what Cyclops’ last lashing out was like, and unfortunately that’s what it feels like when it comes to that character. We get some of the classic leader, but towards the end Cyclops feels more like Magneto than the character once was. He’s gone full villain turning to violence without any thought or reason being given (ironically something Champions which debuts this week rails against). If you’re not a fan of Cyclops’ heel turn, you probably won’t be happy here.

The art by Aaron Kuder is hit and miss. I’m not quite sure if the issues I saw was Kuder’s line art or the coloring, but there’s some oddities. For instance a panel with Emma Frost has her neck look pencil thin and those sorts of tiny issues feel like they’re peppered throughout the comic. It’s enough that I noticed it, but there is some good art, it’s just not the draw (pun intended).

The first issue is doing what it promised, to fill in the gap of the eight months and for us to finally find out what happened to Cyclops and the first fallout between the Inhumans and mutants. For those that care about that clash and the upcoming event that feels like it’ll probably be round two of that clash, this is something that’s a must.

Story: Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule Art: Aaron Kuder
Story: 7.5 Art: 6.95 Overall: 7.4 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review


  • I am a DC guy who does not collect X-anything, but I thought I would check this series out. I actually found it accessible and interesting. Sadly, since I found out that the mainstream Marvel Universe is 8 months ahead of this series, I am not sure what the point is. It is obvious that there is NO ending. It’s just filling in an 8 month gap? Really? A 4 issue series that just speaks to why In-humans and X-Men fight each other. The reason is pretty cool and believable. But where is there evidence that this is leading to a conclusion? Because there are still inhumans and x-men around 8 months later. Right? I mean, I see comics with inhumans in it and mutants I just don’t buy them. It makes me wonder if this is actually leading to an ending. Because if all it is …. is establishing a new status quo, I’m out. I already know now, why the two groups don’t get along and resent each other. To know that they are still fighting even 8 months later tells me that Marvel is doing something wrong.

    • Interesting to hear what someone who doesn;t normally read Marvel thought. Yes, my take is this is to fill in some gaps, like what happened to Cyclops, and also set up the IVX event that’s coming after.

  • I did not know that something happened to Cyclops. And having bought Champions #1, there are two of them still since the young Cyclops is still around? I recall that the young X-Men came from the past to the future. So I guess that storyline is still unresolved and they are still trapped here in the future? So even that storyline is not yet resolved or ever will be? Marvel is seriously proceeding with past and present versions of their characters on an ongoing basis? Good Lord. In fairness, it is not to say that I won’t be able to understand the stories being told, but I do wonder why all the continuity complexity is not cleaned up in the first place. Marvel writers are supposed to be housekeepers of these characters. Why leave a mess at the end of your shift? Not exactly welcoming to a new visitor.