Review: Bolts #3


Frank and his companions find themselves on a road laden with mystery, as every town they pass through is burned to the ground, abandoned. Once they reach a populated town, Frank wonders why the townspeople seem uneasy around him. Intrigue and danger loom around every corner as Frank and his companions finally reach civilization. Lines are drawn and friendships are challenged as Frank faces a new threat in the stunning conclusion to this first arc!

Bolts #3 gives us an interesting way to end the first part of the story arc. It leaves us with an ending that raises more questions, then providing us answers. It also introduces a few more characters and a little bit of additional backstory. Having to wait until early next year to get more this brilliant, and strange series will be a challenge.

This issue does bring in something new that was only briefly seen in the past issues. That’d be a good sized town that is filled with people. That really stands out more due to it being something that seems out of place in this monster-filled world.

Story: James Whynot Art: James Whynot
Story: 8 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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