Kickstarter Spotlight: Voracious: Feeding Time by Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr

Voracious_Vol.2_01_KS_Variantby Markisan Naso

The team behind VORACIOUS, the critically-acclaimed Action Lab: Danger Zone series, has launched a Kickstarter to help fund their follow-up miniseries, VORACIOUS: Feeding Time.

VORACIOUS: Feeding Time is written by Markisan Naso with art by Jason Muhr. It continues the story of Nate Willner, a chef who unexpectedly rekindles his desire to cook after he inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of the dinosaurs. There, Nate ends up eating a Quetzalcoatlus and gets the idea to open a restaurant in the present that serves ancient meat from the past.

VORACIOUS: Feeding Time, a 5-issue sequel, will pick up right after the huge twist at the end of VORACIOUS #4. The new series takes the story in a bold, new direction as Nate and his friend, Captain Jim, discover that time traveling and making dinosaur sandwiches have consequences they never could have imagined.

By contributing to the VORACIOUS: Feeding Time Kickstarter, fans can help the creators continue their unique series, which has received widespread critical and fan acclaim for its quirky take on time travel, engaging characters, humor, sci-fi action and heart.

Markisan and JasonThe VORACIOUS: Feeding Time campaign started on August 30, 2016 and will end on October 4, 2016. Rewards include physical and digital copies of a Limited Edition VORACIOUS: Feeding Time #1, an exclusive print, a VORACIOUS T-Shirt, an apron based on Nate’s own from the series, fan cameos in the book, sketches, a cover commission for a backer’s own comic, and even a half day in Chicago with Markisan and Jason.

For more about VORACIOUS: Feeding Time, including preview pages from issue #1 and a video about the series, check out the Kickstarter campaign at


“I highly, highly recommend this comic.” -Mark Waid (All New, All Different Avengers and Black Widow)

10/10 “This book has quickly become one of the best books of the year and possibly one of the best books I have ever read … period.” –

9.5/10 “You know, you should never judge a book by its cover. I’m sure glad I didn’t because I was in for a surprise.” –

9.25/10 “Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr have created a story that after four issues has reminded me of why I love comics … A series you absolutely need to read.” –

9/10 “This is a gem of a book – a unique premise with amazing execution of the concept.” –

9/10 “It’s that rarest of things, a truly unique premise, executed flawlessly.” –








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