Why Marvel Made Cap Hydra in Two Graphs

Did you hear that Captain America is really a Hydra sleeper agent? If you’re new to it all here’s an article and another as to what the shitstorm is all about.

The twist has lit up social networks, both good and bad, and launched dozens of “think pieces,” and Marvel is likely laughing to the bank over it all. The stunt, and the date of its launch, was Marvel’s latest effort to one-up their rival DC Comics, and take the wind out of their sales. Along with the launch of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, yesterday also saw the launch of DC Comics’ DC Universe: Rebirth #1, an over-sized issue launching the publishers next big shake up of the DCU. It was supposed to be a big deal, and at least online it was eclipsed according to Google Trends.

In the first graph below it compares “DC Comics” (blue), “DC Rebirth” (red), “Captain America” (yellow), “Captain America Hydra” (green), and “Marvel Comics” (purple) for the last 7 days.

While we see generally that Marvel and Captain America outrank DC Comics when it comes to interest, what’s interesting are the boost of interest in everything in the far right. That’s May 25 when each comic launched, and we can see “Captain America Hydra” leap frogs over either DC term. Interest in Cap being Hydra just stole the limelight and let the wind out of the sails.

cap_google_1I’d expect a press announcement by Marvel of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 selling out and getting a second printing any moment, and with that, more news coverage.

But the trends get more interesting when you look at the profile of some of the creators involved. In DC’s corner is Geoff Johns (blue) the architect behind the publisher’s new direction. In Marvel’s corner is writer Nick Spencer (red) and editor Tom Brevoort (yellow), the writer of the comic and editor who made the news rounds talking about the change.

While Johns beats both handily, we see interest in Spencer begin to perk up when purposely leaked news rumors cropped up something would be happening in Captain America: Steve Rogers. Spencer leapfrogs Johns in interest according to trends and Brevoort too sees a boost as the mainstream media roll-out occurs.

cap_google_2In other words, Marvel played this one as far as press attention perfectly. They stole the news cycle from DC and we’ll find out next month how the actual sales went.


  • Given the popularity of Captain America Civil War, the fact that “Cap is a Hydra sleeper agent” beats out DC rebirth is not surprising.

    • No, not at all. It’s the increase in the 25th when both comics launched, the fact “captain america hydra” passed either DC term, and Nick Spencer leap frogged Geoff Johns. That’s the interesting part.

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