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Tom Brevoort takes over the X titles

X-Men logo

Tom Brevoort has been teasing some “secret news” about his work at Marvel and it has now been revealed. Brevoort will be taking over as the editor on the X-Men line of comics, replacing Jordan White who is currently in the position.

Brevoort currently handles the Avengers line of comics and will wrap up there including next year’s “big crossover” event. White’s run still has some time to go with the current “Fall of X” storyline. Brevoort will take over once that storyline wraps up. That won’t be “for a long while.”

You can read the full update below, but what do you think of the news?

There’s been a bunch of chatter this past week concerning the “secret mission” that Dan Buckley spoke with me about that got mentioned in my Newsletter—some of it pretty funny. No, I am not becoming EIC. That’s hardly a thing that we’d announce in a Newsletter, guys. C.B. is welcome to the position, it suits him and he’s good at it.

No, the big story is that, after a quarter of a century editing AVENGERS and its associated titles, I am going to be moving away from those characters and titles and instead stepping into the world of mutants. Yes, that’s right, I’m afraid that it’s true—I’m the X.

This isn’t going to happen for a good long while yet—I still have a ton of stuff cooking in AVENGERS (including next year’s big crossover event series) that needs to be seen to completion. And at the same time, current X-guru Jordan White and his team have a massive story that they’re in the middle of and that won’t run its course for a long while. What I do will grow directly out of what they’re doing—provided they leave me anything to work with. Did you read that HELLFIRE GALA book? Cripes!

When we’re closer to the switchover happening and there’s something worth reporting on, you’ll hear more from us. For now, I’m still trying to figure out which one is Professor X.

So that’s it! A big change, but not really that big of a change. Appreciate you all for reaching out. I’m excited for what’s to come.

And while I’m sure that everybody is going to have a million questions about this, I’m not actually going to talk about it for some time yet—both because I have plenty to do in terms of wrapping up my current assignments and handing them over to others but more importantly, because the current X-creators and editors are in the midst of an epic and long-gestating storyline, and it’s only right that the spotlight remain on them. So I ask everybody to be patient for a while—I wouldn’t even have written the above except that I seriously underestimated the cyclone of speculation that last week’s Newsletter would set off. Seriously, there aren’t all that many of you guys, I foolishly didn’t think this would get so big so fast. As usual, I’m the chump.

Avengers Assemble in Avengers Unlimited!

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! The all-new weekly Avengers Unlimited has come to Marvel Unlimited. Written by David Pepose, with art by Farid Karami, colorist DC Alonso, and edited by Tom Brevoort the first two issues of Avengers Unlimited are now available on the app in the exclusive Infinity Comics format.

Marvel Unlimited has also recently hit an impressive milestone with 30,000 digital comics now available in its library! In addition to an award-winning catalog spanning the entire Marvel Universe, readers can check out the Avengers Unlimited series, plus dive into Marvel Unlimited’s complete collection of new and classic comics!

Issue #1: THE BLACK LEDGER, Part One: Captain America and Iron Man’s sparring session is interrupted by two classic Avengers villains: Taskmaster and corporate saboteur Ghost! But both these foes seem a touch too prepared… Who is the mysterious figure behind this attack? And what are their motives against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? 

Issue #2: THE BLACK LEDGER, Part Two: Next in the crossfire of the Avengers’ mysterious foe? God of Thunder Thor and Black Panther, King of Wakanda! Godlike power and the resources of an entire nation may not be enough to halt an attack from the deadly Tri-Sentinel! 

Avengers Unlimited

Avengers Forever comes to Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics

Avengers Forever Infinity Comic #1 has launched on Marvel Unlimited! Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Kev Walker, colorist Dean White, and edited by Tom Brevoort, this tie-in to the current Avengers Forever series expands on the Multiverse Avengers story playing out in comic shops now. Before reading Avengers Forever#1, hitting Marvel Unlimited on March 28, readers should set the stage with the Infinity series that also builds on Aaron’s landmark Avengers (2018). New issues of the 4-part series will be available weekly on the app.

Across the whole of creation, a war is being waged—between the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a collection of the greatest scourges in the Multiverse, and the forces of Avenger Prime, who leads an organized resistance against their destruction from Avengers Tower at the heart of the God Quarry. This…is AVENGERS FOREVER!

Avengers Forever Infinity Comic #1

Big Names are Coming to the Free Baltimore Comic-Con Live

Take advantage of the 1st annual Baltimore Comic-Con Live, a FREE ONLINE EVENT streaming the weekend of October 23-25, 2020! Come check out retailers, exhibitors, artists alley, programming, and the Ringo Awards live! The free virtual convention also features a slew of programming that fans won’t want to miss!

ARTISTS, WRITERS & ARTISANS: Creative Inspirations for Winter 2020 Line Up

Panelists: Axel Alonso, Cullen Bunn, Kaare Andrews, Nelson Blake II, Ethan Sacks and Dalibor Talajic
Host: John Siuntres
Friday, October 23, 2020 – 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Creators AWA Studios Discuss Their Creative Inspirations for Winter 2020 Line Up: AWA Studios’ Axel Alonso has given creators the support they need to create the stories that need to be told. These stories range from graphic journalism, the NBC Syndicated webcomic turned graphic novel, COVID Chronicles by Ethan Sacks and Dalibor Talajic to E-Ratic, a teenage superhero found in The Resistance universe by Kaare Andrews, and Byte-Sized, a Transformers-meets-Pixar story that will warm the hearts of the entire family by Cullen Bunn and Nelson Blake II. Find out what inspired the creators and why they brought their passion to AWA Studios.

Cullen Bunn


Panelists: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Host: TBD
Saturday, October 24, 2020 – 1pm ET / 10am PT

Join us for an exclusive interview with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson on DC Comic’s Future StateHouse of El,  Superman: Worlds of War, and more!!!

Superman: Worlds of War


Panelists: Ross Richie (Founder) & Filip Sablik (President)
Host: Robert Meyer Burnett
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 2pm ET / 11am PT

With the 1.5 million dollar success of their Kickstarter campaign for Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic, BOOM! Studios has made some game-changing decisions in the way they publish. Join BOOM’s CEO and Founder Ross Richie and President Filip Sablik in conversation with Robert Meyer Burnett discussing their ground breaking strategies for the present and Future of BOOM!

BOOM! Studios


Panelists: Ryan Stegman, Becky Cloonan, Matthew Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Phillip K. Johnson
Host: Amy Dallen
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Some of the top names in Marvel Comics (Ryan StegmanBecky CloonanMatthew RosenbergEd Brisson, and Phillip K. Johnson) sit down with Amy Dallen to discuss everything going on in the House of Ideas.

Matthew Rosenberg

BITTER ROOT: Creator Spotlight

Panelists: David Walker, Chuck Brown and Sanford Greene
Host: Shelly Bond
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 5pm ET / 2pm PT

The men behind the runaway success of the year. An exploration of The Harlem Renaissance, through the actions of a family of supernatural monster hunters. Starring the creative team of David WalkerChuck Brown, and Sanford Greene.


Panelists: Tom King and Cecil Castellucci
Host: Robert Meyer Burnett
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Writers Tom King (Mister MiracleRorschach) and Cecil Castellucci (Female Furies) discuss their reinterpretations of Jack Kirby’s strangest creations.

Tom King


Panelists: Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort
Host: Mark Waid
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Take a deep dive into the wonderful world of Marvel Comics with two of its biggest names.

Mark Waid


Panelists: Tom King, Joelle Jones, Bryan Hill, and Cecil Castellucci
Host: Amy Dallen
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 9pm ET / 6pm PT

Join Tom KingCecil CastellucciJoelle Jones, and Bryan Hill talking about playing in the alleyways of Gotham City with the Bat Family.

Cecil Castellucci

POWERS: 20th Anniversary Reunion

Panelists: Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming
Host: John Siuntres
Sunday, October 25, 2020 – 11pm ET / 8pm PT

Join Powers creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming as they take a look back at 20 Years of Powers.

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