Review: Voracious #1

VoraciousCoverThis is my second adventure within the “golden era of food comics.” I already almost passed on another title in this genre because of my prejudices, and didn’t want to risk another faux pas. As I stared at the cover of Voracious #1, I wondered how can this possibly work–dinosaurs and a cleaver wielding celebrity chef–but work it does. This book is a testament to what good writing, exciting visuals, and some well placed panels can accomplish. Plus, the double sized, 64 page, first issue is relatively cheap at its $4.99 cover price.

Markisan Naso‘s story begins with Nate, a highly successful New York City budding star chef, who upon losing it all, goes back home, to a dead end diner job in Black Fossil, Utah. It isn’t too long before good fortune falls upon our hero again, and he inherits a large sum of money and a home in the mountains complete with amenities, such as a dream kitchen and a time-traveling science lab.

The supporting cast also lends drama and humor to the story. We have a Bowie Knife wielding Grandma Maribel, who is more than she seems. There’s Jenna, the long distance girlfriend who always knows best; and Starlee Parker, Nate’s new partner, who also happens to be in love with him. Lastly, there is Jim, the caring family friend. Not much is said about him, but I’m sure we’ll see more of the warrior in future issues given his Army experience.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important ingredient: dinosaurs! There are lots of dinosaurs!  You’ll have to buy it for yourself to see how Naso puts it all together, but you should at least know that there is a mouth-watering Quetzalcoatlus Saltimboca recipe on the inside back cover that I’ll be trying out for this Sunday’s dinner (but unfortunately, I’ll have to resort to the recommended chicken substitution to cook my meal).

Story: Markisan Naso  Art, Lettering, and Design: Jason Muhr
 Color Art: Andrei Tabacaru
Story: 8.5 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy