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Interview: Women of BOOM! – Moro Rogers

Moro RogersIt’s Thursday which brings us a new interview and our 30th “Women of BOOM!” feature, spotlighting the many kick-ass women that work at BOOM!, Archaia and KaBOOM! We’re focusing on everyone, editors, designers, writers, artists, you name it! We’re making sure to include the hard-working folks whose contributions are often overlooked in the process.

BOOM! (and KaBOOM! and Archaia) has given us unprecedented access and the chance to ask questions to their staff, and creative teams, to find out why the publisher is so successful in hiring women and their experiences in the comic industry as women.

Moro Rogers is the writer and artist of the Archaia original graphic novel, City in the Desert, which is now available in two volumes which you can purchase here and here.

Graphic Policy: How did you get involved in the comic book industry?

Moro Rogers: I was in animation, but I was between jobs and I decided that would be a good time to do something independent, and if I wrote a graphic novel I would have the kind of control I wanted. In animation it’s tough to tell a story with a big scope, especially if you like working alone.

City_in_the_Desert_v2_CoverGP: Did you read comics growing up? Do you read them now?

MR: I didn’t actually read a lot of comics growing up, I was more into movies. Before the internet, I wasn’t really aware of comics outside of the funny papers and superheroes. My parents had a book of B. Kliban stuff, which I memorized, and I read a lot of The Far Side, but when I wanted a story I’d watch a movie or read a book. I read a lot more comics now. They’re slowly taking over our bookshelf.

GP: How did you come to work with BOOM!/Archaia?

MR: I submitted my graphic novel to several comics publishers and it got picked up by Archaia. Woo!

GP: How would you describe your job for people?

MR: I draw and write City in the Desert. (I usually work digitally so I spend a lot of time looking at a screen.)

GP: For people who want to pursue a career in what you do, what advice would you give them?

MR: If you think you have a story to tell, don’t wait for someone to give you a chance, just find a way to do it. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility. (Also, um, check out your local parks and hiking trails! This advice is for everyone, I guess.)

GP: Do you think women have a more difficult time breaking in and making it in the comic industry, if so why? And if yes, how do you think that can be overcome?

MR: Everyone has a different experience. I’ve been lucky as far as that goes. My parents, teachers and peers have always been very encouraging.Women have more freedom to make comics than ever, and more tools at our disposal, so we just need to keep at it.

GP: We notice that when it comes to women in the comic industry, BOOM!/Archaia has a lot of diversity present. Why do you think have they succeeded when so many other publishers struggle with this?

MR: BOOM!/Archaia seem to be pretty cool about trying new things and giving new people a shot. Sometimes, I think, publishers and producers decide they want to try a story from a different point of view, but then they get cold feet and decide it won’t sell, so it ends up very similar to everything else. BOOM!/Archaia embraces weirdness, so that’s good.

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