DC Comics Announces Robin Rises: Omega

The hunt for Robin is over, but Batman and Ra’s al Ghul continue the family feud.

Batman isn’t quite the same without his sidekick Robin, the last being Damian Wayne who was killed off in the series Batman Inc. in 2013. It looks like it’ll only be a few more months for Batman to be Robin-less, as a new Robin will be taking his side. Who that Robin is, isn’t being said.

Since Damian’s demise, the series Batman and Robin has turned into Batman and... featuring numerous different individuals. The series has featured a “Hunt for Robin” storyline as Batman has being trying to figure out how to revive the boy, while his grandfather, the villain Ra’s al Ghul, has stolen the body as well as his daughter (Damian’s mother) Talia al Ghul’s body.

In July, we get the one-shot Robin Rises: Omega which sees the struggle between Batman and Ra’s al Ghul becoming something bigger with the involvement of forces from Darkseid’s world, Apokolips. One we later DC’s Batman and Robin returns with issue 33 which picks up right after the one-shot and finds Batman in conflict with the Justice League as he decides to pursue the Chaos Shard back to Apokolips. Both are written by Peter Tomasi.

Look for Robin Rises: Omega #1 with art by Andy Kubert and Jonathan Glapion on July 16 and Batman and Robin with art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray on July 23.