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TV Review: The Walking Dead S.4 Ep.14 – The Grove

Warning Spoilers Ahead

the walking dead season 4The Walking Dead opens up with Carol and Lizzie talking. Lizzie admits she shot people, and Carol talks about her personal life a little. It’s some revelations I don’t think we’ve gotten before, and shows we have much to learn about everyone. Tyreese though is having issues, fighting a fever and trouble sleeping through the night. This leads to a discussion between Carol and Tyreese about how the two children are dealing with this new world, each in their own way and each in a disturbing way. It’s a weird family dynamic, and that’s what this is in a way. Mika and Carol head out to find water, leading to an interesting discussion about how Mika sees the world.

They come across a house leading to some moments that add a lot to each others character. Lizzie for some reason don’t see the Walkers for what they are, while Mika has trouble dealing with the violence around her. The two are clearly emotionally disturbed and as the series continues, it’ll be fascinating to see how this all handled… that is if they survive. But, a house should give them some peace right? Instead it shows the psychological issues that have built up and hit everyone.

There’s a moment where you wonder if Lizzie’s world view might have come to reality as the group is endangered. The actions of each person is interesting and it’s actions that say it all. I honestly will say though, Lizzie after this event and what she says disturbed me as much as before. Mika’s innocence compared to Lizzie’s view is almost fresh and welcome….

Then comes the shoe dropping. We knew something was coming and it’s close to the worse case scenario. I thought this is where this plot thread was going, but didn’t expect it to quite go there. And there’s a huge question looming over everyone. How do you deal with this situation? We also have the situation that Tyreese doesn’t know what Carol did at the prison. Both are torn up as to what happened, and the choices are hard. Carol overall is dealing with it as loss as a mother.

The end of the episode is heartbreaking and devastating with actions and confessions that are jaw dropping. The final moments between Tyreese and Carol are amazing, showing off the acting ability of these individuals, something that’s not given enough credit.

The episode shows off why the show has it’s lovers and haters, frustrating some and enthralling others. Closing moments of the devastated house, a quite moment of a deer grazing, this is a show that mixes solid characters, writing, and directing.

This episode is a gut punch and reminds us of the difficult decisions that need to be made in a world where all rules are gone and survival is the only priority.

Writer Credits: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard
Overall Score: 8.25

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