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TV Review: The Walking Dead S.4 Ep.8 – Too Far Gone

Warning Spoilers Ahead

the walking dead season 4The eighth episode of the fantastic fourth season of The Walking Dead gets us right to what happens next after the ending of the previous episode. The Governor had both Michonne and Hershel in his gun sights. I didn’t expect him to shoot either, and he doesn’t instead opting to take them hostage. The episode pivots to his manipulating his camp into following his plan to assault the prison and take it from Rick and his people, or just raze it and kill everyone. It’s hard to tell if this is annexation or revenge. In a discussion he claims that he really wants a safe place for his people, but his choosing the prison, instead of something else speaks of another motive. But, in talking to Michonne and Hershel, he makes it clear peace is not an option.

Back at the prison, Rick tells Daryl the news about Carol. He takes it much better than I thought, and the two head to tell Tyreese the news too. Rick, Daryl and Tyreese come across a disturbing thing in the basement. Bob Stookey meanwhile is being rather odd, as if there’s something he’s up to, more than his screw-ups. All of that is interrupted by an explosion, taking an iconic image from the comic, it’s the Governor and a tank. He quickly shows his prisoners, demanding a conversation with Rick. Two issues here, how did a tank going off not attract walkers and did no one notice a tank rolling up?

During all of this, the Governor has left Lilly and Meghan alone, who discover where they’ve been left is a flash flood area, but there are walkers and that leads to a tragic moment.

After an impassioned plea from Rick, the Governor has other plans, killing one of his prisoners, leading to a gun fight. The Governor has shown there’s no redemption for him. And with that, it’s all out war, though not all of the Governor’s soldiers are along for the ride. It’s a hell of a battle, especially for television. With moments that had me screaming out loud in excitement.

There’s some amazing stuff here and so much that felt satisfying, it’s a battle to end all battles that leaves the series and us the viewers in an unknown area, much like the abandonment of the farm. It’s a cathartic and heart wrenching ending to the mid-season that only has me pumped up more to see what the second half has in store for us.

Directed by: Ernest R. Dickerson
Writer Credits: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, Scott M. Gimple
Overall Score: 9

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Author:Brett Schenker

Brett is a political consultant who resides in Arlington, VA. He grew up in Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY and attended the University at Buffalo, majoring in Political Science. Since then Brett has made his mark on politics working in various positions such as a Legislative Staffer for the Erie County Legislature, Special Assistant for Senator John Kerry, as the Database Administrator for Forward Together PAC, Deputy Internet Director for Chris Dodd for President, and Internet/Database Director for Virginians for Brian Moran, and Email Deliverability Czar for Salsa Labs. In 2007 Brett formed 5B Consulting providing his expertise on database solutions, new media and email strategy. He's a long time geek, reading comics since he was a child and learning to spell his name on an Atari 800. When he's not working, he's reading comics, playing video games and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. You can follow him on Twitter @bhschenker


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10 Comments on “TV Review: The Walking Dead S.4 Ep.8 – Too Far Gone”

  1. December 1, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Pleased with the midseason finale. Good but not great and I think the Governor’s attack on the prison was wisely toned down, given the death count this attack had when the prison was overrun in the comics. Had a feeling SOME-one would get the sword, but didn’t think it would be by the Governor’s hands. Assuming we’re spoiling here, I don’t buy people who believe that the baby is gone. Like Carol, if we don’t see a body when they die, they’re not dead. TV logic and all. So satisfied with the episode. Good, not great, and looking forward to the second half. As much as I liked the Governor and it does blow that he came back only two episodes ago and now he’s gone, it opens the door for the Hunters.

    • December 1, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

      Good points, it was very muted compared to what Kirkman has done in the comics. I also agree on the baby, there was no memorial on Talking Dead, and they need a happy moment in the second half, and that’ll be it.

      To me, it felt very cathartic, and there were a lot of moments where I was cheering out loud.


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