Picks of the Week: Garth Ennis’ Red Team #3 and 10 Other Choices

RedTeam03-Cov-ChaykinThis week is a solid week of releases and it’s a tough choice to narrow it down to a top ten, let alone a top book, but for me, one of the best new series of the year is Garth Ennis’ Red Team which sees its third issue released this week.

The series follows a disgraced team of cops and their downward spiral as they take the justice into their hands and go outside the law. The story is great, dialogue fantastic and art is solid.

This is a series for fans of cop stories, especially crooked cop stories. Easily one of my favorite series of the year, and one that I hope folks check out before its too late.

So, check out Red Team #3 and the rest of our picks for the week.

  • Garth Ennis’ Red Team #3 – See above
  • Age of Ultron #9 – This is it. One more issue until it all comes together. A lot needs to still happen, so how its pulled off in two issues….
  • All New Secret Skullkickers #1 – Off the rails fantasy awesomeness. While it might say #1, it’s the continuation of the fun fantasy series by Jim Zub.
  • Astro City #1 – Kurt Busiek’s classic series is back.
  • East of West #3 – Its wild west meets sci-fi as the horsemen of the apocalypse  wander a world familiar, but not so much.
  • Oxymoron HC – The hit indie Kickstarter project gets to the masses.
  • Rachel Rising #17 – Why aren’t you reading this series! Amazing horror, go out and find it if you can.
  • Silence & Co. – You can read our review.
  • Suicide Risk #2 – BOOM!’s new series sees regular cops dealing with heroes and villains with extraordinary power.
  • Ten Grand #2 – Joe’s Comics is back with this excellent moody series. The first issue was solid, crossing my fingers the second is just as good.
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25 – Something major is about to go down in Marvel’s Ultimate universe and it’s likely starting here.