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ComixTribe in August 2015

OXYMORON: The Loveliest Nightmare #1 (of 4)

Story: John Lees & Tyler James
Art: Alex Cormack
Colors: Jules Rivera
Cover A: Alex Cormack
Cover B: CP “Talent” Wilson, III
August / 32 Pages / FC / MR / $3.99

An afflicted detective hunts a serial killer obsessed with contradiction, who is painting a bloody canvass of carnage with the entrails of politicians and power brokers in the corrupt city she calls home.

Written by John Lees (And Then Emily Was Gone) and Tyler James (The Red Ten), with art by Alex Cormack (Find), OXYMORON is a visceral thriller in the vein of Se7en and Hannibal that answers the question “What if The Joker came to a Gotham WITHOUT Batman?

Features a variant cover by superstar artist CP Wilson, III (Wraith, Stuff of Legend.)

OXYMORON The Loveliest Nightmare #1 (of 4) A OXYMORON The Loveliest Nightmare #1 (of 4) BOXYMORON Vol.1

Story: Tyler James, Jason Ciaramella, John Lees, & Others
Art: Joe Mulvey, Alex Cormack & Others
Cover: Jonathan Rector
May / 112 Pages / FC / Oversized Hardcover / MR / $24.99

Everyone loves a good villian…

OXYMORON is a graphic novel collection of stories about a supervillain psychopath obsessed with contradiction.

Spinning out of the pages of the comic book series THE RED TEN, the man with the killer smile finally takes center stage. This stunning collection features stories by Eisner-nominated writer Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), Joe Mulvey (Scam), John Lees (And Then Emily Was Gone), and more, and is edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.


The Loveliest Nightmare Begins in August

ComixTribe announced today the upcoming release of Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, a new monthly crime/ horror series debuting in August. Writers John Lees and Tyler James are joining forces with Alex Cormack to tell a cop versus contradiction-obsessed killer thriller in the vein of Hannibal and Se7en.

The Loveliest Nightmare tells the story of Mary Clark, an afflicted detective suffering from a debilitating chronic illness, and reeling from a demotion back to street cop after her partner’s death. She hates being in uniform, resents her young, wide-eyed partner, and is persona non grata with the rest of the police department. She’s sleepwalking, but the Oxymoron case wakes her up.

When what appears to be a lone nut job in a mask jumping off a skyscraper turns out to be the opening gambit in a killer’s master plan to cleanse a corrupt city of its many contradictions, Mary sees taking him down as a chance to prove herself and earn back her Detective badge.  But once the true severity of the Oxymoron’s plan is revealed, she realizes there are much higher stakes than her career in play.

Each issue of the series features a standard cover by Alex Cormack and a variant cover by industry superstars and upcoming talent, including Charles Paul Wilson, III, Iain Laurie, Joe Mulvey and more.

Oxymoron The Loveliest Nightmare 1 cover a Oxymoron The Loveliest Nightmare 1 cover b

NYCC 2013: Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare – The Contradiction-Obsessed Killer Returns

On the final day of the 2013 New York Comic Con independent comic book publisher, ComixTribe, announced Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, the fourth of four new titles to be released in 2014 revealed at the convention.

Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, a new series written by Tyler James and John Lees and illustrated by Alex Cormack, will be a new take on The Red Ten villain. Suffering from a chronic illness, and reeling from a demotion after her partner’s death, Detective Mary Clark finds herself on the trail of a serial killer obsessed with contradiction, who is painting a bloody canvass of carnage with the entrails of politicians and powerbrokers in Swanstown.

“While the Oxymoron has been a scene stealer in The Red Ten, and the star of a successful hardcover anthology, I’m thrilled with the prospects of letting him cut loose in his own mini-series,” said James.

Co-Writer John Lees is also excited to get his hands on this character once again. “As far as I’m concerned, Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare is the biggest comic project I’ve ever been part of.  In The Red Ten, Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano created an instantly iconic villain who has quickly built up a cult following, and it’s intimidating to now come in and try to add to that legacy. Tyler and I have a story worked out that is going to take readers to some dark, twisted places. Alex Cormack is an incredibly gifted artist who is going to make this one of the most horrifyingly gorgeous (an oxymoron!) books on the stands. If you liked the Oxymoron Volume 1 anthology, you’re going to love this, and you’re going to be horrified, too. Life’s full of contradictions!”

James says that Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmarewill explore new territory for the character, “This will be a take on the Oxymoron that we haven’t seen before. Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare is a cerebral serial killer police procedural in the vein of Hannibal or Seven. It’s the perfect jumping on point for new readers, especially fans of smart crime and horror,” he said.

Alex Cormack, who will illustrate this series, says the series is a welcomed opportunity to reunite with the Oxymoron character, “I’ve loved the character since I read the first issue of THE RED TEN, and drawing him in the Oxymoron Volume 1 anthology was a blast! It’s great to be working working with this psycho again!”

James seems enthusiastic about the dynamic of this creative team, “In the Oxymoron Volume 1 anthology, I worked with John Lees on the delightfully nasty short, Selfless Man. John has a great grasp of the character, and as he’s showing with star-making work on his horror series And Then Emily Was Gone, he is right at home in this genre. Collaborating with him on this was a no-brainer.”

James went on to say, “Likewise, Alex Cormack draws one hell of a creepy Oxy, and his storytelling has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. I’m thrilled to be working with Alex on this.”

Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare will be a new mini-series debuting in 2014. A second Oxymoron anthology is also in the works for next year.


Picks of the Week: Garth Ennis’ Red Team #3 and 10 Other Choices

RedTeam03-Cov-ChaykinThis week is a solid week of releases and it’s a tough choice to narrow it down to a top ten, let alone a top book, but for me, one of the best new series of the year is Garth Ennis’ Red Team which sees its third issue released this week.

The series follows a disgraced team of cops and their downward spiral as they take the justice into their hands and go outside the law. The story is great, dialogue fantastic and art is solid.

This is a series for fans of cop stories, especially crooked cop stories. Easily one of my favorite series of the year, and one that I hope folks check out before its too late.

So, check out Red Team #3 and the rest of our picks for the week.

  • Garth Ennis’ Red Team #3 – See above
  • Age of Ultron #9 – This is it. One more issue until it all comes together. A lot needs to still happen, so how its pulled off in two issues….
  • All New Secret Skullkickers #1 – Off the rails fantasy awesomeness. While it might say #1, it’s the continuation of the fun fantasy series by Jim Zub.
  • Astro City #1 – Kurt Busiek’s classic series is back.
  • East of West #3 – Its wild west meets sci-fi as the horsemen of the apocalypse  wander a world familiar, but not so much.
  • Oxymoron HC – The hit indie Kickstarter project gets to the masses.
  • Rachel Rising #17 – Why aren’t you reading this series! Amazing horror, go out and find it if you can.
  • Silence & Co. – You can read our review.
  • Suicide Risk #2 – BOOM!’s new series sees regular cops dealing with heroes and villains with extraordinary power.
  • Ten Grand #2 – Joe’s Comics is back with this excellent moody series. The first issue was solid, crossing my fingers the second is just as good.
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25 – Something major is about to go down in Marvel’s Ultimate universe and it’s likely starting here.

ComixTribe in June 2013

OXYMORON, Vol. 1 Deluxe Hardcover (APR130993)

OXYMORON is an OVERSIZED HARDCOVER graphic novel collection of stories about a supervillain psychopath obsessed with contradiction.  Spinning out of the pages of the comic book series THE RED TEN by Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano, the man with the killer smile finally takes center stage.  This stunning hardcover collection features stories by up-and-coming writers and artists, including Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), Joe Mulvey (Scam), Mark Poulton (Avengelyne, Savage Hawkman), and more, and is edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.

PRICE: 24.99
Diamond code: APR130993  •  ISBN: 9780983068938
RATING: Teen + Up
FORMAT: Oversized Hardcover, 112 pages, full color

THE STANDARD #3 of 6 (APR130994)

Gilbert Graham has become The Standard once more, but this is a different, darker world from the time of his heyday.  In the past, The Standard fought colorful supervillains such as The Skunk.  Now, he must descend into the sewers below Sky City to confront the monstrous child-snatcher Piper.  Will The Standard’s first mission since coming out of retirement also be his last?

PRICE: $3.99
RATING: Teen + Up
FORMAT: 32 pages, color (3 of 6 miniseries)

THE STANDARD is the story of two different men from two different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. Today, he is a celebrity with his own reality TV show. But when a catastrophic event brings the two generations into collision, The Standard is forced to ask if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world. THE STANDARD is a six-part superhero miniseries written by John Lees and drawn by Jonathan Rector.

ComixTribe Releases Nicely Naughty Free Digital Comic for the Holidays

ComixTribe has released a free nicely naughty holiday-themed Oxymoron short by the talented team of Mark “Humbug!” Poulton and Jules “Yuletide” Rivera.

“On behalf of the entire ComixTribe crew, I’d like to wish the entire comics community a Merry Christmas, happy holiday season, and a joyous New Year!” said publisher Tyler James.

You can download your copy here. This short is one of 10 stories featured in Oxymoron Volume 1, a wildly successful Kickstarter project.

The Oxymoron is a supervillian obsessed with contradiction, and plays a major role in the new ComixTribe series The Red Ten, which debuts in comic shops world-wide on January 2, 2013.

Oxymoron Volume 1 will be available at select retailers in ComixTribe’s micro-distribution network starting in January, before being released through Diamond later this year.

The book is also available now at Shop.ComixTribe.com, in both standard and artist editions.  Oxymoron Volume 1 – Digital Deluxe is also available on the Kindle.

A limited edition holiday variant featuring the OXY-GRINCH cover by Jules Rivera is on sale between December 21 – January 2 only.


Kickstarter Spotlight – Oxymoron Hardcover Funded, Stretch Funding Goals Announced

Nine days after launching a pre-order campaign forOXYMORON Volume 1ComixTribe publisher Tyler James announced that they have reached their funding milestone and the book is a go.

ComixTribe has announced a series of new incentives that will be tied to hitting further fundraising milestones, including a free book mark designed by Aaron Houston, prints by CP Wilson III, upgrading the book from standard graphic novel to oversized, and more.

On Monday, July 9th, ComixTribe launched via Kickstarter a pre-order campaign for OXYMORON Volume 1, a hardcover graphic novel collection of stories about a contradiction-obsessed supervillain.  The Oxymoron, a character from ComixTribe’s maxi-series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano, is being resurrected in this new spin-off anthology, featuring ten stories by hot up-and-coming writers and artists, including Jason Ciaramella, Mark Poulton, Joe Mulvey and more, and is edited by James.

The Oxymoron Strikes in Upcoming ComixTribe Anthology

 THE RED TEN’s OXYMORON to Star in His Own Bloodsoaked Anthology  

April 3, 2012 — Newburyport, MA — Maverick independent publisher ComixTribe announced today that it will debut OXYMORON, a graphic novel anthology featuring the psychotic contradiction-obsessed supervillain, at the 2012 New York Comic Con.The Oxymoron, a popular character from ComixTribe’s independently distributed cult hit series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano, is being resurrected in this new spin off anthology, featuring nine short stories by hot up-and-coming writers and artists including Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), Joe Mulvey (SCAM) and more, and is being edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.

“I knew as soon as we sold the first copy of THE RED TEN that readers were going to demand more Oxymoron,” said James.  “Rather than keep all the fun to myself, I reached out to a group of some of the hardest working writers in independent comics to help bring this character (back) to life.  The scripts are phenomenal–dark, twisted, zany, hilarious…and I’ve assembled a talented team of artists to bring them to life.”

While the full OXYMORON collection will debut at NYCC in October, ComixTribe plans to release a 28 page, limited run OXYMORON #1 in advance, through its established micro-distribution network comprised of retailers in the New England Comics Retailers Alliance (NECRA) and other indie-supportive retailers in North America.  ComixTribe has made headlines in 2012, opting to circumvent the traditional direct market distribution channel in favor of establishing direct partnerships with indie-supportive retailers for books such as SCAM and THE RED TEN.  “Savvy retailers are adding depth to their shop by stocking quality creator owned books like SCAM and THE RED TEN,” reports Larry Doherty of Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics, who has partnered with ComixTribe on New England Comic Retailer’s Alliance (NECRA) Variants for both SCAM #1 and THE RED TEN #2.


The Oxymoron by Dave Meyers

Up-and-coming writers and artists in nine short stories of OXYMORON dive into the past to paint a better picture of the man behind the smile.

  • “Passive Aggressive” written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM)
  • “A Selfless Man” written by John Lees (The Standard), art by Tyler James (The Red Ten)
  • “Double Standard” written by Steven Forbes (Runners), art by Dave Myers (Warriors of the Dharuk)
  • “Nearly Perfect” written by Yannick Morin (Mascherata), art by Alex Cormack (Chikara)
  • “Quiet Riot” written by Paul Allor (Clockwork), art by Aaron Houston (Clockwork)
  • “Act Naturally” written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)
  • “The Living Dead” written by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck), art by Carl Yonder (Ghostlines)
  • “Working  Holiday” written by Mark Poulton(Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), art by Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)
  • “Alone in a Crowd” written by Ryan K Lindsay (The Process), art by Daniel Logan (Back in the Day, EXO-1)

Keep an eye out at ComixTribe.com  and follow hashtag #OXYMORON2012 on Twitter for up-to-date information and tidbits during the production of OXYMORON.

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ComixTribe is a publisher of creator-owned comics, including SCAM, The Red TenEPICTears of the DragonThe Standard,  and Runners.  In addition to being a publishing imprint, ComixTribe is also an online community, with the mission statement: Creators helping creators make better comics. ComixTribe also sponsors the annual 30 Characters Challenge, an online art event where participants challenge themselves to create 30 brand new characters in just 30 days, one for every day of November. Visit ComixTribe.com or email publisher Tyler James (tyler.james@comixtribe.com) to learn more.