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The Adventures of Simone and Ajax Come to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

Simon & Ajax Baltimore 2012 printThe Adventures of Simone & Ajax, the Harvey Award-nominated strip by Eisner-winner Andrew Pepoy, returned this week as a weekly webstrip at, and this week Pepoy will be attending the Baltimore Comic-Con on the 8th and 9th. To celebrate both, Andrew is producing a new, limited-edition, signed-and-numbered Simone & Ajax print exclusive to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Limited to only 100 copies, be sure to stop by Andrew’s table in Artists Alley to get this print. And if all 100 copies are sold at the convention, Andrew will donate 20% of the proceeds to The Hero Initiative.

Andrew’s Simone & Ajax are also appearing in a pin-up alongside the Liberty Meadows gang in the limited-edition Liberty Meadows 15th Anniversary book that will be available at the Con. The original art for many of the pin-ups in this book will be auctioned off at the Con, and while Andrew has done Simone & Ajax sketches for fans, Andrew’s pin-up is the first finished piece of Simone & Ajax art to ever be sold, so if you are a big fan of Simone & Ajax, this is a rare opportunity. Also, Andrew will donate his half of the sale price to The Hero Initiative, so the buyer will be supporting both the Baltimore Comic-Con and THI.

The Adventures of Simone & Ajax features the wacky adventures of a girl and her dinosaur pal, have appeared since 1994 in various indie anthologies and their own title, and have been serialized in chapter-form online and collected into book form by IDW. In 2010, they were honored to have been nominated for the Harvey Award for “Special Award for Humor in Comics.” With this new, weekly webstrip, Andrew looks forward to bringing the dauntless duo back to their past readers and, hopefully, introduce them to many new readers.

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