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Around the Tubes

It’s the start of a new week, which just means I’m counting down until the weekend….

Around the Blogs:

Reuters – At New Orleans comic event, mere humans become heroesThe usual convention puff piece.

The Beat – The $235K (And Counting) Kickstarter ComicCongrats!

DC Women Kicking Ass – Women in Refrigerators 13 years later: time for additional way to examine women in comicsIsn’t this just more lazy writing than really anything to do with women?

Big Hollywood – Marvel Studios Now Making the Lazy Comic Cash-Ins It Was Founded to Replace – Can’t say I agree with Big Hollywood too often and don’t agree with it all, but there’s some good points here.

Kotaku – Sunday Comics: Better With Kinect – Each week Kotaku posts some great web comics.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Angel & Faith #6

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