Flare Webcomic Now Online

Official Press Release


Beginning with FLARE #40, currently scheduled for a March 2012 release, GORDON PURCELL returns to lend his artistic talents to comics’ shining goddess of light, FLARE!

In this issue, the focus is on Flare’s police officer boyfriend, LUCAS MADISON. When Flare’s arch-enemy Nyx, sultry goddess of the night, decides she wants Lucas for herself, and recruits help from APHRODITE in order to get him, how in the world is a mere mortal ever going to be able to resist the mind-altering potions of the Olympian goddess of love?

This adventure serves as a prologue of sorts to an extended Flare storyline that will be drawn by Gordon, in which the goddesses of Olympus decide to hold a competition to determine which of them will be raised up as queen of the Olympian gods. Naturally, as an incarnation of the dawn goddess Eos, Flare will be a part of that. Current plans call for this extended “Challenge of the Gods” storyline to begin appearing in the summer of 2012, first as a part of the Flare online webcomic, updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at www.heroicpub.com/flareonline. Only after the webcomic sequences are complete will the storyline be collected into print editions of the Flare comic book, most likely beginning in the summer of 2013.

The FLARE comic book does resume publication in 2012, tentatively on a bimonthly schedule, with new issues appearing in March, May, July, and thereafter.

For more information, please visit the FLARE website at www.heroicpub.com/flare.